Friday, December 28, 2012

And then I went on the Frickin' Tower!!!

This afternoon, we got a message from one of the leaders of the Young Adult group, they had free tickets and a bunch of them were going to ChristmasTown.  Did we want to go.  Having nothing better to do than laundry, we went.

Inside, I found myself with some ride goers.  I'm not.  Seriously, my idea of fun is the Tea Cups at Disney.  And simulator rides (there's little chance of death in those).

Well, we found tea cups and went on them.

Then I got brave... and decided to go on the Nacht Tower.  It's actually the Mach Tower.... But instead of at 250 some odd foot drop, you go slowly up, then corkscrew slowly down.

Pleasant ride to see the sights.

Well... I'm terrified of heights.

What was I thinking???

Oh, I was good for the first, maybe three minutes.  But we kept going up.

and up...

and up..

And I prayed to the sweet baby Jesus to not have my body plummet to the earth... or to pass out.. or to have my glasses fall off my face.

But I did not die!  And after the 6 inch free fall at the top, we went back down.

And I lived!

And have photographic proof!
Yes, that's me...But I survived and needed photographic confirmation that I did it!

I'm sticking to the Tea Cups from now on!

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