Friday, December 28, 2012

And then I went on the Frickin' Tower!!!

This afternoon, we got a message from one of the leaders of the Young Adult group, they had free tickets and a bunch of them were going to ChristmasTown.  Did we want to go.  Having nothing better to do than laundry, we went.

Inside, I found myself with some ride goers.  I'm not.  Seriously, my idea of fun is the Tea Cups at Disney.  And simulator rides (there's little chance of death in those).

Well, we found tea cups and went on them.

Then I got brave... and decided to go on the Nacht Tower.  It's actually the Mach Tower.... But instead of at 250 some odd foot drop, you go slowly up, then corkscrew slowly down.

Pleasant ride to see the sights.

Well... I'm terrified of heights.

What was I thinking???

Oh, I was good for the first, maybe three minutes.  But we kept going up.

and up...

and up..

And I prayed to the sweet baby Jesus to not have my body plummet to the earth... or to pass out.. or to have my glasses fall off my face.

But I did not die!  And after the 6 inch free fall at the top, we went back down.

And I lived!

And have photographic proof!
Yes, that's me...But I survived and needed photographic confirmation that I did it!

I'm sticking to the Tea Cups from now on!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

In which I Spend Christmas Money....

This morning, we got up and moving and off to get provisions!  Misty was unhappy, since that meant kennel time... but we had errands to run!

First was Target.  I needed a pill organizer (pictured).  No, I don't take that many pills a day... but if each line is a week, then I have my pills organized for a month!  I know, I'm weird...  We also got a bulb for the living room lamp, which has needed one for like a week and a half.  We can see!  It's a miracle!  I got a belt, since apparently I'm in between sizes and my new-to-me Apple Bottom jeans were falling off my butt!  I also picked up facial moisturizer and Cuties.

Then it was to the Mall, where we visited Game Stop (to buy the SE a new Wii U controller, and to Bath and Body Works for me. Mom got me a bottle of Forever Red for Christmas, but I wanted the matching lotion.  Newsflash, there was a sale, and I only bought one thing.  Yay me!

Then it was to Toys R Us to get some games.  Since it's almost January 1st, and the resolutions will start kicking in, I got a fitness game with the money my dad gave me.  I got Your Shape:  Fitness Evolved.  I haven't played it yet, SE got Call of Duty: Black Ops II so he's playing right now.

A quick stop on the way home was Wal Mart.  I needed coffee creamer, and cheap gold studs.  My dad also go me the One Ring earrings, and I needed matching studs for my other holes.

Then it was home.  Misty is cuddling with her Snowman, a gift from my mom.

Earlier she was chewing her bone... that we got her.

Meryl got some cat grass, and wet food for Christmas.  She approves of her gifts!

Me?  I'm chilling the Wine my dad got me!

And unfortunately, a pile of chores are calling my name, most important of all, putting away the tree.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

F**k you, Draco and Euclid!!

Well, Christmas came and went... and of course didn't go as I planned

December 22nd- With Winter Storm Draco setting his sights on New York, we set out.  We packed the car and left the house at 4am, only hitting snow, and snowy roads in the last two hours of the trip.  Accompanying us on the trip was The Bloggess, in the form of her audiobook.  It made the time pass quickly, listening to her stories.  It was like she was in the car with us.  We arrived tired and sore, but happy to be home.  I texted friends, making plans for Wednesday, the day after Christmas. We went for Pizza and wings to Twin Tree Too, which has the best pizza in Syracuse.  Groceries were bought.

December 23rd- It was a mellow day.  But that was the day that I caught news of Winter Storm Euclid.  Big, nasty, and about to dump a foot of snow on Syracuse.  On Thursday... Crap.  Friends were texted, and plans were unmade.  It broke my heart to do so.  Chicken Riggies were consumed for dinner.

December 24th-  Traditionally, we visit my mom's side of the family on Christmas day, but since the majority of the cousins were in town, tradition was broken, and we traveled to Cazenovia for lunch.  Since the timeline was stepped up, we left there early, so we could hit up Wegmans for provisions (most importantly Dinosaur Bar-B-Que sauce.)  then it was off to my dad's side of the family for presents and food.

December 25th-  After presents and brunch, we hit the mall to see Les Miserables for mom and I, and Django Unchained for the SE. After, it was back to my Dad's side of the family to actually see my dad.  Wine was had.  Much wine...  And I even had a traditional shot of whiskey.  (Well, this is what I like to call my Beer and Pretzels side of the family.)

December 26th-  At 3:30am, we left again.  I cried.  Heck, I'm crying now.  (I miss my family and see them too infrequently).  We hit a blizzard in southern Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.  It changed to freezing rain when we hit 17 South, and was just plain rain on 95.

Now we're home.  Five Guys was ordered ahead and consumed.  The car is mostly unpacked.  Now I have to tidy the house, and put away Christmas.  The trip was rushed, sandwiched between nasty weather.

Now, if you will excuse me, my dad gave me wine for Christmas.  I'm going to dry my tears and have some.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My gracious!! Is it Christmas yet???

Seriously, Friday can't come soon enough.

In this last week I:

  • had to run all over campus finding misdirected mail
  • sent 100 emails to people asking for them to actually send all the crap in that they need to send (Seriously, you're applying to this program, send everything in!)
  • dealt with the reality that my office manager is going to have Chemotherapy and Radiation.... tomorrow.  Scary!
  • Obsessively watch the path of Winter Storm Draco, which might mess with my travel plans
  • dealt with insurance and the weird requests that my apartment complex requires for renter's insurance.
And it's only Wednesday!

Tomorrow is the last day of work for the week.  I'm going to be in this office alone.  Probably be the only one in the building too.

Hopefully after Friday, my days of everything happening at once can take a break!

Monday, December 17, 2012

I have words... and no words...

All we've been hearing about since Friday morning was the shooting in Sandy Hook.  People are dealing with fear, anger and grief. People have questions.  No one has answers.  I have my thoughts:

First and foremost, I'm not touching the gun issue.  Gun control is like abortion, both sides are diametrically opposed and it's almost impossible to meet in the middle.  Plus, I'm biased.  I really dislike guns, and sincerely believe that no one should have guns and we should all live in peace and harmony.  Yes, I know I'm the Pollyanna, the Chief Executive of Fantasy Land.  This is why I'm staying out of that fight.

Second, I know that the shooter was diagnosed Autistic.  Well, I believe it was more than that... there must have been bigger, deeper issues at play.

Third, school security was to blame by many people.  He shot locks off the door.  I think having an armed guard is the only other precaution they could have had.

Fourth, I think two things lie at the heart of this, and the other shootings that have happened recently:  the sensationalization of shooters in the media and our society's relationship with mental illness.

Let me explain:

First, the easier answer.  People have tried to point to violent video games and violent movies as the cause of this type of mass violence.  Well, no study has ever proven the link.  What I think is the cause is that quest for the elusive 15 minutes of fame.  People that want to go out in infamy, if fame can't be achieved.  Look at the media.  We glorify reality stars that have no talent other than having a camera following them around.   So we have these people that are already unhinged.  They have some sort of huge message.  And one sure fire (pardon the pun) way for people to remember you is to kill innocent people.

Secondly, the hard answer.  Our culture's relationship with mental illness.  First, read this.  She says it better than I could.  Mental illness, mild or severe, is seen is a weakness.  It's not.  Mental illness isn't a sign that you are a bad person.  It's not a sign that you need to be locked away.  It's a sign that you have a problem, and that you need help.  If you broke your arm or had pneumonia, you'd also be having a problem and needing help.  It's doubly hard if you're a parent of a mentally ill child.  Not only do you have your own issues, but you also face the scorn of people blaming you.

I don't think people really know how insanely difficult it is to get help for mental illness.  First you have to wade through all of the misguided societal crap, the thoughts that you are broken or weak for having a problem.  Then you need to battle your insurance.

Take me, for example.  I have issues with anxiety, so I looked into it.  What it takes:  You have to call a hotline and talk to perfect strangers.  They then assess you and see if you're worthy for help.  If they approve, they send you to a doctor.  you don't chose your own.  Now, I've seen the provider list.  it's pitifully short, and contains mainly addiction specialists.  Now, say you get into a doctor.  You have to try different therapies, each of which the insurance company can say no to.

It's a humiliating process.  I've had friends that have gone through it.  I haven't had the courage to pick up the phone yet.

Today, I'm going to not watch the news.  I'm not going to feed into the sensational stories of people gone bad.  I'm going to work.  I'm going to go home.  i'm going to do laundry and dye my hair.

And I'm going to pray for those lives lost.

Friday, December 14, 2012

GleeCap: many things!

Oh, so much has gone on in the last two weeks!!

I'm not that upset about the sectionals loss.  We know the club won't be shut down forever.  And it's good to give the kinds some adversity.  And Tina, quit blaming Marley for the loss.  While, yes, she fainted.... and yes it was her fault technically....  Kitty's more to blame.  And thank GOD Santana called her on it.

Now on to the Christmas episode.  Personally, I thought it was brilliant.  The shorter stories all combined into one thread.  Everything was a bit over the top, but it's a Christmas episode... so you can get away with it.

  1. Artie's Dream- It was It's a Wonderful Life, with Rory as the angel.  Very cute with sweet moments.  it was kind of nice to see EVERYONE together in a skit
  2. Puck and Jake- This one was REALLY out there, but it brought the bothers and their families together .. and got Puck back to Lima.  
  3. The Mayan Apocalypse-  Seriously, how stupid is Sam?  But it's sweet for Bieste to play along
  4. Burt, Kurt and Blaine-  Glee, can you stop threatening Burt's life?  Like now? I love that Blaine and Kurt are speaking, and Kurt's reactions aren't forced   He's not getting over it too quickly, he's playing his emotions close to his vest, as he should.  But bravo for Burt to try to bring them together.
  5. Marley and Mom- Mom is saving to send her girl to an eating disorder specialist and Sue helps.  Well, it bring back the fact that Sue seems to be softening in her old age, and it doesn't completely drop the issues that Kitty started.  I don't know how believable it is for an eating disorder to start that quickly... or with outside help... but Marley's low self esteem might have helped with that.
And on the subject, Bravo to Anne Hathaway for refusing to talk about her Fantine weight loss.  She doesn't want girls to emulate her, since she claims that skinny like that isn't pretty, or healthy.  I want to me Anne Hathaway when I grow up!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Somedays I have some smart!

It's no secret that instead of a dresser or chest of drawers, I'd rather have a large number of things like this, with the plastic holders to match.  Sometimes dresser drawers are too big and things get lost.  Seriously, I found 3 pair of Christmas socks I never knew I had!

So What did I do to help work with that I had?  I went to the dollar store and bought 9 7x11 fabric drawers (that look kind of like that... but cheaper)  Now I can find things!!

And I'm amazed at the sheer number of Christmas socks that I own!!

They Say it's my birthday!

That's right.  It's my birthday!  Or in Polish:

I'm 38 this year.  An age where people traditionally have some kids, and a house and are advancing in their career.

I just re-signed a lease for this crappy apartment.  I'm starting a new career and my kids have fur.  Honestly, I love my job, my Spousal Equivalent and my furkids.  The only thing I wish I had was a house.

So what big plans do I have for my birthday?  Well, currently, I'm sitting at home, in from of the computer in my office, drinking coffee and putting data into the graduate application website.  Yes, I'm working on my birthday.  In all truth, I have to.  I need to catch up!

This week has been one stress after another.  The graduate application deadline was Wednesday, so I was dealing with 100-150 extra pieces of mail.  All of those items needed to be opened, date stamped, unstapled, scanned, downloaded form email, re-named, uploaded to Blackboard, then the data entered into the website.  If I didn't have a few hours of undergraduate helpers, I might have sat down and cried right there.  By Friday afternoon, I'd caught up on all of the fist part.  This weekend I hope to catch up on the last bit.

PLUS, I had a composition final for my dance class.  Where I had to choreograph a solo... which I'm not good at.  then I had to perform it.  by myself.  in front of people.  Nerve wracking!

that, on top of nasty health-related news around the office, plus good news that required scrambling.  I'm a ball of stress!

but today, I'm going to do my data entry until my hands, wrists and arms can't take it anymore, then we're going to dinner.  Afterwards is a party.

Tomorrow I have to sing at church (in Hebrew!!), then we're off to Christmas Town.  And in all of that, I need to get some shopping done.  I need new work shoes, plus I need to shop for the department!

Busy Busy!!