Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So, this weekend was trying in terms of Weight Watchers.  So trying.

Sunday, my BFF got her daughter baptized.  Lunch was had.  At the Olive Garden.  It was good food, and I ate.  I didn't have anything good for the rest of the day (though the crap I ate, I had in small-ish quantities).

Monday was our 2 year anniversary, so we decided to use our Carrabba's coupon.   We went for lunch.  They don't DO lunch... so we window shopped for a few hours and were starving by the time we hit dinner.  I had a chicken parm sandwich and a glass of sangria.

After dinner we came home, prepared to walk the dog, then head out to finish grocery shopping.  Well, no.  I got a migraine instead.  It was a nasty one too.  The seasick variety.

Today saw the arrival of the cause of the migraine.  Do I need to go into more detail?  And since my lunch items were the point of the aborted shopping trip, I was forced to run to Wawa to get lunch.

And there it was.  Taunting me!  Mozzarella Sticks!

I was weak.  I blame my semi-yearly visitor (that's another story).

The good news is that due to 4 skipped meals this week I have the points for the melty-cheezy fried goodness.

The bad news is that I ate the darn thing!  At least I get back to dance class starting next week and I can work some of this badness off!

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