Monday, July 8, 2013

Nothing is easy when it comes to Jury Duty

So we all know what happened last week:

Yes, the Fourth of July.  I had plans.  Plans changed.  Stuff happened.  It was a nice respite from the beginning of the week.  The theme of last week was: "You Just Can't Do Anything Right!"  We've all had those weeks.  Mine was last week.  Thankfully there's tequila at the house.

Friday was interesting.  The BFF came over to watch a movie.  And then we went to lunch at Busch Gardens.  You heard me.  Busch Gardens.  I've got a season pass!

We ended up there the next morning too.  And the Spousal Equivalent actually got me on a ride.  Yes, the log ride.  The minute I sat in the car I realized it was a bad idea.  I told all the ride operators along the ride that this was a bad idea.  It was a bad idea as I plummeted to my certain death.

But I didn't die.  I got soaked.  I'm sticking to the Tea Cups.

This week's drama is Jury Duty.  I have it.  Jury duty is rather like waiting for a mother to go into labor.  You have to be prepared.  You have to have a bag packed.  You have to be ready to go.... but you never know when...  I called last night and it says to report on Wednesday.  We'll see what it says when I call tomorrow night.

It's a hot one in Hampton Roads this week.  Stay cool everyone!

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