Friday, April 20, 2018

Spring Cleaning Tip: Burn your house down

I generally have 2 ways I approach housework:

1.) Ignore it

2.) Get disgusted and hit crisis mode.

I tried to pet the cat today and couldn't get to her through the piles of stuff on the floor.

Today marks the beginning of Crisis Mode 2018!

Sadly, it puts a MAJOR crimp in my weekend plans.

I have a 5K on Saturday, an OrangeTheory Class on Sunday, and in between those I was going to go to RavenCon.  I might still hit the con, but not as much as I was planning.

Instead, I'll be cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms.  I'll be taking all the crap on our stairs upstairs and putting it away.  I'll be weeding out the rack with my handbags on it and putting shoes where they belong.  I'm going to vacuum the downstairs, do laundry and go grocery shopping.

And you know what?  If I have done a little of that every day for the last month I might not be giving up my weekend to clean all the things.
Maybe I should actually DO the chores that I assign myself every day!  You think?

Monday, April 2, 2018

"Did Judas Iscariot have God on his side?"

I posted this as the live broadcast started last night.  Now, let me be clear.  We didn't just go see the show.  Music class for the month before we set foot in the theater was spent listening to the concept album, with printed lyric sheets in our hands.  We them went as a class to University Hill and the converted Synagogue that was the Salt City Center for the Performing Arts where they had been performing this show every year since the early 80's.  And I was hooked.

I think I went up to that dilapidated building (I hear the place was shut down a few years ago) once a year for the next decade to see Jesus Christ Superstar.

At one time I owned four or five different cast recordings.

I committed the show to memory some time in the late 90's.

I'm a fan.

So when I saw that they were doing a live production, I was both elated and worried.

But as the camera panned over the set, my fears were put to rest.

Jesus Christ Superstar started out life as a concept album, which is why it's a sung through musical.  It's also an interesting take on the story.  (Seriously do I need a spoiler warning?  It's from the bible!)

In an interview with Andrew Lloyd Webber he said that the idea came from a line form a Bob Dylan song.  "Did Judas Iscariot have God on his side?"  The story is seen through the eyes of Judas.  So have an excellent is critical.  Thankfully, they did... as my tweets attest to:

The whole idea is that Judas was Jesus's right hand man.  To quote an article from Esquire:
Jesus Christ Superstar begins, in fact, with a wallop of a song in "Heaven on Their Minds." It's the song in which Judas lays it all out: his fears that Jesus' followers are blinded by his celebrity, the enemies who are zeroing in on him and his disciples, and the worry that his teachings and sermons are too easily manipulated for others' political gain. It sets up the central conflict of the story, but it shows the meaning behind Judas' betrayal—one rooted in his humanity rather than pure villainy. (It's heavy, but take it from me: It's also a banger at karaoke.)
It's at the end of his life that he realizes he's just a pawn in God's plan.  And that's a TOUGH role.

Now, on to my thoughts:

The good!

  • Brandon Victor Dixon is a Tony Award winner and AMAZING!!  He acted the sh*t out of the role.  (Thought the actual death wasn't awesome... but that has GOT to be hard to stage)

  • The set was incredible.  And I LOVED the updating to a more modern time.  (Anyone else catch that the crown of thorns was barbed wire?)
I mean, come on!  this was amazing!
  • I loved how the musicians were involved.  The show opened with a guitar and a string quartet!
The bad:

  • John Legend is good.. but his acting wasn't up to the challenge.
  • The priests outfits.... Were they in the temple of Krypton?
  • The sound mixing was off.  I hope they can release a video with better sound mixing.

My conclusion:

I was in tears for most of the show, overwhelmed by how well the show that I love was lovingly put on.  Seriously.  If they play it again, go watch it.