Friday, January 4, 2019

Getting my sh*t in order!

How many people are making that resolution to get into shape?

Like everyone?

I've re-made that resolution myself.  I'm getting winded walking up the stairs.  It's really bad.

I've made these resolutions before, but sadly, I need to do it again.  And I'm publishing this to keep me honest.

1.) Working on my physical fitness.

  • I'm starting Transform :20 on the 14th.  It's a 6 week program.  I need to challenge myself not to half-ass my workouts.
  • Continue my weekly OrangeTheory class!
  • Take the stairs at work!

2.) Get back into running.
  • I need to pick a inspirational race.  I need a race to train FOR
  • Start running two or three days a week starting in the spring.
  • Don't skip my Saturday long runs.

3.) Working on my nutrition (and hopefully my weight)
  • Get back into the 2B Mindset eating plan (with a bit of modification to deal with my acid reflux)
  • Continue to work on smaller portions, and using smaller dishes to help that.
  • Meal plan and eat more meals at home

4.) Working on my spending
  • Now that Christmas is over, I need to stop buying stuff!!!  I'm setting a monthly "mad money" budget
  • I'm actually deleting my credit card info from some websites, to make it harder!
I know that these are all resolutions, but I do have action steps and outcomes.

Today is January 4th

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