Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bunheads: 'Next'

What a wonderful way to end the season.  Unfortunately, since the show hasn't been picked up... it might be the end of everything..  And that would make me sad!

But anyways.... Here's to the character growth I've seen:

  • Boo- Boo has always been naive and protective.  She also has always been deferential to Sasha.  And towards the end of the episode, she lets Sasha have it.  And it was wonderful!  Here's hoping she can forge a new dynamic with Sasha
  • And speaking of Sasha- she's still living alone... which is odd... She still seems like the same old same old... with a dash of Martha Stewart thrown in. But there are cracks showing.  She's letting people in.  She's showing more of herself.  And it's wonderful.
  • Melanie- Roller Derby!  She's defining herself independent from the girls!
  • Ginny- she's also breaking free of the group definition... unfortunately it was losing her virginity to her crush.  I REALLY am curious to see where that goes.
  • Truly- she went to stalker to psycho BFF to Michelle.  The closure of Sparkles hurt her, but hopefully with the new repaired relationship with her sister, things will get better.
  • Michelle-  She's come the furthest.  She originally didn't want any responsibility.  In some ways I still think she doens't.  But she cares for these girls.  She does feel responsible for them.  Her challenge is to feel like she still has some dreams, and that they are attainable.  
With all of the things that happened at the end of the episode... I pray it comes back for a new season!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Wow. what a weekend!

This weekend was one of those "blink and miss it" deals.  Saturday morning I had choir practice, had to make food, and went to a party.  Sunday was a all-morning church thing, then lunch, grocery shopping and the Oscars.

And on top of all of this, I haven't felt well all weekend.  I have a rumbly stomach, and what feels to be the beginnings of a UTI.  

Which is most distressing.  You see, I get them every few years, and I never, ever test positive for an infection.  But I have ALL the symptoms, especially the pain.  Seriously, I'm worried the doctors think I'm drug seeking (even though I'm not getting any pain meds).

So now I'm back to the GIANT cup of water and frequent trips down the hall.

Let's pray this passes quickly...

How did I not know of this before?!?!?!

Internet!  You didn't tell me this existed!!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

Pride and Prejudice told though vlogs!  Inspired!  I know what's going to be playing on my extra screen today!

In other news.... I have to go shopping again.  For a white (or light colored) cardigan.  For the revival this weekend.

In other, other news.. my t-shirts came today!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Damn you, Valentines Day Candy!

Whatever kicked me in the butt last week seems to have left as quickly as it came.

I still don't know what it was!

But I'm scared to step on the scale tomorrow. Between being too ill to work out, and the chocolate my mom sent me, it's not going to be pretty!

This weekend was rather low key. Saturday we went to see Beautiful Creatures. I loved it. (Review forthcoming). We ran a few errands, then we were drawn to Red Robin. Seriously! The smell of burgers made my mouth water. By the way, they have a salted caramel shake. It was wonderful!  Though I refuse to look up the calories in it!  It might be scary!  On the way home it started to snow, I was dropped off to walk the dog, and the Spousal Equivalent went on to buy a book shelf for his ever growing library of gaming books.

Sadly the snow was pitiful.

Sunday saw me getting my car inspected, which turned into a nearly $100 adventure.  Totally didn't know that there was a nail in my tire!  We then went shopping and came home for the day.  I watched a few episodes of Girls (it came from Netflix the other day) and waited for Downton Abbey.  Yes, I know that I've seen it already.  A few weeks ago, in fact.  But There wasn't much else on.  All I can say is:  The dude bag piping around the dinner table... hilarious!!  And Matthew being killed off?  Awful!  Here's why it had to happen.  At least the two deaths were part of people leaving the show, not killing off the characters we love to advance the story.  Yes, I'm looking at you Joss Whedon.

Today is rather low key.  I got my Cara Box mailed out.  I'm alone for dinner, so I'm planning on cooking ahead a bit.  I'm going to experiment with cooking rice, and freezing one cup portions.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A peek into my brain:

On Wednesday, I got a slip in my mailbox, stating that I had a package at the post office.  Since the post office closes at 4:30, I left work early yesterday to go get it.

My thoughts as I'm driving down the road, in chronological order

  • What the heck did I order? I know I have a package coming, but it's not sent yet.  Did I order something in my sleep?
  • Maybe it's a present!
  • It can't be a present....  I don't know who would mail me a present to my home address.. most people know to send it to work....
  • Maybe it's a certified letter... like the time my house got foreclosed.
  • But what would the letter say?
  • I don't owe money.. except my student loan.... and I'm paying on that..
  • Maybe I'm being sued!
  • maybe someone stole my identity and is making out credit cards in my name... like in the movie!!
  • They are going to sue me for millions of dollars!!!  I'll be destitute!!!  
  • I'll have to sleep in my car!!  Or quit my job and move home with my mom! 
  • I can't live with my mom.. Misty would pee on her carpets!!
  • or maybe it's a certified letter naming me as the heir of a fortune, like on Downton Abbey!
  • Instead of being destitute, I'd be rich!
  • I could go to Disney World!!
And by that time, I was at the post office.

My mom sent me candy....

I'm not going to be rich... or destitute...

I clearly need a nap!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reviews of the last few shows that I've seen: Spoilers within!


  • A reviewer I read was right... the adults act like kids and the kids act like adults
  • I still can't believe Sasha is living alone.  How the hell is she coming up with the money... and skirting laws and all?
  • That being said.... I give it three episodes before she moves into Fanny's house
  • I never thought I'd say this.. but I need more Truly and less of Milly
  • Michelle is up to something... I wonder what it is...?
  • Ginny is seriously annoying me.  She needs to really lose the jealousy.  Cozette is odd, but not as threatening as she's being made out to be
Switched at Birth
  • The kids seem to be rather consistent  and growing.  Daphne is learning her limitations.  Bay has a place where she belong... well, belongs more than at Buckner.
  • I wonder if Daphne will be all Deaf Power and all...?
  • Regina drinking.. this won't end well
  • I want to slap John Kennish at times.  Selling Daphne's food truck without consulting ANYONE was low.  I'm glad Katherine called him on it.
  • Things seem to be rather calm... what's going to throw a big wrench into things?  I heard rumors of something akin to the Deaf President Now protests at Galladet
  • Finn kissing Emma.... It looked like the work of a flustered guy trying to stop a freaking out woman from freaking out more.  
  • But they both overacted.
  • And Emma ran out?!?!?  I kinda saw it coming, but I hoped it wouldn't.
  • Rachel.. can she have a consistent character.  She keeps swinging wildly between the two Rachels in last week's song.
  • I'm SO glad that Tina got called on crushing on Blaine.  And bravo to Blaine for being cool about it
  • And Kurt... just get back together with Blaine... though I can understand about experimenting!
  • Poor Ryder.  I feel for the kid!!
  • It was SO great to see Ali Stroker!!  Can we see Aylin now?
  • Quinn and Santana hooking up.  Go with your experimenting self!!
  • And Ryan Murphy.... is Rachel really that stupid that she didn't have her guy wear a condom????  Why did you have her get knocked up?
  • And what the hell is Brody up to?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Biggest Loser: Blogger Edition Week 3

Because I'm a slacker....

The last two days were almost nil with the exercising  yesterday especially.  I woke up yesterday feeling all shades of terrible.

I worked for a few hours, then went back home to curl up on the sofa and watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

(that movie always makes me want a milkshake)

This morning I managed five minutes of exercise before giving up.  I still don't feel very well.  I know, I'm sick and to not beat myself up about it...

But in this, there's a bit of good news:
Yes, that's right.  I lost half a pound.

So my goal for this week (to be measured over the weekend) is to lose another half pound.  I'm factoring in the whole being ill thing.

My goal also is from today to Sunday to get at least 7000 steps, and 20 minutes of exercise daily.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Warm Bodies: A review

Seriously, about to get all spoilery....

So, Warm Bodies is the zombie feel good movie of the year.  I'm getting a little tired of the zombie thing, but this I liked!

The movie takes place in an unidentified city, in a future where a mystery plague has made zombies.

And in a streak of genius  it's told from the zombie's point of view.

His name is R.  He got a buddy, M.  And in his brilliant voice over (R is played by Nicholas Hoult, who is wonderful in this role) he explains the world, and how it works... well, what he can remember.

The set up is subtle.  The first flashback to the "good old days" is a scene in an airport, where everyone is looking at their phones.  Everyone is alive, but not communicating or interacting.

Then R eats Julie's boyfriend (and his brain), and he makes a connection with this girl.  As the connection grows, he gets less and less zombie-like.  He falls in love.  Then the other zombies notice what's going on.  They start to interact with each other, and R and Julie (Yes... if you didn't get that reference ... it's an allusion to Romeo and Juliet). The more they interact, the more human they become.

They even prevent John Malcovitch from killing them all!

And through the powers of meaningful interactions with other people the zombies are made human again and the world is saved.

The End.

Seriously.  that's how it basically happened.

It's an interesting criticism of our modern world.  We interact more with technology than people at points.  We run the risk of being a shuffling, grunting zombie.  (I saw one of these zombies shuffling across a parking lot one day.. grunting at their iPhone.. true story).

If you love the Walking Dead and the intense zombie horror thrillers, this isn't for you.  If you enjoy a funny story, with whitty voice over... that has zombies in it.. Go see it!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Some people are afraid of heights....

I have issues with children...

I know.. it's odd.  But let me explain.

I wasn't super comfortable around little kids ever.  And yes, I know I was a teacher.  But I taught ten and twelve year olds.

Then I taught that disastrous last year.

I haven't been the same since.  The thought of having children terrifies me so much that I can't attend baby showers.  30 women chatting about babies, exchanging horror stories and kernels of wisdom.  It freaks me out.

I also have issues with large groups of children.  And I'm not entirely comfortable with being responsible for them either (I had a meltdown over being a mentor to a teen at church.  it wasn't my finest hour), though I have been known to watch my friend's daughter with the Spousal Equivalent in tow.  When my BFF's daughter turned one, I managed about a half hour of the party.  Why?  The kids were at a playground and not hanging around us.

Now my BFF has another daughter.  I'm going to go see them.  I may not stay long. I may not hold the baby.  But most of all, I'm going to get over myself, damnit!

Sometimes I wonder if teaching didn't cause some sort of PTSD.....

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My attempt at being organized

I strive every day to be organized.  I've seen all sorts of helpful household manuals.  Many of them have too many tabs and parts for my own good.  I'm a keep it simple kind of person.

I boil what I need in life down to one sheet of paper:

It's all here

  • A place to record what I eat and how many points it is (I don't go to meetings any longer, but I still track)
  • a place to record what I've spent in a day so I don't overspend
  • a place to plans my FlyLady zone of the day and what needs to be done
  • A place to record all the other things that need to be done
  • a place to write down my exercise.
All in one handy sheet.  

I keep my planner pages in an Arc notebook from Staples.  It's one of the 8x5 deals that fits in my purse.

And yes, it's pink.  As is my iPad case.  So I can find it.  I tend to overlook black binders and the like.

When I'm really on track with the tracking and planning, life seems to go a little smoother.  So here's a kick in my own butt to keep tracking.

Here's the pretty things that caught my eye when I was looking for the above image (before I found that I had already taken a picture of the thing):

I was looking at the iPad holder/padfolio combos for travel and came across this one.  It's VERY spendy, but honestly the best I've seen out there for what I want.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A small light at the end of a LONG tunnel

I wasn't woken up this morning with a need to take the Spousal Equivalent to work.  He found a ride!

Que my shouts of glee.

I love the guy, but the drop off is an hour round trip!

In other news, the worst of the craziness is over at work.  I'm left with a pile of paperwork.

And a headache.

As you can see, I'm not posting anything about the Biggest Loser- Blogger Edition.

Yeah....  I'm scared to weight myself.  I'm a stress eater, and this week has been beyond stressful.  So my plan ins't to beat myself up.

So my plan for the week:

  1. Plan ahead meals.  The SE is working 12 hour days, which means I have to plan, and cook ahead.
  2. Exercise morning and afternoon.  Again... he's out late.  I can always get some  Just Dance 4 routines in while dinner is cooking
  3. Fruit!  I need to get some more fruit to snack on
  4. Weigh myself on Friday and Monday.  To see how I'm doing.
And hopefully by next week I'll be down a pound!

But this week I had a little visitor... which all sorts of sucked.

FYI:  I'm trying this Google Affiliate add thing... to raise money for a new car.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Well... that just sucks...

I was awoken on Saturday morning by my phone.  the Spousal Equivalent went to go get his car inspected.  I picked him up, and we came home to have some breakfast.

A little passed 11 we got a call.

it wasn't good.

We bough tit for $1200, Blue Book has it worth $400.  Repairs were about $1600, IF the parts could be gotten from a junkyard.

That was that.  The car had to go.  Do we have the credit to get a new car?  Even a new to us one?  Probably not.  Not without a big down payment.

Well, with the $300 in my savings, both of our tax returns, and the money CarMax gives us for the car, we might be able to go and get something used.

But that means not going to my cousin's wedding.  I was going to use my tax return money to get there.  And I can't drive there either, since we're down to one car.

So the plan now is that I'll get the SE to work in the morning (probably with the Misty riding shotgun).  Home, he'll have to do by bus or getting a ride from people he works with.  We'll have to make it work like that for a few months.

But thankfully we have one working vehicle.

In other news, I got my hair cut.  I have been unsuccessful at getting a decent picture of my own hair (how do people take decent pictures of themselves in the mirror??), but I will attempt to.  It's short.  Well, for me.

And now, We need to head to CarMax, Trader Joe's (for cookie butter), Target (for peepee pads) and the grocery store.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Dear Brain: Shut Up!!

I got a text from the boss lady about an hour ago. The restaurant misplaced the dinner order that I called in and paid for. The boss lady was simply inquiring if I remembered what I ordered.

I did nothing wrong. It clearly was the restaurant's screw up.

This did not stop my heart from racing. It clearly wasn't my fault, but I started blaming myself.

Dear Brain: stop freaking out. This is someone else's screw up. Not yours!

I'll go grey early if this keeps up!

I can't believe I made it to Friday!

I think I've got the hang of this paperwork business at work.

Well, I thought I did.. and I realized that I did it wrong...  but I'm learning.   Now I know how to do it correctly!

Honestly, that's been the main focus of my week.  Paperwork.  Paperwork.  Meetings.  Errands for job candidates.  That's been my week.  They aren't tasks that I mind doing... I'm just a bit tired with it all.

But it's Friday.  The sun is shining.  It's after noon, which means that less and less people will be asking me to do things (they are all bolting for the weekend too).

So let me list my good things for the week:
  1. I filed my taxes.  Now, I wait for the refund.
  2. I should have a big enough refund to fund airfare to visit my cousin for her wedding, with enough left over to finally get my passport (It's only been expired for a decade...)
  3. There's new Downton Abbey, Bunheads, Switched at Birth and Glee this week
  4. I got myself some tasty lunch
  5. Some great movies are coming out in the next week!
  6. It's not even 2pm and I have 8150 steps
and the bad...
  1. We're having that reoccurring toilet/ plumbing issues.  Again.  
  2. It's WINDY and cold
  3. I probably shouldn't have had those fries with lunch.
Now I'm off, to see what adventure tonight holds!