Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a weird weekend!

I left work on Friday, feeling sore and tired. Thursday's headache was making a reappearance. The night was quiet. We ended up cuddling up in bed and watching Rachel Getting Married. Saturday we saw The Help, then fought the crowds at Target.

We were invited out last night, but ended up staying in. I'm tired, and desperately need to do housework. I still actually need to do housework. What's affecting me so strongly? The Great Dismal Swamp Fire.

I've smelled smoke outside for days now, but lately I wake up to hazy skies. It irritates my lungs (yay for being asthmatic), which doesn't help the no so great feeling.

Today I'm going to hide at home, curled up on the sofa and pray the rain will help with the fire so exercise and housework can resume tomorrow.

Though I might want to clean the carpet today. The pup ate a bunch of cat poop, then vomited. a lot, all over the rug. Will she ever learn?

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