Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Glee-Cap: Purple Piano Project (plus other stuff)

Here's my thoughts on last night's Glee... in my traditional bullets
  • This new Sue is... interesting. As as much as I love Arts in schools... I might have done damage on that stupid piano too.
  • Shue & Emma: Shue... you're a fool. Didn't you realize that you wouldn't be getting any?????
  • I LOVE Rachel and Kurt being BFF's!
  • Blaine transferring to McKinley. It's better for the show... and there is bound to be resentment (at least a tiny bit), I hope they show it
  • Quinn- My guess is that this new Desperately Seeking Susan look is her dealing with everything from that last two years. It should be, she's gone through a lot.
  • Creepy Stepford theater geeks: great song... but yeah.... kinda creepy
  • And finally, my kudos to Shue for growing a pair. We all know Mike Chang can't sing.. but this Sugar chick... man she's awful. And kicking Santana out (thought I'm going to bed it won't be permanent) was needed. Let's hope she'll wake up and do what SHE wants and not what her reputation demands.
In other news... remember when I was all scared to weigh myself? Yeah.. ended up losing .02lbs. Yeah.. I'm kinda stunned too.

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