Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My attempt at being organized

I strive every day to be organized.  I've seen all sorts of helpful household manuals.  Many of them have too many tabs and parts for my own good.  I'm a keep it simple kind of person.

I boil what I need in life down to one sheet of paper:

It's all here

  • A place to record what I eat and how many points it is (I don't go to meetings any longer, but I still track)
  • a place to record what I've spent in a day so I don't overspend
  • a place to plans my FlyLady zone of the day and what needs to be done
  • A place to record all the other things that need to be done
  • a place to write down my exercise.
All in one handy sheet.  

I keep my planner pages in an Arc notebook from Staples.  It's one of the 8x5 deals that fits in my purse.

And yes, it's pink.  As is my iPad case.  So I can find it.  I tend to overlook black binders and the like.

When I'm really on track with the tracking and planning, life seems to go a little smoother.  So here's a kick in my own butt to keep tracking.

Here's the pretty things that caught my eye when I was looking for the above image (before I found that I had already taken a picture of the thing):

I was looking at the iPad holder/padfolio combos for travel and came across this one.  It's VERY spendy, but honestly the best I've seen out there for what I want.

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