Friday, December 14, 2012

GleeCap: many things!

Oh, so much has gone on in the last two weeks!!

I'm not that upset about the sectionals loss.  We know the club won't be shut down forever.  And it's good to give the kinds some adversity.  And Tina, quit blaming Marley for the loss.  While, yes, she fainted.... and yes it was her fault technically....  Kitty's more to blame.  And thank GOD Santana called her on it.

Now on to the Christmas episode.  Personally, I thought it was brilliant.  The shorter stories all combined into one thread.  Everything was a bit over the top, but it's a Christmas episode... so you can get away with it.

  1. Artie's Dream- It was It's a Wonderful Life, with Rory as the angel.  Very cute with sweet moments.  it was kind of nice to see EVERYONE together in a skit
  2. Puck and Jake- This one was REALLY out there, but it brought the bothers and their families together .. and got Puck back to Lima.  
  3. The Mayan Apocalypse-  Seriously, how stupid is Sam?  But it's sweet for Bieste to play along
  4. Burt, Kurt and Blaine-  Glee, can you stop threatening Burt's life?  Like now? I love that Blaine and Kurt are speaking, and Kurt's reactions aren't forced   He's not getting over it too quickly, he's playing his emotions close to his vest, as he should.  But bravo for Burt to try to bring them together.
  5. Marley and Mom- Mom is saving to send her girl to an eating disorder specialist and Sue helps.  Well, it bring back the fact that Sue seems to be softening in her old age, and it doesn't completely drop the issues that Kitty started.  I don't know how believable it is for an eating disorder to start that quickly... or with outside help... but Marley's low self esteem might have helped with that.
And on the subject, Bravo to Anne Hathaway for refusing to talk about her Fantine weight loss.  She doesn't want girls to emulate her, since she claims that skinny like that isn't pretty, or healthy.  I want to me Anne Hathaway when I grow up!

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