Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's hot!

This has been me today.  It's hot out.  Rain threatens.  So I'm home wearing workout clothes and not working out.  Instead I'm looking at bathing suits and other work out clothes that I can't afford to buy.  I'm also doing useful stuff like dishes, laundry and picking out clothes for the week.

That's the weather for this week.  See a pattern?  Thunder.  Thunder and humid.

We were thinking of going to Busch Gardens today, but decided against it.  There was simply too much to do around the house.

Besides, the clouds and dark and low, have been all day.

So we decided on a day without rain.  Next Saturday.

What's the weather?

Yes.  Sunny.  And 94.
I feel that wearing lots of sunscreen and a trip on the Roman Rapids will be in order.

It's hot and humid.  The bugs are out.

Instead of interacting with nature, I'll be inside.

I'm massively allergic to bug bites, and sunburn at the drop of a hat.  I think I'll be staying inside if that's ok with everyone.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Typical Friday at the Office... In the summer....

Today spent taking care of a few tasks.  But after lunch, I couldn't sit still anymore.

Than I started looking around.  I realized that I've been working here for almost three years, and in all that time, I really haven't cleaned out my desk from the last few occupants.  I don't know why I hadn't touched it before.  Yes, I did have things in my desk, but mostly I placed it on top of the old things, leaving my desk looking like an archaeological dig.  The desk drawers weren't arranged in ways that I wanted.  I simply went along with what had been there before.

Why didn't I change anything?  I don't know.  But it's the last step of getting this office the way that I like it.

So I decided to do some house cleaning.  I still have a desk drawer that is largely stuff that might be useful later, but I now have three cleaned out drawers.

I also cleaned off the top of my desk.

And I put together a literature organizer....

and got the extra boxes out of my office...

and recycled old magazines.....

It feels good.

Now, I need to go home and replicate this on my living room!  And try to keep it up.

And honestly, that's about as interesting as my life gets right now.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today has been a day!

When I got my bonus, I decided that I'd treat myself to a passport.  Today was the day.  I came to the post office, armed with paperwork and identification.  I arrived at 10:25 for my 10:30 appointment.  I'm lead to a back room.

Where I waited...

And waited...

And waited...

At 11:15 I found someone.  Apparetnly the appropriate person wasn't informed that I was there.  Well, whatever.  So then they go to take my picture....

And it prints with a big streak across my face.  Another 5 tries, another 5 streaks.

I get sent to Walgreens to get a picture.  Sure.  That's $12 out of my pocket, but that was ok.  But eventually, the money got paid, and now the paperwork is out of my hands.

I finally got back to campus in time to get the full scoop on the Supreme Court rulings.  DOMA was overturned (it was deemed unconstitutional) and Prop. 8 was overturned (Well, it was overturned by the California Supreme Court, so this just reinforces that).

I was hoping for a wider ruling, but I'll take it.

As predicted, the religious right lost their collective shit.  But some of their arguments really make no sense.  They are saying that because some people in this country have the right to marry others of their same gender... it infringes on their Christian religious liberty.


I've heard the argument before.  And it's still as crazy now.  What happens in other people's lives makes no impact on Christian Americans on the whole.

The arguments that incest and bestiality will be next have already started.

But while you're avoiding the religious right, please patronize some of the companies that support the SCOTUS decision.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sometime I have too much time on my hands

I have a bad habit.

I look for houses to someday buy on Trulia.  Houses that I could afford.  Houses that I could only afford if I won the lottery.  Houses that I could afford if I married royalty.  (Carter's Grove is on the market again!)

It's not like I'm in a place where I can buy something.  I've had a house foreclosed on.  I don't think I can buy anything for like a decade....  but I can look and dream.

I've found tiny houses.  Townhomes, and other tiny one and two bedroom places.  This one struck me as rather cute.

I've found grand places.  Places with bedrooms and spaces to grow into.  I believe this one has a framed out guest house.

Some houses I pass by every day, and wonder what they'd look like on the inside.

Some houses are just plain weird.  Yes, it's a church.  It's zoned residential.  Imagine what a cool house this could make!!!

Some houses are really funky.   See?  Funky!!!

And others are more traditional. 

 I happen to love the wrap around porch on this one.

I've found some with in-law suites.  For... in-laws...

But I think this one is my favorite of all.

Honestly, my minimum requirements include things like payments that won't break the bank and 2 toilets.  A small back yard would be nice...

But for right now I have to be content where we are.

And I have to try to keep it clean....

Which is a challenge!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rights and Responsibilities

I've heard a lot of talk recently about rights.  What what our rights are.  And what we think they are.

What I don't think people understand that that when you have rights, you also have responsibilities.  Like Spiderman said.  

Let's take freedom of speech.  Yes, you can say what you want.  But you must also take responsibility if those words get you punched, or sued, or tossed in jail.  And it's not just talk.  Everything you say, write or type is out there for scrutiny.  Like the poor pageant queen that sees her flub broadcast again and again.  In this age of media, everything you say and type has the potential to haunt you forever.  So practice your free speech responsibly.

Freedom of religion.  This has been batted around a lot in the last few years.  This right also comes with responsibility.  The main problem in the freedom of religion of late has been how one's freedom impacts others.  For example, When the boss of a big army base decided to send soldiers to their rooms as a punishment, instead of participating in the evangelical christian concert... his religion has directly impacted others.  Others that do't share his beliefs.  Many in this country want to make Christianity the state religion.  (Which way back in the 17th and 18th centuries pissed English people off.. England has an official state religion)  How does that bode for people that aren't Christian, or aren't the particular flavor of Christian?  (Again, see England)

With freedom of religion, comes the responsibility to not let your freedoms diminish the freedoms of other's religions.

But people have forgotten that, and it makes me sad.

And remember, (in the words of Andrew Shepard) America isn't easy.  It's advanced citizenship.

And some people need to study harder.

Monday, June 17, 2013

While other people do end of the year book keeping...

We toss shit out.

We do this every summer.  People are scarce.  We get antsy.  So we clean.

Last week it was the book case in the work room.  Do we need Word Perfect for Dummies?  The manuals on Win 95?  87 copies of last year's catalog?


Today it was the faculty lounge.  We sorted through coffee mugs.  We realized that we have 4 coffee makes.  5 if you count the pod coffee maker that they no longer make pods for.  (The box was dusty and sun faded)

Some interesting things we've tossed out:

  • 4 boxes of 5 1/4 inch disks
  • 4 plastic calendar holders that had no refills
  • a box of Win 95 disks
  • 7 baskets for coffee... you know, that go inside a big coffee maker.
  • the innards of a Britta pitcher.
  • coffee stained cups
  • the plastic tops that cover a deli tray
  • birthday candles
  • a 6 pack of Heineken, that is at least 3 years old.
I still am finding things in my desk that belong to the two previous occupants.

And now.. I'm off to take a pile of crap to the dumpster!

Friday, June 14, 2013

We had some weather yesterday....

I'd been reading all day that a weather system that could spawn a derecho was heading our way.  I was worried.  Why?  I've been through one.

I made the correct choice to head out of work today at 4:30.

It was weird.  Ahead of me, blue sky.  In my rear view mirror, dark grey, almost black sky.

I outran it until I stopped to turn into my apartment.  All of a sudden my car was pelted with rocks (maybe hail... I don't know).  The wind kicked into high gear.

Seriously, the weather turned that quickly while I was waiting to turn into my apartment.

I parked.  Sand blew into my eyes as I ran for my door.  I yelled that the weather was bad.  the Spousal Equivalent didn't believe me.  From his window in the back of the apartment, the sky was blue.

Even the dog didn't want to go out.

but as quickly as it blew up, it went away.

And no, I have no pictures.  But other people do.

Today it's cool and sunny.  And rather nice out.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Slam head on desk... repeat as needed

Remember this?:

Yeah, it's still like this.


Because after all this crap, the carpet got wet again.  The pipe in the AC closet slipped AGAIN, and my closet carpet is soaked.

I was over having the world traipse through my home, and the water hadn't spread that far yet, so I took my hand held carpet cleaner and used it to suck up the water myself.  I actually got quite a bit.  I'll repeat the process this afternoon.

In the good news department:  I now have labels for my new spice jars....

I'm annoyed.  And at work alone.  So I think I'll put on Bunheads, and pray it gets picked up for a season 2.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sometimes, I wish things were real

Yesterday, we were watching Defiance, and at the end, I started to think.  Part of me wished that the show were real, so I could learn more about the Votan cultures.  The show writers give us brief glimpses into these cultures, but I'd love to know more.  But I know the cultures are made up, and I'll only know as much as the writers want us to know.
We all know that the show is fiction, but I do get that feeling often.

When I was young, my greatest wish was to move to Endor and live with the Ewoks.  I also wanted to be a Jedi.

Now, I wouldn't say that I am depressed that I can't go to Pandora.  But I do get a little sad that I can sail to Middle Earth and hand out in Rivendell, or wander into my wardrobe and get into Narnia.  
Do you ever feel that way?  What places that don't exist would you like to visit?  What fictional characters would you like to talk to?

I know I'm not the only one....

We realized something about Misty

I saw this video:

And realized that Misty's not being aggressive.  She's scared!  Now many of her behaviors make sense!  She's a scardy puppy!

In good news, the carpet is clean and I can move stuff into the closet.

Misty didn't enjoy the carpet cleaners, though.  She took a crap on the carpet in protest.

I but stay tuned, I have a longer post coming.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The great indoor flood of 2013

Wednesday morning, I walked into my closet to get a shirt.  The carpet squished under my bare feet.


And honestly, this has happened before!

The AC unit had something get knocked loose.  Which caused the flood.

So Wednesday morning I was late to work because I had to empty the contents of 2 closets into the spare bedroom.  As you can see.

One closet is dry, and the other (my closet) has a soaked carpet, and the spare bedroom air smells slightly of mold.  I've had the dehumidifier in there for a few days, which has helped.  (And when the laundry finishes drying, it'll go right back)

And honestly, this is slightly better than it was.  We got the go ahead to fill back the storage closet that housed the AC unit.

I ended up staying home today so I could get some of this crap settled.  And I did.

  • I've done 2 loads of laundry
  • dishes are next
  • I've cleaned the parts of the carpet that may or may not contain Misty accidents
  • I've gotten one bag ready to donate
  • I've thrown away 2 other boxes of crap
  • And reorganized the storage closet.
Unfortunately, we still have work to do.  I need the Spousal Equivalent needs to go through some of his cases and reorganize.  (I want to snag one of his soon to be emptied Tupperware containers for the Christmas stuff)  The rest of my closet needs to be emptied over the weekend, for the rug people to come on Monday.  We have a computer and a Blu Ray to take to Best Buy for recycling.

And on top of all of this, there's a tropical storm on the way.

So I'm off to walk the dog!

Monday, June 3, 2013

I need another weekend!

This weekend was seriously busy!

Saturday morning dawned bright and early.  The BFF and I went to explore Busch Garden's Food and Wine Festival.  We seriously ate our way around the park.  Crepes and ratatouille (here's the recipe) in France.  Bangers and Colcannon in Ireland.  Tiramisu in Italy.  Good food.  A lot of walking.

I came home, tired and sunburnt.  I was just in time to play a few games of Gloom.  It was a really fun game.  And not as stressful to me as regular role playing.  We're seriously building up a collection of card games.

After the games, and dinner, we went off to the Roller Derby.  It was an excellent bout.  The last one that I went to, our girls crushed the other team.  This time, the opposing team was tough!  And we lost.  *sad face*

Though, as I was watching... man... I'd LOVE to try that!  And of course they were advertising their new skaters program and all.

I think when I reach my Weight Watchers 10% goal, I'm going to get myself a pair of skates.

And until then, I work toward that goal.

Now, rain go away to I can take a nice long walkie with Misty tonight!