Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's almost Friday...

And I can't wait for the weekend to take some Mental Health time.

I've noticed that lately, I can't say no. I do things, attend meetings, sit on committees, perform favors until I literally can't take it anymore and I dissolve into an anxiety filled mess.

I hit that hard this morning. Besides work (where I was taking care of last minute arrangements for a lecture), I was also working on preparing for Religious Education this weekend, working on my sermon for October 16th and making a to do list of everything in my apartment that needs cleaning.

I have decided that I hate the 9am panic attack. So after a cobbled together dinner of garlic-sauteed broccoli-cheese hashbrowns, and a nice big class of wine, I decided to skip tonight's choir practice. I'm going to have more wine, put on a movie and call it a night.

Besides, I'm a lightweight and can't drive now.

In good news I won something!

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