Friday, September 30, 2011

Because I had to explain it last night....

I get to choir last night and remarked: "sorry I wasn't here last week. I didn't have enough spoons." I got a few looks, so I had to explain.

I thought about it after, and where most people who have physical issues get a daily spoon allowance.. I think I get a weekly one.

Here's how it goes for me: I get a weekly spoon allowance on Mondays. Most weeks, things are great and the spoons last until Sunday. Some weeks I'm running very low by the weekend.

Some weeks I've gone into spoon-debt and had to borrow some from the next week's allowance. Those weeks never end well. Those are the weeks where I spend the weekend at home.

But it can, and has, gotten worse. There was a couple weeks over the summer where I was so far into spoon-debt that I simply couldn't borrow any more. This meant that I couldn't keep the Social Anxiety at bay any longer. I was unable to order fast food... because it required talking to another person.

After that weekend, I have learned to listen and trust in myself. I've also learned to look ahead. If I have a jam packed week coming up, I take it a bit easy the week before.

And if y'all made it through all of that.. thank you!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Dangers of Theocracy

I read today that an Iranian Christian pastor was jailed, and may be executed because he converted from Islam to Christianity.

I know what will happen once this hits the mainstream media (if it hits at all). The religious right will say that this is why Islam is bad! Islam must be awful for trying to execute an poor innocent Christian.

And of course, they would be completely incorrect. The problem here is simple: Theocracy. When one religion is the law of the land, bad things happen to the other religions in that land. Does nobody remember the inquisition? which did not look like this:
Or this:

(I was just looking for an excuse to use those two clips)

People were killed in Catholic Europe during the middle ages. People were killed in the Puritan colonies in America.

Simply because they were a different religion!!

Islam (or any other religion) isn't bad. It's the abuses are.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Am I the only one that has a vivid imagination?

On my drive home, I was trying to figure out what to bring to a Pot Luck next week. I pondered about vegetarians n the group, and other factors involved. I also remembered being chastised for coming in with a Chick Fil A milkshake (I know they are anti-LGBT, but their shakes are AWESOME!)

While I drove in rush hour traffic, I imagined myself completely losing it in front of the Welcoming Committee.

Why? I think it was a rant that is needed. It's been building up for a while.

(And I'm not trying to offend anyone with this)

But I can't live up to some of the standards that are all but hammered into my head as a UU. I know that we are killing the planet. I know that eating meat is bad. I know that we need to eat locally. I know that we should ride bikes, hike in nature, be vegan and not eat gluten. I know that Wal Mart, Target, Chick Fil A and almost every other store are bad. I know. But I can't live up to that standard. I can't grow my own food, or use a rain barrel. I can't get to the Farmer's Market.. because the closest one is in Williamsburg. And have you see the price of the CSA's? I don't make that much money! I shop at Wal Mart. Why? Because it's cheap. I'm not a Vegan. Why? Bacon. Cheese. Burgers. I refuse to live in a world where bacon cheese burgers are denied to me! I am in debt to everyone. After bills I have $100 a month for food and everything else. I can't afford to be this ideal vegan eco-warrior! I don't have the money, the temperament or the energy. AllI want right now is a Chick Fil A Milkshake, a bacon cheese burger and to watch Tv... while in my PJ's.

I do what I can. But it never seems like I'll ever be doing enough to live up to that standard.

Y'all will have to pry the bacon out of my cold dead hands! :)

GleeCap: I Am Unicorn

This week's episode had promise. And uncertainty . I felt the need to drop some notes to the characters:

Shue- Thank you for yet again growing a pair and telling Quinn the truth. Too bad she didn't hear you... or maybe she did, and she's not ready to listen to the truth yet.

Kurt- You're, as Mercedes said, the mayor of gay-town. I'm sorry if Blaine can be a more straight-acting macho leading man. If you dump him over this, I'll force my puppy to lick your face!

Rachael and Shelby- I know it's all weird between you. Rachel needs to stop needing Shelby so much.. and Shelby, give a bit and let her in!! By the way Shelby, good for you wanting Puck and Quinn to be a part of Beth's life.

Blaine- It's sweet wanting to let Kurt have all the glory. It's going to get rough, baby. You're Tony material, and he's SO not.

Quinn- Get. Over. Your. Self. She was right. You have thought about nothing but yourself for three years now. This whole cleaning up act in the attempt to regain custody? Again being so self centered I want to slap you.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lazy Sunday

This weekend was rather low key, which I needed. We got some shopping done, comforted a hurting friend, and took the dog to the vet. She has an ear infection, and needs her ears washed twice a day for the next few days. We're not popular around here with the poor dog.

I've also not been feeling very well lately (I swear I caught what the dog caught the other day), another reason the downtime was nice.

Tonight I made another in my series of one pot meals. This one was: cooked ground turkey, black beans, salsa, rice-a-roni spanish rice and cheese. It's not pretty but it's yummy. And it makes good leftovers.

Next on the night's agenda: Pan Am. I'm SO Looking forward to this!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I this week, I saw this post, detailing the new Trader Joe's pizza dough. Since I was home, I decided to go get some! Well, denied. They didn't have it.

So my lunch, and probably dinner, is whole wheat pizza, with sauce, turkey pepperoni and mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Yum!

I'm not feeling 100% today. I'm now thinking the pup had a tummy bug, that I caught. So some light cleaning is on tap for today, along with rest and drinking water.

In other news.. is it going to stop raining here? Ever? It seems like it's been raining for a month.

The word of last night: Puke

So multiple times last evening, and over the night the pup was ill. I don't know what it was, but she wasn't sick after 4am.

What am doing today? Well, I called in and slept in since I was up until 4. I'm also going to make sure the trash is taken out, disinfect many places in the house, and shampooing the rugs.

Needless to say, the pup is sleepy today.

In other news, today marks the end of my BFF's dog. She's been a good dog for many years, and we'll miss her.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Religion and Sheep

This afternoon is was incredibly lonely and quiet around the office, so I put a documentary on in the background. For the Bible Tells Me So.

It confirms what I've been saying for years: The Bible was written by MAN, not God. It was written and translated over and over again. Also, I think a lot of the bible-thumpers forget that Jews wrote that beginning part of the bible. The context in which it was written is different than the context a Christian is reading it with.

This documentary digs up dozens and dozens of biblical scholars to basically refute the biblical passages (especially Leviticus) that claim that homosexuality is the biggest sin evah!

But it scares me that the closed minded people that only believe what is shouted at them from the pulpit will never hear this message. Their free will is gone.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To Drive or not to Drive....

I was complaining in my facebook this morning about the parking on my side of campus, and how most of it was taken away. Again. Which sparked a friend in a foreign land to ran about how Americans drive everywhere. (I also had NO idea that a "brolly" was an umbrella. That's a new one to me.)

I'm not opposed to walking. I never have been. My issue is more when our stuff gets taken away (you know, parking privileges, raises, things like that) so the privileged can have a shorter walk to their meeting.

But my friend did have a point. We drive too much.

But honestly, in most places in this country we have to. With the exception of a few big cities, public transportation sucks. Most of the roads in my area and no sidewalks, and when you can get jailed for crossing the street (because they just refuse to put in crosswalks).

Just look at where I live. I have friends that depend on the buses, and have severe issues: buses not showing up, nothing after 8, etc. We now have Light Rail, but it's limited, there was a huge corruption scandal involved, and not projected to hit ANYWHERE near where I live now.

So in conclusion: do I have the right to be annoyed? Yes. Do y'all have the right to tell me to suck it up? ... yes...

Glee-Cap: Purple Piano Project (plus other stuff)

Here's my thoughts on last night's Glee... in my traditional bullets
  • This new Sue is... interesting. As as much as I love Arts in schools... I might have done damage on that stupid piano too.
  • Shue & Emma: Shue... you're a fool. Didn't you realize that you wouldn't be getting any?????
  • I LOVE Rachel and Kurt being BFF's!
  • Blaine transferring to McKinley. It's better for the show... and there is bound to be resentment (at least a tiny bit), I hope they show it
  • Quinn- My guess is that this new Desperately Seeking Susan look is her dealing with everything from that last two years. It should be, she's gone through a lot.
  • Creepy Stepford theater geeks: great song... but yeah.... kinda creepy
  • And finally, my kudos to Shue for growing a pair. We all know Mike Chang can't sing.. but this Sugar chick... man she's awful. And kicking Santana out (thought I'm going to bed it won't be permanent) was needed. Let's hope she'll wake up and do what SHE wants and not what her reputation demands.
In other news... remember when I was all scared to weigh myself? Yeah.. ended up losing .02lbs. Yeah.. I'm kinda stunned too.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Night Fall TV!

I have discovered a quirk with the DVR... resulting in only recording half of NCIS: LA.

But... away we go with what I've seen:

Glee: It's an interesting start. Very interesting. I'm very excited for next week.

The New Girl: We've seen most of it already. all. summer. long. Jess's akwardness makes me very uncomfortable.

Parenthood, the rest of NCIS:LA, and NCIS are all on the DVR.... at this rate... it'll take us the entire weekend to catch up!

A scene from the apartment

Spousal Equivalent: One of the pets is peeing in the computer room

Cat: *rolls eyes* I have a litter box, old man

Dog: *rolls up up towards SE* I don't know daddy....

SE: Are you really going to make us install a gate in the doorway?

Dog: *perks up* What Daddy??? Something for me?

SE: You have no idea what I'm saying, just that I'm talking to you....

Needless to say, the pup's been naughty.... and we might be in the market for another baby gate.

The Fall TV Season started yesterday!!

What, y'all didn't hear my whoop of joy??

Yesterday was the premieres of The Sing Off, Dancing with the Stars, Hawaii 5-0 and The Playboy Club. I'm sure there were others, but those are the three I saw. Now, looking down the road, one of the shows that I watch in the 8-10 time slot may have to be caught on Hulu...

The Sing Off- I love a cappella music. And the line up this season is wonderful. I've only seen half of the competitors and I'm already blown away! Yes, this show is taped over the summer, but that's because of the volume of collegiate a cappella groups that compete!

Dancing with the Stars- I must admit, this show may be relegated to Hulu before too long... but I wanted to see Chaz's debut (especially after all of the commotion!

The Playboy Club- I was expecting a re-hash of the Bunny's Tale movie. But this is interesting. All of these bunnies have their secrets: murder, secret marraiges, one bunny and her "husband" even run a chapter of the Mattachine Society. (I'll wait for you to look that one up.) It has promise.

Hawaii 5-0- It's sitting on the DVR waiting for me... but it proves to be interesting...

Terra Nova- this one starts next week. I'll report after I've seen it.

Tonight is Glee. *happy sigh* I'll report on my new Tuesday shows tomorrow!

Wow... I fell off that wagon hard...

It's been about a month since I stopped going to Weight Watchers, and I'm starting to feel it.

I made the decision months ago to put the money I was using for Weight Watchers towards dance classes. I felt I had all the tools that I needed, and the only thing I'd be missing out on was the weekly weigh in.

I've been keeping track of my points. But I stopped weighing in.

Why? Because I was afraid to see myself failing.

Now I can feel it.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. My weigh in day. I need to weigh in, and just accept whatever number it is. Once I see where I am, I can go from there.

(Can y'all see it? I'm giving myself a pep-talk!)

My goal is to lose 1-2 pounds a week. That's it. But I need to actually monitor it, and not just hope for the best.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The difference between cats and dogs...

.. well... when I'm sick...

When I'm home sick, I usually spend the time laying on the sofa, watching a movie. The pup is usually the first to get her nose under my blanket, and curl up on my lap (or stretch out next to me). It's as if she's saying: "You're not feeling well, I'll help you take that nap."

The cat, she's different. She'll jump up near my head, and nudge my face with hers, waking me up. It's as if she's saying: "Well, since you're here and all, you might as well pet me. I know that petting makes you feel better..."

I don't get it...

President Clinton was on the Today Show this morning talking about the economy. I try to avoid this stuff, but I was getting ready for work.

The tax cuts for the rich. How can that help anything? How can someone buying one more expensive car with all the works revive the economy? No one has given me a satisfactory explanation.

The evidence is in the statistics. The rich are getting richer. 1 in 6 Americans are below the poverty line. Yet we want to tax the people that can afford to pay less?

Unless it's the rich that are paying for campaigns.

Again it's a case of people trying to keep their jobs that they are refusing to do their jobs.

More coffee...

The weekend was nice and cool and rainy. In celebration of this, we decided to open the windows.

I somehow forgot that I'm allergic to everything that grows.... So between itching my eyes for hours, the big dose of Benedryl, and interrupted sleep, I'm exhausted. My eyes are also red and swollen, which makes me just the picture of bright eyed and bushy tailed. *groan*

I need to somehow shake this off. I have a day of work, plus a dance class, ahead of me.

But all I want to do is curl up under my desk and nap!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nighttime Rituals

My nighttime rituals have changed as I have gotten older. My rituals have also changed as my tolerance of commercials has lessened.

Lately I've taken heading to going to bed at 10 (give or take). I watch an episode of whatever I have from Netflix, then turn off the light.

If I had cable in the bedroom, it would be better!

What are your nighttime rituals?

Friday, September 16, 2011

You can almost smell the autumn in the air!

Last night it rained (thundered and lightening-ed too) almost all night. The front passed, and not it's almost twenty degrees cooler.

I believe because of this, the entire office has a serious case of the yawns.

I need some hot chocolate. Seriously.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's almost Friday...

And I can't wait for the weekend to take some Mental Health time.

I've noticed that lately, I can't say no. I do things, attend meetings, sit on committees, perform favors until I literally can't take it anymore and I dissolve into an anxiety filled mess.

I hit that hard this morning. Besides work (where I was taking care of last minute arrangements for a lecture), I was also working on preparing for Religious Education this weekend, working on my sermon for October 16th and making a to do list of everything in my apartment that needs cleaning.

I have decided that I hate the 9am panic attack. So after a cobbled together dinner of garlic-sauteed broccoli-cheese hashbrowns, and a nice big class of wine, I decided to skip tonight's choir practice. I'm going to have more wine, put on a movie and call it a night.

Besides, I'm a lightweight and can't drive now.

In good news I won something!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

At this point.. I'm going to hide for a while.

It's times like this that I'm glad we DVR just about everything, because the political commercials have started.

I don't want to hear them.  They are vicious and nasty, from all sides!

I was asked whom I'm voting for.  I answered:  It's 2011... I'll know more in the summer.  I don't know yet.  But I do know that I have issues that I feel strongly about, and whomever I support needs to satisfy these more than others:

  • Gay Rights.  Seriously, if you're anti-gay I don't want you (this leaves most of the scary republicans out)
  • Female Reproductive Rights- stop threatening Planned Parenthood!
  • Health Insurance-  Our costs are too high... and the pre-existing conditions have cost friends of mine their lives.  (Obama took care of the pre-existing conditions.. let's hope it sticks)
  • Religion-  please don't be forcing your religious beliefs on me.  This is NOT a Christian nation.  READ YOUR HISTORY!  This nation was founded on the principle of religious freedom.  And I define "don't force your beliefs on me" as... your right to your religion ends where it interferes with me practicing mine.  (So can we stop this Intelligent Design bullshit?)
  • Cutting spending without a plan for more revenue.  This is high school Econ folks!!   Seriously.. ask ANY high school Econ teacher and they'll tell you the same thing.
  • NCLB- it's bad.  it's awful.  The entire country's attitude toward teaching stinks (Well, not everyone... but you get what I mean) and something needs to be done

In other news, I had a panic attack this morning, about teaching Religious Education of all things.  I can't do this!  I was fired from three different districts for christsakes!

We all know it's not true... but still.. it's a little scary.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why I became a teacher...

I wanted to make a difference.  Unfortunately, I just didn't have it in me to be a teacher (my classroom management stinks).  But honestly... I'd have some big shoes to fill.

It's not my time to make these changes in the world.  I have to work on myself.  But someday, somehow, I'm going to make a difference.

Monday, September 12, 2011

At times, my brain gets a bit full.....

I didn't sleep well last night.  My brain raced for hours.  The main thought was loud and clear: "why did you even think that you could do this?  You're going to fail, and fail publicly."

What am I going to fail at?  In October I'm giving the sermon at church.  It's still a month away, and I've already got a rough draft of the sermon.  But my old friend doubt has come to visit.  That's all I could think of, how badly I was going to fail.  How people were going to laugh at me, and talk about me.

The other nagging thought of was sheer amount of things I do in a week!  I need to sit down and see what falls when, and simply not go to things when I'm feeling overwhelmed.  It's not that I can't say no to things.  It's that I'm worried that I'll be missing out.  That others will be having fun without me.  That I'll be left behind and excluded.

Because being forgotten is my greatest fear.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm a sap!

When I imagine my dream house, I take the pet's needs into account.

The Spousal Equivalent and I don't need much.  The most we'd want, above what we already have is a nice family room, to house games (video, role playing, board).

The dog's needs are simple.  She needs a yard.  A nicely fenced in yard.  I'd like a small deck, with a comfy chair so I can watch her antics.  A kiddie pool for the summer would be nice too!

For the cat, we need a cat tree, or six.  As long as she can hang out up high, and look out a window, she's happy.


Sunday... And I'm trying to be productive

It was a very strange weekend.

Saturday we had our pictures taken for the church directory.  They tried to sell us pictures, but 2 things prevented us from buying.  1.) Forty dollars for 2 8x10s?  Um, no.  and 2) I always look awful in pictures.  Most. Photogenic. Person. EVAH!

At the very end of the emergency choir rehearsal (like the phone rang while singing the last line of music), my mom called.  She was in town!  I met her and received a surprise:  Salt Potatoes!!  If you were from Syracuse, you'd understand my joy.  We went to dinner, ate too much, then went to see if the Halloween Store was open.  It was!

Today was a special 9/11 service at church.  We sang.  It was beautiful and I got teary during the second service.

The rest of the day was lazy.  I bought dog food, made said salt potatoes, and did laundry.  Next is the lovely task of cleaning the kitchen and hunting up work out clothes for tomorrow's dance class.

This may be an unpopular opinion...

But ten years ago... hatred won.

They hated us so much that they killed almost 3000 people and made the country stop for weeks.

Now the hate has spread to the American people, many of which hate all that are different.  All that aren't like them.

Hate is a disease, and we were infected in a big way ten years ago.

I refuse to hate.

Maybe I'll go and take a class on Islam.

Friday, September 9, 2011

30 minutes to the weekend!!

since the week has done a number on my brain (I can't brain today, I have the dumb), I'm going to focus on the weekend and my sparse plans!

Since the Spousal Equivalent is out role playing tonight, my plans are simple:  dinner (turkey burger, fried and roasted veggies), a little working out, and a BIG glass of wine.  Cookies would be a plus, but I don't have any.

Saturday.  We're getting our pictures done for the church directory.  The afternoon is really in the air.  My mom is stopping by on her way through, but we don't know when that it.  I'm planning on going to choir rehearsal (singing a REALLY HARD SONG on Sunday.  We need the extra practice) until she calls, then it's off to dinner.

Sunday the choir is singing, so we'll need to be in early.  I'll need to bribe the SE to pick me up Starbucks.    It's a 9/11 tribute, hence the difficult music.

See?  A weekend that is both busy, and not.  Weird.

My god, it's really Friday!

Since Monday was a holiday, the work week was only 4 days long.  But those were the four longest days of my life!

I've wrestled with a webpage, hunted down lost mail, supervised student workers and edited hundreds of documents.  But in it all, I accomplished 2 things this week.

1.) I resisted the temptation of Mozzarella Sticks for lunch today
2.) I bought contacts!

This weekend my mom and her friend are driving from New York to here.  I'mm worried for them... because Pennsylvania is under water and all....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So, this weekend was trying in terms of Weight Watchers.  So trying.

Sunday, my BFF got her daughter baptized.  Lunch was had.  At the Olive Garden.  It was good food, and I ate.  I didn't have anything good for the rest of the day (though the crap I ate, I had in small-ish quantities).

Monday was our 2 year anniversary, so we decided to use our Carrabba's coupon.   We went for lunch.  They don't DO lunch... so we window shopped for a few hours and were starving by the time we hit dinner.  I had a chicken parm sandwich and a glass of sangria.

After dinner we came home, prepared to walk the dog, then head out to finish grocery shopping.  Well, no.  I got a migraine instead.  It was a nasty one too.  The seasick variety.

Today saw the arrival of the cause of the migraine.  Do I need to go into more detail?  And since my lunch items were the point of the aborted shopping trip, I was forced to run to Wawa to get lunch.

And there it was.  Taunting me!  Mozzarella Sticks!

I was weak.  I blame my semi-yearly visitor (that's another story).

The good news is that due to 4 skipped meals this week I have the points for the melty-cheezy fried goodness.

The bad news is that I ate the darn thing!  At least I get back to dance class starting next week and I can work some of this badness off!

*headdesk* and so it starts

I got a call today asking to speak to a professor.  It went thusly:

Caller:  Can I talk to Prof. Such&such

Me:  She doesn't have a phone in her office.  You can email her, or I can email her your message.

Caller:  Oh, I can.  But... if she doesn't have a phone, who am I to contact her other than stopping by her office, and emailing?

Oh, what I wanted to say!!  If you can't email or stop by you can:

  • use smoke signals
  • use signal flags
  • use a carrier pigeon
  • Send an Owl from Hogwarts
  • Telepathy
My god!!  Why is this so difficult a concept??  You can't call.  you can leave a note or email!!  Only 2 options!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Truth about Teachers!

There's been a lot of talk about teachers of late.    Since it's September, let's clear up some misconceptions!

1.) Teaching is a part time job.

I have NO idea what jerk put this out there, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  Yes, school is only in session from 7am to 3pm for nine months out of the year.  So yes, that would technically be part time.

But that doesn't take into account that after three, most teachers go home and work for a few hours.  They also spent part of the weekend working on lesson plans and grading papers.  The summer?  Part of that may be on vacation, but I'm sure that a few weeks are spent taking classes or participating in workshops.

And remember, in an office job you can chose to go on vacation.  As a teacher, you only have the summer.

2.) The parents buy classroom supplies for the teacher to use.

Every year the parents get a letter detailing which school supplies they are to send in.  I remember asking for packs of loose-leaf, sharpened pencils, tissues and hand sanitizer.  Why?  Because learning takes place when kids are prepared.  And we all know that by October, many kids have either run through, or lost a large number of their supplies.  Also, having to stop every 15 minutes to make sure that every has everything they need really eats up your day.  By making supplies communal, the teacher can keep order and make the process go quicker by simply pass things out.

And besides, teachers regularly spent $20-$100 a month on their classes.  that's asking a lot on someone who only makes $30,000 a year (and is probably paying back massive student loans).

3.) "I found this amazing apple themed desk set for my child's teacher for Christmas.  Why isn't she using it?  My feelings are hurt!"

As a teacher, we appreciate gifts.  We really do.  But in all honesty, some of what you give us gets re-gifted or traded.  Please don't feel bad that your child's teacher isn't using the special pencil cup.  She may have gotten 17 ones just like it!

Take it from someone who knows: baked goods, candy and especially gift cards are big hits with teachers.  Ask your child, is the teacher always coming in with the Starbucks cup?  Then they would weep for joy if given a Starbucks gift card.  Backed goods and candy are nice treats, and the teacher can spread the love around his or her family.

The best gift I ever got?  A student got me a stapler after a student ruined mine.  I love her!

4.) "I left a message for the teacher and she hasn't gotten back to me!  it's been 10 minutes!!"

Teachers are busy!  It takes a bit of time.  Sometimes they have a life and can't get back to you after school.  I always tried to call back, or send a note home explaining that today I was rather busy, but I'd love to set up an appointment to talk the next day.  And remember, there's one of your child, but there may be 35 (and in Middle and High School more like 100) students under the teacher's charge.

Teaching is a hard job.  Trust me, I've done it.  It's not the cakewalk that the media make it out to me.

Remember, cut the teacher some slack, take a breath and remember that there is a method to their madness.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gender Roles in Dance

Apparently people have their panties in a twist because of Dancing with the Stars.

Now, we all know I'm like the most pro-LGBT person out there.  Go team Gay!

But... I'm not liking the fuss that is being made about Chaz Bono and Carson Kressley.  And let me tell you why.

Ballroom Dance, like Ballet is based on tradition.  In many cases, the dances performed today are the same that were performed last century, and the century before that.  Ballet has roles.  The women in the pointe shoes, the guys in slippers.  Women in the dresses and guys in the tights with the package bulge.  Now, there are cases where the guys also wear the dresses, but that's more a decision of a particular company than a trend of the art form.

Ballroom is primarily a competition dance.  There's a rule book.  Those rules and standards require there to be a male and female.  Two guys in tuxes won't really cut it.

And this is not to say that there aren't gay dancers.  We all know that there are more than our fair share of gay male dancers.  But they all know what they are signing up for.

Now, as for Carson, I suspect he expected to be dancing with a woman.  He knew what he was getting into.

And Chaz dancing with a man would be an insult.  Chaz worked very hard to become a man.  Having him then dance with another man, in my opinion, is insulting.

I'm not saying that fooling with the gender roles is against nature, or against god, or against the rules of prime time TV!  Far from it.  There were successful same sex pairings on So You Think You Can Dance, pairings that weren't gimmicky.  That were about rel relationships and feelings.  I don't feel that same sex pairings on Dancing with the Stars would feel as natural.  It's too far outside the dance style.

So.... Go Team Gay!!  But.... on DWTS, I believe guys should dance with girls.

Easy come, Easy go...

Today is September 1st.  I know, time flies, doesn't it?  It's "Back to School" time.  Clothes and office supplies are on sale.  People all over are expanding their work wardrobe.

I just checked my bank balance, and it's rather sad.  We've all been there.  You see where the paycheck was deposited, then the stack of negative numbers as the bills clear.   That's always depressing to look at.

This weekend I'm going to make sure I have groceries, put gas in my car, and replace my huge skillet.  I love one skillet meals, and my favorite pan has peeling Teflon.  Which, we all know is bad!  I'm going to go buy a new one with what is left over from my check.

Clothes can wait until next check.. or maybe I'll pop into some thrift stores this weekend....