Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Day... another dollar

Today has been.... interesting. I took an extra clumsy pill this morning and tripped over: the SE's sandals, the pop up pavilion case, the pup's toy, the box of gaming books and my own pants! I was lucky to make it out the door.

Work was significantly warmer today. I didn't need the Snuggie the man bought me. (He hates the things, so in my mind, Snuggies=love).

Work continues. The hurricane stopped everything for a few days so students are still getting into the swing of things. I found out that I'm having a busy October. Along with teaching Religious Education at church, and going to the Renaissance Faire, it looks like I'm giving a lay-lead sermon on October 16th. Need to get working.

Over all, I've just been..... *blah*. There's no other way to describe it. I don't feel well, not poorly. Just.. off. Perhaps the dance class starting next week is the cure?

Falling off the wagon.

I'm a stress eater. Always have been. And after an earthquake, and a hurricane, I was just about done.

Not to mention, all the stuff bought in the hurricane prep weren't the best for my diet either. Now it all has to be eaten.

So, I'm doing what any good dieter is doing. Counting the week as a loss, and getting back on the wagon for next week. Since my Weight Watchers week starts tomorrow....

Tomorrow is another day!

Monday, August 29, 2011

One positive from Irene

My house is relatively clean!

We spent most of the weekend washing dishes and laundry in anticipation of losing power for a few days. Well, the power stayed on, AND the dirty things were washed.

I am pretty close to having the house ready to company (not that I'm having any).

Today's tasks:
  • Clean up from the Hurricane snacking.
  • wash the dog (the last dirty thing in the house)
  • Deposit the cash and check into the bank (I had ANOTHER surprise check. That's 2 in a week!)
  • Order contacts with the newly found money.
  • Scrub the stove
  • Exercise. I have the time. Need to work off the Hurricane snacking.
Taco cheese turkey burgers for dinner tonight. Are you jealous yet?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scenes from the hurricane

11am- It's blowing and sprinkling

Pup: Wanna go out!
Hurricane: *rains*
Me: *grumbles and takes her* *Gets wet in the process*

3pm- It's raining hard, and the wind is rather violent

Pup: Wanna go out!
Me: fine.... *Opens outside door just a tiny bit*
Hurricane: *the wind blows in hard enough to flip the pup's ears back*
Pup: I can hold it!!! *cowers into a corner*

Hurricane: *takes a break*
Me: Let's go potty!
Pup: THANK YOU!!!!

10pm- It's NASTY out
Pup: Gotta PEE!!!
Me: No, honey! It's too bad out! Use one of the thousand pee pee pads I put out for you
Pup: *pees everywhere but*

Irene: The aftermath

Well, we survived Irene. We even had power the entire time. Southside wasn't so lucky. (Apparently with higher property values, comes a higher risk during storms. Remind me never to live in Virginia Beach.)

The only damage that we have is carpet damage. The pup was pissed off at us, so decided to NOT piss on the pee pee pads we have scattered about. Apparently not being able to go outside is a grievous sin in puppy world.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Come on Irene!

Well, ready or not, here she comes.

Unfortunately, payday was TODAY, so we're a little unprepared. I have some food, and some water. It's not the storm I'm worried about, it's the power outage after.

My plan today is cleaning. After my breakfast settles, I'm getting started on washing dishes. I want to have dishes and laundry washed by tomorrow afternoon. I also want to make ice, incase we need to move stuff to a cooler.

I guess I'm as ready as I'll get.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So, on top of the earthquake yesterday, now we have a hurricane on the way.

People are either freaking out, or not caring. We're falling somewhere between the two. I think at this point the grand plan is to have things around to eat that don't require power, have some water in jugs, have gas in the tank and have pee pee pads for the pup. You think I'd take her out in a hurricane/tropical storm? That's crazy talk.

I have a feel that we're in for a very wet weekend. I believe the current plan is to hold up for the weekend. I hope things are decent for church on Sunday morning (since the hurricane is supposed to be hitting on Saturday). I'd hate to see the concert on Sunday be cancelled (even if we're not planning on going.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nighttime at my house.

5:30- I get home. I take the dog out.
5:45- I get back inside, and start dinner.
5:46- the pup wants to go back out.
5:50- she starts whining about it.
6:00- I eat, while trying to hush up the dog.
6:02- I give up and take her out... wherein we chase squirrels.
6:15- we get back in, and I finish dinner
6:20- she whines to go out again.
(repeat until about 8pm)

Seriously, since it's gotten cooler this has been the nighttime routine. All she wants is to be out chasing after squirrels.

Someday I'll have a yard, and she CAN go out to chase squirrels! And I can eat my meal in peace!

An earthquake? in Virginia?

Well hell yes an Earthquake in Virginia! It was the oddest thing! I was sitting at my desk, speaking to a co-worker. Then the room began to shake. What do I do? Try to rationalize it away. When it happened again, I got the hint that something else was at foot.

Add that to the Dismal Swamp fire and we have the natural disaster trifecta!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Glee-ful weekend

Saturday morning the Spousal Equivalent and I went to see the Glee 3D movie. It's made for fans of the show. I know there were a number or two that were lip synced (heavy dance numbers). And Artie's "Safety Dance" made it all totally worth it.

Yesterday we watched the finale of the Glee Project. The SE stated that whomever won, he knew that all four would make it on the show. I thought Alex would win, not that I wanted him to win...

Here's my thoughts on the top 4.
  • Alex- he's Mercedes. As a guy. They already HAVE that.
  • Lindsey- She's Rachael, but with a mean girl potential. Again.. have that.
  • Samuel- He'd be great for the show! they don't have someone like him on there!
  • Damien- The Irish Finn. I wanted him to be on the show simply because one of the writers remarked that they'd make him a foot ball player, and have Brittney not understand a word he says. Love it!
In the end, Samuel AND Damien won. My two favorites! But the other two would also be given smaller parts.

I guess, in the end, the SE was right.

I've had a few conversations about Glee with people this summer. It seems to me that Glee is one of those "love it or hate it" shows. I know that the plot is unbelievable. I know that the second season was a bit inconstant. But I know those characters. I was them. I still am. I was the teenager that instead of going to parties, hung out with my friends on Friday nights. What is so remarkable about that? how many other teens spent it around a piano singing show tunes and choral music?

Yeah.... we were a bit odd....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brokeback Mountain.... the anecdote.

No, this isn't a movie review. It's a story I need to share.

When Brokeback Mountain came out, I was working at a Middle School in rural Virginia. I carpooled to work with the art teacher, an elderly African-American, very religious, woman. Coincidentally, we both saw the movie the previous weekend.

The scene is a Monday afternoon. I'm driving home. My co-worker had just mentioned that she saw the movie.

Me: "Really? I'm surprised. The movie has a rather aggressive sex scene."

Her: "It does? I didn't realize they had sex."

Me: "Well, they are mostly clothed at the time...."

Her: "Wow! I just don't know what gay sex is like. Maybe I need to get some gay porn so I can see what gay sex is like. Can you find me some gay porn?"

Me: *nearly drives off the road*

Friday, August 19, 2011

I worry about me sometimes.

Last night, my eyes were itchy, so I took Benedryl. This was a mistake.

In the middle of the night I kept dreaming that my alarm was going off. Since I have a iPod clock, that means music. Apparently I spent the night trying to turn off the alarms.

I woke at 4 with the clock face down on the night stand.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

You Don't Know Dixie

I spent some of last night and an hour this morning watching the History Channel's latest offering: You Don't Know Dixie.

As you well know, I'm from upstate New York (well, central New York, but most people consider anything north of New York City as upstate) and I'm now living in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Now, is this place "the south"? It's not really a yes or no answer (in my opinion). I think it's all about perspective.

Where I am is south of the Mason-Dixon line. You can find grits, fried catfish and fried chicken just about everywhere. But it doesn't seem "southern" to me. I believe the enormous presence of the military has to do with that. The population of this are is filled with active duty (and former) military from around the country turning this place into an American melting pot.

But fear not, drive to Richmond. You'll hit "southern" really quickly.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today's Good, Bad and Ugly!

The Good: I worked out today! Yay me!

The Bad: As I was moving a bunch of grapes into my lunch, one broke off and rolled across the floor... right to the pup. She may be not bright, but she's fast. Before I could kick the grape away, she ate it. I got to work (can't go to the vet, I only have $20 to my name) and researched. Apparently the one grape probably won't hurt her, but I do need to be more careful.

The Ugly: My living room!! My goal is to have the dirty laundry sorted before the weekend!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

it's a day that requires help...

Like chocolate. Or alcohol. Or both...

  • I fielded at least 6 calls from people looking for professors that a.) don't have a phone and b.) aren't here
  • A football player came in and was upset that his adviser can't sign his major declaration. Um.. the Prof is out of the country.... why didn't you get this done in the Spring?
  • I had to hook up a computer for a professor. This involved moving heavy furniture. I also had to teach him to use the computer to get his email.
  • A family of (as it turned out) Koreans came in asking me how to register to be a visiting scholar. They asked for the Japanese History Professor, who of course isn't here. I had no clue as to what was going on.
  • The elevator is stuck. Open. It's pissing off the delivery people.
  • I'm dealing with so many keys, I need to look for a Gate Keeper, Zuul (Because I'm the KeyMaster)
And it's not even 4 yet.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a weird weekend!

I left work on Friday, feeling sore and tired. Thursday's headache was making a reappearance. The night was quiet. We ended up cuddling up in bed and watching Rachel Getting Married. Saturday we saw The Help, then fought the crowds at Target.

We were invited out last night, but ended up staying in. I'm tired, and desperately need to do housework. I still actually need to do housework. What's affecting me so strongly? The Great Dismal Swamp Fire.

I've smelled smoke outside for days now, but lately I wake up to hazy skies. It irritates my lungs (yay for being asthmatic), which doesn't help the no so great feeling.

Today I'm going to hide at home, curled up on the sofa and pray the rain will help with the fire so exercise and housework can resume tomorrow.

Though I might want to clean the carpet today. The pup ate a bunch of cat poop, then vomited. a lot, all over the rug. Will she ever learn?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Help

I saw the book on the Barnes and Noble website a few months ago. I believe in the weeks since I've read the book three times.

So today we went to see the movie. I believe we also saw the movie with the entire congregations of a few (predominantly African American) churches.

I absolutely loved the movie. The parts that had me laughing out loud in the book delivered. The parts that moved me in the book, moved me in the movie.

I think that we (especially northerners) forget that this period of history existed. Remembering this is important.

That... and the movie was just a great movie!

Friday, August 12, 2011


I haven't been this excited for a weekend in a while! Let's recap!

  • Spent multiple days walking all over campus
  • spent multiple days with spreadsheets in anticipation of the new school year.
  • Fell ass-over-tea kettle walking the pup
  • developed a nasty migraine because of it
  • Went to 2 Expo/Fair things. Walked for hours and collected free stuff.
  • Am hugely and incredibly sore because of all of the above.
I want a massage.

I won't get it, but I want it!

but I'll settle for ice cream.

Employee Benefits Fair.

I LOVE these! Here's my haul!
  • 14 pens
  • 3 pencils
  • 2 flashlights
  • 2 key lanyards
  • 2 cookies
  • a million pamphlets and cards
  • 1 stress ball
I'm going back to get a health screening in a minute!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

I'm seriously ready to get into the BlanketFort and not come out for a few days.

After this morning hard spill, I'm left extremely sore. I was also a bit jangled, and this lasted clear through lunch. (Though chocolate.. dark chocolate with sea salt... helped.) I'm tired and sad. I'm assuming it's PMDD coming to visit, which means Sunday meds are in order. (Don't look at the side effects. It's depressing)

Though, there is one bright spot in all of this! No, it's not possibly going to see some movies this weekend. It's the open house type things at work tomorrow. You know what that means? Free stuff! Free pens, pencils and other assorted crap!

I don't know why, but it just makes me happy!

I need protective gear to walk the dog...

This morning I was walking the dog. As I stepped onto the curb to proceed to the lawn multiple things happened at once.
  • my shoe caught on the curb
  • the pup felt me start moving forward, which caused her to move forward.
  • I landed hard on my arms and knees, hurting my wrist and grass staining my pants.
For the pup's part, she looked apologetic. She came over to lick my nose as I lay on the ground. I must say, the whole thing was only a matter of seconds , but it felt much longer.

Now I'm at work. My entire left side hurts. My head hurts. And I have a wet knee (from the Tide to Go I put on my grass stain.)

Can I go home now?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gimme a head with hair.. long beautiful hair...

I let my hair grow after I left my marriage. I recently got a trim. It's shorter, but nothing special.

It needs a style, but what? I know I can go to a place nicer than SuperCuts and I would get a hairstyle. But the last time I tried that I never replicated what the stylist did.

(I'd post a picture of the current hair, but I'm camera-less.)

Maybe I need to become brave. And march into the salon. And ask for a style that I can replicate without too much fuss!

Or I'll just continue to rock the hastily put up tousled look for a little while longer....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today is a better day.

I got on the scale today. (I know, Red.. I said I wouldn't.) And I gained.

But it's ok. I've been off of the diet and exercise for a week and such now. I knew this might happen.

Yesterday I figured out the Spousal Equivalent's points.. so I guess we're both doing Weight Watchers now. And that helps. (Though men get an insane amount of points a day!!).

I also worked out this morning, and walked across campus. Twice.

It feels good!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sometimes you need Cheerleaders.

I will admit it, I've been lazy. No, Lazy might not be the right word. I've run out of motivation.

I made my weekly goals yesterday, and one of them was to work out at least three days this week. I decided to sleep in this morning. I know, bad Meari! Wednesday is my weigh in day, so I need to be good this week. I hate the feeling I get when the number goes up.

I think at this point I need cheer leaders. Or monetary rewards. Or something. How do you guys keep motivated. I know, I should be thinking of how healthy I'll feel when I'm thin. But that is so far away, it seems almost unreachable.

I'm tired of worrying about the scale. So tired.

Fall Television!

I know, TV rots your brain. But I have the attention span of a gnat, so television is perfect for me. At times it's hard to make it through a two hour movie, but I can make it though an hour show.

Plus, we have a DVR... which means that just about everything that we watch is recorded and watched later.(fast forwarding through the commercials, of course)

I saw the lists of new (and old) offerings for the year and was actually very interested!

My guilty pleasures...

  • Once Upon a Time: (ABC)I'm looking forward to this. I love urban fairy tale thing
  • Pan Am: (ABC) a 60's Mad Men like thing.. with a spy twist. Has me interested
  • The Good Wife: (CBS) Been watching since the beginning.
  • Hawaii Five-O: (CBS) It's a cop show in Hawaii. What's not to love?
  • Terra Nova: (Fox) It looks interesting. I'll give it a shot.
  • House: (Fox) It's really hard to watch, and I must admit, I never watched the end of last season, but I hear there are changed and I need to see how they play out.
  • The Sing Off: (NBC) Hello! A ccapella Glee!
  • The Playboy Club: (NBC) I know, it objectifies women and all. And all the feminists hate it. But I'm interested. It's a part of history now.
  • NCIS and NCIS: LA: (CBS) I'm a sucker for a crime show...
  • Parenthood: (NBC) Been with it since the beginning
  • Glee: (Fox) Do I really need to say anything?
  • New Girl: (Fox) They play the previews ALL THE TIME. I'll try it.. if the previews don't make me sick of it first.
  • Suburgatory: (ABC) I saw the preview and it looked interesting
  • X-Factor: (Fox) The only reality TV I like involves talent. This involves talent!
  • Harry's Law: (NBC) Did you know the character of Harry was supposed to be played by Lewis Black? Watch the show.. you can tell. Harry is like House... but a lawyer!
  • Law and Order SVU: (NBC) I watch it when I'm around...
  • Charlie's Angel's: (ABC) I know, I know... Feminists have panties in a bunch other it.. but it's kicking butt in heels. What's not to love?
  • Prime Suspect: (NBC) I love Maria Bello.. so why not?
  • Bones: (Fox) It'll be a short season.... because both Bones and the actress are pregnant... but I love it!
  • Chuck: (NBC) A geek spy.... Love!
  • Grimm: (NBC) Urban Fairy Tale.. with a crime drama twist
Now, I know there are shows coming in the form of mid-season replacements. There are also channels like ABC Family and SyFy (hate that spelling) that has non-traditional seasons. but there are some interesting things coming.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fall is fast approaching.

I lived on an academic calendar for years. Until last year, when I was unemployed. Now I'm back on an academic calendar.

This time of year has a sense of finality to it. The summer is winding down. I hope that this will mean a change in wardrobe: less capris, more long pants. Maybe a sweater or two. The back to school sales are on, selling clothes it is far too warm to wear.

I feel out of sorts. My job is in an academic environment, but is goes on, regardless of the time of year. No buying back to school supplies.

The only thing I'm thinking of buying is new pots and pans (Need then.... but SO expensive). I'm making financial plans and trying to save money. I'm dreaming of houses to buy. I'm turning into an adult.

Pleasant Valley Sunday

Well, it's pleasant in my apartment, at least.

Yesterday was a busybusy out and about day, so I was relieved when we didn't have to do much today. We've done laundry, dishes, made dinner and dessert. I also have spent a large portion of my day in my pajamas. Always a win in my book.

I've made a few goals for the week: Working out at least three times, picking up the living room and cleaning the bathroom.

Wish me luck!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Good Christian Bitches

I ran across a rant on Livejournal yesterday from author Tamora Pierce. Now, the subject of the rant, Good Christian Bitches, has been on my radar for months. I wasn't surprised.

Now, to make a long story short: Three years ago, Kim Gatlin wrote the book Good Christian Bitches was written. It was developed by ABC. Soon after the pilot was shot (sometime this winter), the name was changed to Good Christian Belles. The series was picked up in March. I saw a preview in May. Last week they changed the name to "GCB."

Ok, I get that the name may be a bit off color. But why is this news now? I mean, seriously. Tammy Pierce is months behind the times.

I also am not getting what the huge earth shattering deal is. I saw the preview. The "GCB's" the title speaks of are bitches. Yes, the word is bad m'kay. But it's a word. The intent behind that word in this instance wasn't one that was going to lead to the oppression of women. It is just a term to describe the mean, backstabbing, un-christian-like christians.

Good gracious, I'm uninteresting!

I was thinking about what I'm doing this weekend, or the next, and can't come up with much. I work until five every night. I get home around five thirty, then make dinner. By the time dinner is consumed and cleaned up from, it's almost eight.

I know, fun, huh?

This weekend proves to be more of the same. Laundry needs to be done. If it's not, I'll have to go to work naked next week. And no one wants to see that.

Why am I dreading it? Laundry for us is a long, multi-day process. We have a very small washing machine. It connects to the kitchen sink, which prevents me from cooking. Add to that, a small dryer, and you have a slow laundry process.

Maybe I'll break up the weekend with an outing or two.

Maybe we'll see a movie?

but all I know for sure is that laundry HAS to be done.

The sight of me with no clothes is NOT pretty!


I had a nice conversation today with the Department Chair. She made a point of saying that we are appreciated around here, acknowledged that we don't make enough money (And there's no fixing it) and that she doesn't want to lose me as an employee. I nearly cried. I am appreciated!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back on the horse again....

Figuratively of course. I'm afraid of horses.

I took dance classes from the age of 7, until I graduated from college. I then got married, and spent years looking for work, before moving to Virginia. Once here I started to take classes again. it was there that I started taking classes with Roxanne Whitmore Kohlman. By that time I've been out of dancing for years, and had put on some weight. Her classes energized my spirit. They also worked with my body.

Well, life happened. I tried a ballet class this winter. I was unsuccessful. I'd gained too much to continue.

And I was thrilled to see that Roxanne is going to be teaching again. I'm signing up after payday.


It's no secret that I work in an academic department at a college. 99.9% of the professors and graduate students that I work for are wonderful! But man, it's that 0.1% that just grate on you.

Because of those people, I am spending my day remedying their crisis (that was mostly caused by their poor planning). but I'll fix the crisis. I always do. But the email that I received about said crisis was a little.... harsh.

I may be a secretary. But I hold a Bachelor's degree in History and a Master's degree in education. Please don't talk down to me. It's insulting.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Weigh in and Motivational Calendar

Today's Motivation: "Visit the Weight Watchers web site. It’s a fantastic resource." Um... no. the website is beyond useless. Friend Weight Watchers on Facebook. You get the recipes there without having to hunt for them.

I actually weighed myself twice this morning. The second time was less. I'll let you ponder as to why. According to my Wii, I've lost 12 pounds total. Because I'm tracking with with the Wii, I'm also going to start tracking the "BMI" number that they have too. But according to the Wii, I'm no longer "obese", I'm now "overweight".

To celebrate, I decided to wear pants that were uncomfortable a few weeks ago. They fit, and nicely. So much so that I decided to dress up today!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How am I like the Government??

We're both having issues with debt.

I decided to reactivate my account on, to help manage my money better. I added all of my banking information, listed my loans, wasn't believed when I said I didn't have a credit card.

My personal assets are negative!! Why? A ginormous student loan. You know, it's I really need to win the lottery big.

I know that eventually everything will work out. I know that if we continue to keep our costs down (keep the utility bills down, not go out to each much, shop cheaply, and so on), that we'll be ok. But it's still scary.

Now, knowing that I have this ginormous student loan, plus I must owe everyone money on the eastern seaboard money.. I'm still considering opening up a savings account. I want to go to Disney World someday, damnit.

"Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?"

I spent the last few lunch hours watching Iron Jawed Angels, a docu-drama about the 19th amendment (Focusing on Alice Paul and the NWP).

Well, Mr. President eventually gave women their liberty. A few decades later people of color were given their liberty. The LGBT community is still fighting for theirs.

In my opinion, this is the reason that we study history. We study history so we can point out Loving v. Virginia to the Anti-Marriage-Equality people. So we can point out the segregated units to the Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell people.

These fights have been fought before. We just need people to remember, then act with compassion. Actually, lately we need the Christians to act more.. christian. Start practicing what you preach, please.*

*I mean the vocal minority that refuse to do unto others as they would do unto you and judge not lest ye be judged.

Motivational Calendar

I ran across this calendar yesterday. It's now taped to the wall next to my desk. Because I need the motivation.

So Yesterday's: "Where do you want your weight to be on Labor Day? You have 5 weeks to get there."

I'm currently around 178. By Labor Day I hope be be 5 pounds down. 173.

And today's: "2 Concentrate on Power Foods today. These are foods that will fill you up with fewer calories."

I'll consider it.. but I have no idea what I'm having for dinner yet!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Money, Money, Money (edited)

I feel the need to amend my list, because I have progress!

What I managed to acquire!
  • A hair cut
  • Bailey's! (A variety of little bottles. You have no idea how happy this made me)
What I still need to save up for.
  • Dance Classes
  • Mascara. I just realized that mine is three years old. Yikes.
  • Work clothes. I need to be able to vary this wardrobe a little!
  • New pots and pans
  • Money to go to the Renaissance Faire with.
So, I need to rant about the pots and pans. I know that sets are a better deal, but why do I use the sizes not in the sets? I want a large, deep covered fry pan. It's almost the same price as the set I was looking at! *groans* Stupid marketing.

Monday, Monday...

Ok, not so much with the singing today. It's not even lunch and so far today's been... Monday-ish!

I woke early this morning, and my tummy was all sing-song-y.. which means that working out could be disastrous. So I didn't (I might try this afternoon, though). The Spousal Equivalent went to take the trash out and informed me there was a stray dog in the laundry room (which is near the trash). Great! We avoided that area on this morning's walk.

I got to work and spent an hour updating in my records who was teaching what, which of those are faculty, and which are adjuncts. Yes, it is as thrilling as it sounds. Then I unsuccessfully tried to contact four people, and had the computer store tell me that they can't tell us when the new computers will be in.

Pair that with finals for the summer classes, construction outside, and students wanting to call professors that aren't here (it's summer at a college people! they are on vacation!!), I'm done.

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to continue to listen to my stomach rumble (it's been doing it all day), and dream of 5pm (when I can get SE hugs and puppy licks).