Monday, January 28, 2019

Rent: Not Quite Live....

from PopCrush
(This may be edited when I watch it again)

Rent... I've been waiting for it for years.

I had my snacks all ready when I saw those little words at the bottom of the screen:  Previously Recorded.


The internet told me what happened.  Brennin Hunt's foot was broken during last 10 minutes of Saturday's Dress Rehearsal.  The one they record as both a rehearsal and a back up recording.  Sadly, the back up now became the show.

The live audience saw views like this:

Before I get into anything else, I think the biggest regret is that the cast won't be able to give the performance they intended to give.  Some of the vocals weren't there, and I wonder if it wasn't because some of the performers were "saving it" for Sunday night.  We'll never know.

As per usual... I live tweeted the whole damn thing!

The vocals seemed to be rather shaky.  Especially Valentina's  Like seriously.. it was bad.

Jordan Fisher was spot on in all aspects.  He's a good actor and a fantastic singer.  Brennin Hunt was there vocally, but the acting wasn't.  The show starts with them, so it had to be good, and it was.

People noticed some lyric changes right off the top.  They specifically set it in 1991/1992, which is a nice thing for the younger audience that might not understand the AIDS Crisis of the 80's and 90's.  The show portrays the found families that many LGBTIQ folks of that era had (mainly because they were kicked out by their bio families for being themselves.  And I think younger people today forget that AIDS back then was a death sentence.  By naming the specific time, you remind people of the grim time in NYC this was.

But man, the opening number was electric... then Today For You came on.

Valentina's vocals were there during the soft parts, but her big number was.... odd.  I was especially wondering if she was saving her voice.  I think she could have done with some intense vocal coaching.  The performance was almost there!

So the show goes on... and then we get Maureen (Get it?  brown Cow Stunning?)

She definitely didn't phone it in for the rehearsal!!

I mean, Maureen and Joanne were amazing!

As I watched, Twitter would explode if they changed lyrics, or did anything out of the norm for the show...

But I loved staging, and the set.  When you have the advantage of cameras, you can use some inventive staging!

Did anyone notice Roger's costume change just before contact?  In the musical beds scene?  Where he is in a rob and takes Angel's place in the hospital bed?  Were they implying that he was hospitalized for a bit?

The second half picked up, then we got to Contact.  I'm SHOCKED they let it go on!  (Network TV and all...)

Then we got to the Cover You Reprise.. And Brandon Victor Dixon brought us to church.

Which then led us to this moment:

(hear that?  it was my hear breaking)

But honestly, this sums it up:

The show was uneven.  It was a show that no one expected would be seen by everyone.  It's the show that we got.

And I enjoyed it!

Now NBC and Hair... get some darn understudies!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Getting my sh*t in order!

How many people are making that resolution to get into shape?

Like everyone?

I've re-made that resolution myself.  I'm getting winded walking up the stairs.  It's really bad.

I've made these resolutions before, but sadly, I need to do it again.  And I'm publishing this to keep me honest.

1.) Working on my physical fitness.

  • I'm starting Transform :20 on the 14th.  It's a 6 week program.  I need to challenge myself not to half-ass my workouts.
  • Continue my weekly OrangeTheory class!
  • Take the stairs at work!

2.) Get back into running.
  • I need to pick a inspirational race.  I need a race to train FOR
  • Start running two or three days a week starting in the spring.
  • Don't skip my Saturday long runs.

3.) Working on my nutrition (and hopefully my weight)
  • Get back into the 2B Mindset eating plan (with a bit of modification to deal with my acid reflux)
  • Continue to work on smaller portions, and using smaller dishes to help that.
  • Meal plan and eat more meals at home

4.) Working on my spending
  • Now that Christmas is over, I need to stop buying stuff!!!  I'm setting a monthly "mad money" budget
  • I'm actually deleting my credit card info from some websites, to make it harder!
I know that these are all resolutions, but I do have action steps and outcomes.

Today is January 4th