Sunday, July 30, 2017

I tried OrangeTheory, and now I can't move

First off, I've never been sponsored by anyone.  No one paid me for this.  In fact, you too can get a free workout!

I've been eyeing this place ever since they opened a studio near me.  I researched their workout.

And then I lost my nerve and didn't pursue it.

But I recently decided that my butt needed some kicking, so I signed up for my free class.  What was the worst that can happen?

I then had nightmares of falling off the treadmill, like in those YouTube videos.  (Spoiler alert, It didn't happen!)

Bright and early on Saturday morning, I went in for my class.
also from
The workout is all based around getting your heart rate into a zone, so the first thing that happens, is that they give you a heart rate monitor.  (If you join, you have to buy your own).  I got trained on how to use the equipment, and then the class started.

The class is an hour.  You either start on the rowing machine, or the treadmill.  I started on the rowing machine.  It's 600 meters on that, then over to the weight area to do some exercises (Think Insanity-like exercises, but with the occational TRX strap thrown in... and weights) .  Then back to the rowers.  Back and forth for half an hour.

Now, here's the thing.  You go at your own pace.  And my pace was SLOW.  So I pushed myself.  (BIG mistake!  I'm STILL paying for it!)  

Once on the treadmill, I decided to power walk.  I walked, I walked fast, and instead of playing with my speed, I played with my intensity.  We had a half hour of this too.

(Side note:  Someday I want a big enough house to have a treadmill.  I could have done that half hour easier if I was watching a show)

And this is how I did.  I KILLED it.  I was exhausted, and in need of food, a shower and a nap afterwards.
Well, Yesterday, I woke up determined, I went to bed satisfied, and then I woke up SORE!!!

I overdid it in in the tricep moves on the TRX band.  My thighs are feeling it too.

My thoughts:

The Pros:

  • Going in and working out with other people is motivating.
  • No one in there bothers you.  You do your thing, they do theirs.
  • It's a total body workout, that really focuses on the cardio (which I need)
  • It can be customized to your own fitness level, you're not actually expected to keep up with the big kids.
The Cons:
  • The price.  It's like $60 or $70 for 4 classes a month (Which is the MOST that I'd do).  A friend did the math and said it was around $15 ish a class... which in a yoga studio is pretty average.
  • After you join, you need to drop money on a heart monitor.
  • I'm already paying for Beachbody on Demand ($99 a year). 
Am I going to join?  Probably, if I can juggle the finances to make it work.  (I'm trying to convince the Spousal Equivalent that he needs to try it!)  I KNOW I'd do the lowest package.  I see this as a Saturday or Sunday morning activity.  I'd use the rest of the week for my Beachbody videos.

Sound interesting?  The first class is free.  But don't be me.  Don't overdo it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It's a jungle out there!

The last we heard from me, I was going to get back into the diet and exercise.

And, I'm getting better.  I sat down and made a detailed meal plan for the week.  I shopped for that plan (Sadly, there was birthday cake involved).

I've been struggling with exercise lately.  Why?

1.) It's stupidly hot outside.  It's been in the 90's for a week and later this week it should be in the low 100's.

Yes.  100's.

Any errands I want to do involving walking?  Heck no!  Running in the morning?  It's difficult.

and 2.) I'm being lazy.  I keep hitting that snooze in the morning when I should be up.  I get the workout done, but it's rushed and I tend to pause in the middle a lot.  And as for running, it's already stupidly humid by the time I DO get outside.

This morning after I ran, I got back and set all of my alarms back a half hour.  If I promise myself that AFTER the workout I can take a small break to catch up on the morning's events, maybe it will help.

I've set myself some goals:

1.) Actually get up with my alarms.
2.) During my workout, give 110%
3.) Watch my post-work eating.
4.) Take my weight and measurements

The fourth one is the scariest.  It's the one that tells me just how badly I'm doing at this weight loss thing.

But it's the one that I need the most.

And now I'm off to continue following my meal plan... time to go home and make dinner!

Monday, July 3, 2017

*Insert Rocky Theme Music Here*

Immediately after my guests left and I made a new plan for getting back to the whole diet and exercise thing 2 things happened:

1.) I caught some sort of plague
2.) I had REALLY nasty test results come in, accompanied by chastisement from the doctor.

As we all know, 2017 has been a rather craptastic year for me.  I've not been super diligent with the diet and exercise.  And now the doctor is threatening putting me on cholesterol meds.  And I REALLY don't want that.  Why?  Because A.) I can actually fix that problem on my own (and I'm motivated to now!) and B.) Statins raise blood sugar, and my ENTIRE family has issues with diabetes.
But sadly this whole "kicking my own butt" plan had to be put on hold.

I don't get sick very often.  Allergies, I get those a-plenty.  But I rarely get the flu or anything like that.  But man, when I get a headcold, I get it good.  it always sets up shop in my lungs, causing me to spend weeks coughing up phlegm.  In the past I've gone to the doctor for steroids.  Well, after those test results, I decided that I didn't want to.
It's like this guy moved into my chest!
This time I treated myself with rest, fluids and Mucinex.

And while my chest is a bit rumbly still, I'm feeling so much better!  I was actually thinking of trying my chance with the doctor, but decided against it.

So the other issue that I'm facing is the lowering my own cholesterol.  That I can do!

1.) Exercise:  I'm still getting over this plague, which leaves me without energy.  So I'm starting slow.  Instead of running, I'm going to power walk.  I'm (supposed) to be doing a weight-based program right now.  I'll go back to that, but use lighter weights until I feel 100% again.

2.) Diet:  I'm home today on vacation.  I'm going to take some time to make a shopping list and meal plan.  I'm also going to look into the DASH diet and other diets that are supposed to be good for your heart to see what foods I should be sure to include.

I'm going to add some more things in here that has nothing to do with test results: my environment and myself

3.) Taking care of my environment:  I need to make a better effort to keep my house tidy, clean and organized.  It'll help my mental health and my allergies!  Pick at least 1 thing a day to clean.  I can do at least 1 thing!

4.) Taking care of me: I need to make this more of a priority.  I need to take time to connect with friends to reduce my feeling of isolation.  I need to make sure that I do that yoga that I mean to do.  I need to make sure to schedule my chiropractor appointments and to stretch.  I need to make sure to get up off the computer once an hour and walk.

But right now: breakfast.  I walked the neighborhood, had a rather brisk shower and I'm feeling rather good.  Breakfast and meds will help me keep in that direction.