Saturday, December 8, 2012

They Say it's my birthday!

That's right.  It's my birthday!  Or in Polish:

I'm 38 this year.  An age where people traditionally have some kids, and a house and are advancing in their career.

I just re-signed a lease for this crappy apartment.  I'm starting a new career and my kids have fur.  Honestly, I love my job, my Spousal Equivalent and my furkids.  The only thing I wish I had was a house.

So what big plans do I have for my birthday?  Well, currently, I'm sitting at home, in from of the computer in my office, drinking coffee and putting data into the graduate application website.  Yes, I'm working on my birthday.  In all truth, I have to.  I need to catch up!

This week has been one stress after another.  The graduate application deadline was Wednesday, so I was dealing with 100-150 extra pieces of mail.  All of those items needed to be opened, date stamped, unstapled, scanned, downloaded form email, re-named, uploaded to Blackboard, then the data entered into the website.  If I didn't have a few hours of undergraduate helpers, I might have sat down and cried right there.  By Friday afternoon, I'd caught up on all of the fist part.  This weekend I hope to catch up on the last bit.

PLUS, I had a composition final for my dance class.  Where I had to choreograph a solo... which I'm not good at.  then I had to perform it.  by myself.  in front of people.  Nerve wracking!

that, on top of nasty health-related news around the office, plus good news that required scrambling.  I'm a ball of stress!

but today, I'm going to do my data entry until my hands, wrists and arms can't take it anymore, then we're going to dinner.  Afterwards is a party.

Tomorrow I have to sing at church (in Hebrew!!), then we're off to Christmas Town.  And in all of that, I need to get some shopping done.  I need new work shoes, plus I need to shop for the department!

Busy Busy!!

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