Friday, February 18, 2011

A snippet of my day

For various reasons, the professors in this department have no phones in their offices. This happened LONG before I was here, and wasn't my decision. But apparently I'm the one that people take it out on.

The Conversations go like this:

Caller: Can I speak to Professor (insert name here)?
Me: I'm sorry, but He/She doesn't have a phone in their office. You are welcome to email them, or I can take a message and email it to them.

At this point, people usually sigh, roll their eyes and hang up. Yes, I can hear eyerolling on the phone. It was part of the special teacher skills I acquired teaching Middle School.

But sometimes it doesn't end there. I was hung up on by someone whom I remember calling and asking for the same professor three times. (like she somehow grew a phone after the call!) Some people get frustrated because they won't answer the emails the person previously sent. Today's was special. The guy hasn't gotten an email back, or a call back (this professor actually HAS a phone). he asked me what else I can do.

Um... other than smoke signals, skywriting or telepathy, I'm at a loss....

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