Wednesday, December 26, 2012

F**k you, Draco and Euclid!!

Well, Christmas came and went... and of course didn't go as I planned

December 22nd- With Winter Storm Draco setting his sights on New York, we set out.  We packed the car and left the house at 4am, only hitting snow, and snowy roads in the last two hours of the trip.  Accompanying us on the trip was The Bloggess, in the form of her audiobook.  It made the time pass quickly, listening to her stories.  It was like she was in the car with us.  We arrived tired and sore, but happy to be home.  I texted friends, making plans for Wednesday, the day after Christmas. We went for Pizza and wings to Twin Tree Too, which has the best pizza in Syracuse.  Groceries were bought.

December 23rd- It was a mellow day.  But that was the day that I caught news of Winter Storm Euclid.  Big, nasty, and about to dump a foot of snow on Syracuse.  On Thursday... Crap.  Friends were texted, and plans were unmade.  It broke my heart to do so.  Chicken Riggies were consumed for dinner.

December 24th-  Traditionally, we visit my mom's side of the family on Christmas day, but since the majority of the cousins were in town, tradition was broken, and we traveled to Cazenovia for lunch.  Since the timeline was stepped up, we left there early, so we could hit up Wegmans for provisions (most importantly Dinosaur Bar-B-Que sauce.)  then it was off to my dad's side of the family for presents and food.

December 25th-  After presents and brunch, we hit the mall to see Les Miserables for mom and I, and Django Unchained for the SE. After, it was back to my Dad's side of the family to actually see my dad.  Wine was had.  Much wine...  And I even had a traditional shot of whiskey.  (Well, this is what I like to call my Beer and Pretzels side of the family.)

December 26th-  At 3:30am, we left again.  I cried.  Heck, I'm crying now.  (I miss my family and see them too infrequently).  We hit a blizzard in southern Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.  It changed to freezing rain when we hit 17 South, and was just plain rain on 95.

Now we're home.  Five Guys was ordered ahead and consumed.  The car is mostly unpacked.  Now I have to tidy the house, and put away Christmas.  The trip was rushed, sandwiched between nasty weather.

Now, if you will excuse me, my dad gave me wine for Christmas.  I'm going to dry my tears and have some.

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