Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GleeCap: Blame it on the Alcohol!

Something about yesterday's Glee episode isn't sitting well with me. We all know I'm a HUGE fan, so this isn't the usual "the show sucks!" kind of review.

The episode revolved around drinking, the positive, and the inevitable negative. There's the over the top house party, the hangovers the next day, drunk dialing, public drunkeness, the works.

Part of me feels that it's just not a funny subject.

1.) Kids were drunk at school, with little consequences. The entire Glee Club showed up tipsy to perform. Twice. How in the world did Shue not know? And yes, I know there are kids that drink at school. It's not humorous. If you're drinking at school, that's not teenage rebellion, that's a serious problem.

2.) Kurt went off on his dad because his dad didn't like Kurt's boy-crush sleeping in his bed. Burt had every right to say something. There's another option for the drunk Blaine to sleep it off: the couch!

3.) Sue being flippant about AA. Very not funny. And broadcasting Will's drunk voice mail? Why is this woman allowed around children? I usually can go along with Sue's shenanigans.. but this time I was disguested.

But in the end, we all know that as long as they sell alcohol, teens will drink it. So the end didn't have a great deal of resolution, except for Will asking the kids to be smart, and call him if they need rides.

In the end, what else can we do?

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