Friday, September 9, 2011

30 minutes to the weekend!!

since the week has done a number on my brain (I can't brain today, I have the dumb), I'm going to focus on the weekend and my sparse plans!

Since the Spousal Equivalent is out role playing tonight, my plans are simple:  dinner (turkey burger, fried and roasted veggies), a little working out, and a BIG glass of wine.  Cookies would be a plus, but I don't have any.

Saturday.  We're getting our pictures done for the church directory.  The afternoon is really in the air.  My mom is stopping by on her way through, but we don't know when that it.  I'm planning on going to choir rehearsal (singing a REALLY HARD SONG on Sunday.  We need the extra practice) until she calls, then it's off to dinner.

Sunday the choir is singing, so we'll need to be in early.  I'll need to bribe the SE to pick me up Starbucks.    It's a 9/11 tribute, hence the difficult music.

See?  A weekend that is both busy, and not.  Weird.

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