Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's hot!

This has been me today.  It's hot out.  Rain threatens.  So I'm home wearing workout clothes and not working out.  Instead I'm looking at bathing suits and other work out clothes that I can't afford to buy.  I'm also doing useful stuff like dishes, laundry and picking out clothes for the week.

That's the weather for this week.  See a pattern?  Thunder.  Thunder and humid.

We were thinking of going to Busch Gardens today, but decided against it.  There was simply too much to do around the house.

Besides, the clouds and dark and low, have been all day.

So we decided on a day without rain.  Next Saturday.

What's the weather?

Yes.  Sunny.  And 94.
I feel that wearing lots of sunscreen and a trip on the Roman Rapids will be in order.

It's hot and humid.  The bugs are out.

Instead of interacting with nature, I'll be inside.

I'm massively allergic to bug bites, and sunburn at the drop of a hat.  I think I'll be staying inside if that's ok with everyone.

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