Wednesday, June 22, 2011

People that are WAY smarter than we are.

The other day my minister wrote a very well worded letter to the editor. There were some interesting responses. I especially like that there really was only one negative response.

The problem with so called Reverend Millard's argument is that he espousing the word of man and not the word of God. It is one thing to be tolerant (which I am) but, it is a another thing to be ignorant. Romans 1:26-27, Leviticus 18:22 AND 20:13.

What I don't understand is, how is this guy so sure that the bible is the word of God? It's been translated and re-translated a million times. It was written by people, compiled by people, translated by people.

But then again, God himself could tell some people (like the guy quoted above) the truth, and they are so blind to the truth, they wouldn't realize it.

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