Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How am I like the Government??

We're both having issues with debt.

I decided to reactivate my account on mint.com, to help manage my money better. I added all of my banking information, listed my loans, wasn't believed when I said I didn't have a credit card.

My personal assets are negative!! Why? A ginormous student loan. You know, it's I really need to win the lottery big.

I know that eventually everything will work out. I know that if we continue to keep our costs down (keep the utility bills down, not go out to each much, shop cheaply, and so on), that we'll be ok. But it's still scary.

Now, knowing that I have this ginormous student loan, plus I must owe everyone money on the eastern seaboard money.. I'm still considering opening up a savings account. I want to go to Disney World someday, damnit.

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