Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Am I the only one that has a vivid imagination?

On my drive home, I was trying to figure out what to bring to a Pot Luck next week. I pondered about vegetarians n the group, and other factors involved. I also remembered being chastised for coming in with a Chick Fil A milkshake (I know they are anti-LGBT, but their shakes are AWESOME!)

While I drove in rush hour traffic, I imagined myself completely losing it in front of the Welcoming Committee.

Why? I think it was a rant that is needed. It's been building up for a while.

(And I'm not trying to offend anyone with this)

But I can't live up to some of the standards that are all but hammered into my head as a UU. I know that we are killing the planet. I know that eating meat is bad. I know that we need to eat locally. I know that we should ride bikes, hike in nature, be vegan and not eat gluten. I know that Wal Mart, Target, Chick Fil A and almost every other store are bad. I know. But I can't live up to that standard. I can't grow my own food, or use a rain barrel. I can't get to the Farmer's Market.. because the closest one is in Williamsburg. And have you see the price of the CSA's? I don't make that much money! I shop at Wal Mart. Why? Because it's cheap. I'm not a Vegan. Why? Bacon. Cheese. Burgers. I refuse to live in a world where bacon cheese burgers are denied to me! I am in debt to everyone. After bills I have $100 a month for food and everything else. I can't afford to be this ideal vegan eco-warrior! I don't have the money, the temperament or the energy. AllI want right now is a Chick Fil A Milkshake, a bacon cheese burger and to watch Tv... while in my PJ's.

I do what I can. But it never seems like I'll ever be doing enough to live up to that standard.

Y'all will have to pry the bacon out of my cold dead hands! :)

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