Tuesday, July 13, 2021

You've gotta love Anxiety

 I'm sitting in my office and not feeling all that well.  For some reason my anxiety is super high today.  

I can't seem to win this week.

  • We had some weird power hiccups yesterday, knocking out the AC.  I watched the numbers climb and the dog starting to pant harder.  So I put the ticked with the home warranty.  As soon as I dished out money, the AC started working.
  • We're dealing with an invasion of tiny ants in the kitchen.  Every time I walk by I'm cleaning the counter
  • I have a concert next weekend and right about now I'm having nightmares about forgetting lyrics.
  • Monday I'm having a colonoscopy.  It's a routine screening.  But of course I have sense of dread.  I'm almost certain that they'll find cancer.  I have the same dread every time I have a mammogram too.
  • I'm getting a treadmill.  But to get it I have to clean out the sun room in the back.  And my stupid elbow has decided to act up.
  • We're in early stages of planning a Disney trip, and of course I need 2 companies to post prices so we can budget... but they haven't yet.
  • There's some paperwork issues that are a direct result of one party making rules that were interpreted differently by another party.... and of course no one is in the same darn country to work anything out!
  • We have a new procurement system at work, and now that I have real world things to pay I can't seem to figure it out!
Since we've bought this house I've been in super-Adulting mode and it's been weighing on me.  What do I want?  Someplace quiet with take out and a pool.

Sadly, I won't be getting it anytime soon.