Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sewing Projects

Anyone how knows me knows that I'm a purse-a-holic. I know. I have a problem.

A while back, I went on the hunt for a bag that fit some pretty specific qualities. When I didn't find it, I decided to make it! I've made quite a few bags since then. It's never a cheap operation, but you always get the best reactions when you tell people that you made it yourself.

I've been using an old bag of mine recently. It's black corduroy. Not a summer bag. But I love the size. It's just the tiniest bit bigger than a standard sized folder. Of course, on the day that I'm going to lend my sewing machine away, I get the idea for a new bag!

I was looking hard at this bag. But the price was a little high. I'm starting this weekend to design a bag that has pockets like the before mentioned B&N one, is the size of my current one, is a more summery brown/tan and (this is the hard part) has a little structure to it. (Not cardboard-y stiffness... just a little... structure)

I start this weekend! To the remnants bins! Pictures will come later!Link

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