Friday, February 25, 2011

Sick Day

Sometime on Wednesday a headache set in. The stomachache and body aches started soon after. Thank goodness for sick days.

I wanted to be productive today, but how productive can you be when home sick? Maybe I'll start by making that list of everything I slacked off on this week, and see what I'm up to. It's quite the list. Bad me!

My next few weekends here are going to be hectic: a conference this weekend and working a convention next weekend. I'm excited about the convention. I love working them. I love organizing the chaos.

This weekend is also the Oscars. It's my Superbowl! I hope I'm well enough to make gourmet pizza and drink some wine. I'm thinking BBQ Chicken pizza, and Thai Chicken Pizza. Sound good to everyone?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GleeCap: Blame it on the Alcohol!

Something about yesterday's Glee episode isn't sitting well with me. We all know I'm a HUGE fan, so this isn't the usual "the show sucks!" kind of review.

The episode revolved around drinking, the positive, and the inevitable negative. There's the over the top house party, the hangovers the next day, drunk dialing, public drunkeness, the works.

Part of me feels that it's just not a funny subject.

1.) Kids were drunk at school, with little consequences. The entire Glee Club showed up tipsy to perform. Twice. How in the world did Shue not know? And yes, I know there are kids that drink at school. It's not humorous. If you're drinking at school, that's not teenage rebellion, that's a serious problem.

2.) Kurt went off on his dad because his dad didn't like Kurt's boy-crush sleeping in his bed. Burt had every right to say something. There's another option for the drunk Blaine to sleep it off: the couch!

3.) Sue being flippant about AA. Very not funny. And broadcasting Will's drunk voice mail? Why is this woman allowed around children? I usually can go along with Sue's shenanigans.. but this time I was disguested.

But in the end, we all know that as long as they sell alcohol, teens will drink it. So the end didn't have a great deal of resolution, except for Will asking the kids to be smart, and call him if they need rides.

In the end, what else can we do?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


One of the people that I game with posted this: "I don't know what everyone likes...frankly, it'd be cool to learn about other hobbies and whatnot you guys might have..."

That got me thinking. Does any one social group know everything about its members, or are perceptions colored by that group.

Does my gamer friends only see the gamer in me? Do the people at work think of me as more than a secretary? Do the people at church only know me as someone that sings in the choir?

It's funny. None of those groups sees me as a whole person. Not everyone knows about my tea cup collection, my love of Russian Ballet History, my soft spot for post-apocalyptic-dystopian literature, my extensive knowledge of musical theater or my skill as a stage manager and event planner.

To most, I'm a geeky gamer secretary.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A snippet of my day

For various reasons, the professors in this department have no phones in their offices. This happened LONG before I was here, and wasn't my decision. But apparently I'm the one that people take it out on.

The Conversations go like this:

Caller: Can I speak to Professor (insert name here)?
Me: I'm sorry, but He/She doesn't have a phone in their office. You are welcome to email them, or I can take a message and email it to them.

At this point, people usually sigh, roll their eyes and hang up. Yes, I can hear eyerolling on the phone. It was part of the special teacher skills I acquired teaching Middle School.

But sometimes it doesn't end there. I was hung up on by someone whom I remember calling and asking for the same professor three times. (like she somehow grew a phone after the call!) Some people get frustrated because they won't answer the emails the person previously sent. Today's was special. The guy hasn't gotten an email back, or a call back (this professor actually HAS a phone). he asked me what else I can do.

Um... other than smoke signals, skywriting or telepathy, I'm at a loss....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Survivors Guilt

I got a text message today. It was from my co-worker from the Registrar's Office. Apparently the project that we both worked on is ending, and she'll be out of a job soon.

That job saw me through very lean times. It lead to the job I'm at now. It was my sole source of income for almost a year.

I moved on, and she wasn't able to. She wasn't about to find work.

I feel a little guilty that I have a job, and she doesn't.

Wow, I'm really uninteresting!

I've realized that the world of being a secretary is feast or famine. I either have a pile of work on on my desk, or none at all. I know I'll have more work as times goes, but right now it's kind of thin.

Is this is what being an adult is? I go to work, come home and make dinner. After dinner there's a chore or two, then relaxing with the Spousal Equivalent and bed. Weird. In all the years of teaching, I never felt like an adult. I do now. Now I feel old.

I'm closing in on 40. There are things I had hoped to have by this point. My priorities have changed a bit in the last two years.
  • I would like to start building a savings account. I'd like to catch up on bills enough to be able to put some money in... and leave it there!
  • I'd like to live some place stable. I want my own front door, and a bit of yard out back for a grill (and so Misty can go potty there)
Now that I have steady money coming in, I think it's time to budget. See if I can accomplish goal number 1!

See? I'm sounding so grown up! So let me add in one childish thing.

I want an iPhone!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to the grind..

I'm back to my grind before even really getting settled into the job. I have things that are assigned to me to do. Many of them are on hold until I get training. For some strange reason the afternoons are VERY quiet. I'm starting to feel useful. It's a nice feeling to feel useful again. (Yes, the Spousal Equivalent makes me feel useful... but it's nice when the rest of the world agrees.)

I'm in a weird place mentally, but hopefully the re-introduction of birth control will help. I'm stress and comfort eating and very unhappy about it. I'm starting to develop a theme song

I'm planning on doing weight watchers sometime this year. But can I keep it up? I think that starting today, I'll monitor what I eat, and how much I move on SparkPeople. If I can do that, maybe I can track these darn points.

Now, actually committing to weighing in...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank Goodness it's Friday

I'm flying solo at work for the first time. My boss is out with the flu. The weird thing is, I don't have anything to DO. I have projects that are in the wings, but they require training. Actually most things around here require training.

The only thing productive that I've done all day was sort the mail and order my official business cards. After that I began playing around in Vista Print (in the free cards section). It's interesting, summing your life up on a card.

Other than that, life goes on. I have insurance, so the Doctor appointments are coming. To do lists are being formed.

Let's hope I can get to everything this weekend...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What generation is this?

The youngsters aren't Gen X. Many of them seem to be Gen E... as in Generation Entitled.

Wil Wheaton twittered this the other day: If high school was "boring" and college was "too hard", don't complain about your "dead end minimum wage" job, twentysomething.

Apparently people were in an uproar, thinking he was dissing people with minimum wage jobs. I got his meaning. I don't know what it is, but I saw it when I taught school. Kids (Not all kids, but enough..) don't want to work for anything.

If you're going to half ass high school... and quit college then half ass an attempt to find a job... you're going to make half assed wages.

But thank god for those that work for their success.

I am a list maker...

So I hunted up all the classes here that I want to take someday. (I can take one free class a semester) Here's the titles. (it's a LONG list, and with the descriptions, it'll be WAY too long)


202. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.
306. Women, Gender and Culture.
323. Indians of North America.
324. Indians of the Southwest.
325. Sun Dance People.
347. Japanese Society.

Theatre, Speech, and Dance

260. Introduction to Musical Theatre.
320. Theatre Administration.
220. History of Modern Dance.
230. History of American Vernacular Dance.
303. Alexander Technique.


237. American Indian History: Pre-Columbian and colonial period to 1763.
238. American Indian History since 1763.
222. United States Women’s History since 1877.

Women’s Studies

221,222. U.S. Women’s History, 1600 to the Present
304. Gender in Society.
306. Women, Gender and Culture.

Religious Studies

201. Introduction to Religion.
221. Religion and Ethics.
309. The Holocaust.
320. Pagans and Christians in the Roman World.
347. Sects, Cults and Small Denominations in America.
363. Sociology of Religion.


204. Social Problems.
301. Society and the Individual.
304. Gender in Society.
307. Sociology of Education.
309. Media and Society.
332. Families and Kinship.
361. Social Movements and Social Change.
363. Sociology of Religion.
429. Deviance and Social Control.
432. Sociology of Sexualities.

Wow... something has to change

I've been feeling off for a few weeks. I suspect it's the lack of the birth control (laugh all you want, it makes me feel human!). Sometimes I'm over emotional when off of BC. Sometimes I'm just down.

This time it's issues with food, and anxiety.

I made dinner last night, and it tasted awful to me. I didn't want it. What I did want was french fries and cheese. *headdesk* Seriously, I looked hard at the leftovers from dinner the other night. I'm going to have to work hard not to give in to the need for comfort food.

My anxiety manifests in weird ways too. The need for comfort food being most obvious. The driving off a cliff-bridge-highway overpass dreams have started again. I also get nervous when being a passenger in a car. And I hate to drive!

Maybe I'm just crazy...

Or maybe I need to force myself to eat a balanced diet, take some St. John's Wort, and have some medicinal chocolate.