Friday, April 9, 2021


 I was blessed to grow up about an hour away from a rather well run Renaissance Faire.  Sterling was a wonderful place.  Wooded.  Top notch entertainment.  Wonderful vendors.  Then it was sold to a slumlord.

But anyways....

We figured out early on that if you make eye contact with the actors, they'll play with you.  

So here we are, in high school.  I'm at Sterling with 2 of my friends and my brother.  Early in the day, we catch the eye of the "Barbary Pirate."  he pulls us aside and asks us to help with with his plan.

"You bring the knife," he says to me.

"You bring the gun," he says to friend number 1.

"You bring the sword," he says to friend number 2.

"You bring..." he started, and my brother interrupted.  "The mace and chain?  The canon?"

"No!"  He laughed.  "The tablecloth to hide the body!  Lace please.  With a candy dish to do in the middle!"

He gave us a signal to use when we saw each other.  Thumb on the nose, wiggle the fingers and say "oggie boogie."

You know, we saw each other all day and gave the the signal.  it was the best day!  In the years since I've been a "playtron" and then working for a vendor.  In the years since, we've moved to an area that sadly doesn't have a renaissance faire within an easy drive and that makes me sad.  I miss it.

Once the pandemic is over I need to make a point to take some weekend trips to some regional faires.  Pennsylvania and Carolina maybe?

Would would like to come with me?

Sunday, March 28, 2021

It’s Been a Year

 It’s been over a year of us living in these pandemic conditions.  A year of social distancing and masks.  A year of hand sanitizer and family gatherings via Zoom.

This year has been hard.  It started out with constant worry over if I was going to get COVID and die.  Then it was the extreme sense of isolation.

Now people are being vaccinated.  The rates of infection are down.

But I worry that the vaccinations won’t do well against the new variants.  I worry that the Qanon set won’t vaccinate in numbers high enough to get us to herd immunity.

I worry that we’ll have to social distance and wear masks for the rest of our lives.

Mostly, I’m living under this black cloud.  I feel like I’m forever on the verge of tears.  I thrive on hits and cuddles and touch.  I thrive in in person visits.  Sitting piled on the couch.

All thing things that make me feel Human and sane have been absent for over a year.

Today, the weather is nasty.  I have a pesky case of Tennis Elbow.  So everything seems extra gloomy right now.

I know there is hope on the horizon.  People are being vaccinated by the thousands.

But today, the hope is dimmed.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Disney Adults

 This pandemic has been difficult for everyone.  people have lost jobs.  Half a million people have died.

Us?  We bought a house!

it was a mad dash to clear the rental and move in.  And we're no where close to being unpacked!  We still have to build a new fence for the back!

And what have I done?

I started planning our next Disney vacation.

I told someone about it the other day.  That person very seriously asked me why we go to Disney.  Aren't we too old?

Disney is expensive.  Disney takes a lot of planning.  

But I don't think that you can be too old for Disney!

When we land in Orlando, I can stop thinking about work.  I don't have to think about the never-ending to do list of my life and just be.  

Leading up to the trip I adore looking at the restaurant menus and planning where to make dining reservations.  I can have something to look forward to.

Will I ever be too old for Disney?  No.

Will I always be excited for a Disney trip?  Always.

You don't like it?  Then plan your own vacation elsewhere!