Saturday, March 30, 2013

1st world problems

Yes, we've been having problems with our electricity all day!

We woke at 6am, to the Verizon box beeping. See, it beeps when the power is disconnected. When it would beep every five minutes or so, that's when we realized something was wrong.

The issue? Well, some things had power, some had intermittent power, some had no power.

At 10, after doing some cleaning, I went to the office. They had me call the emergency line. They sent someone over. He said it was an outside-the-apartment issue, and called Dominion power.

Dominion power was supposed to be here at 4, so we turned off the breaker. When no moe showed up by 5:30, we turned the breaker in again. As it stands most if the stuff in the fridge and freezer will has to be tossed out anyways... But I didn't want to lose it all.

And because it was simply overdue, we got 2 of the battery surge protectors. One for the computer room and one for the living room. So not we don't have to worry about the power flicking on and off as much.

I just with the power guys would get here, so I can commence with tossing things in the fridge out! (and washing clothes.... And washing dishes...)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My yearly spiritual crisis

It happens every year or so, right around now....

I have a crisis of faith.

Simply put, I feel that I'm not good enough to be a Unitarian Universalist anymore.

It's silly.  And all completely in my head.  But there it is.

Now let me tell you why....

UU's are incredibly involved in social justice.  Many of them are all green and trying to defend the environment.  They want to feed the hungry, and insure voting rights and bring peace, and save the spotted owl and bring back Firefly and all.

And around Earth day (and during pledge season), a lot of that is up front and vocal.

And without meaning to, I feel inadequate.

At times I feel awkward around the Young Adult group (I know.. I know.. I'm old) because I'm not more gung ho about saving the world.

I mean, I do what I can.  I don't use bottled water.  I use those bulbs that use less energy.  I take short showers.  I can't plant a garden to grow my own food... I don't go to farmer's markets (as previously stated).... we don't recycle (because apartments don't recycle).   I won't go march on Washington, or go door to door and sign petitions.

And honestly, most days I just want to accomplish putting the laundry away...  Because that's all I can handle at times.

I think I just need to get over myself....

Severe flaws in logic....

1.) Anti-Same-Sex marraige

It seems that the new rationale to deny same sex couples the right to marry is children.  Yes... Because the couple lacks sperm and eggs (at the same time) they should be forbidden from marrying.

Are y'all seeing the MANY holes in the logic?  I am.
a.) What about infertile, and child-free by choice couples?
b.) gay couples can adopt, foster and use surrogates.

Well, it looks like that argument is busted.

2.) Farmer's Market and crappy hours.

I totally get having a farmer's market on the weekend.   But the ones around here are on weekday afternoons.  Seriously?  Y'all say we should buy locally, but require time off of work to do so.

Anyways... I'm off to enjoy a quiet day in the office!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My March Carabox!!

I must tell you, I'm having so much fun with the Carabox Exchange!

This month I bought things for Brittany, and received a box from Heatheer.

The theme of this month is things that start with the letter of our first name.  Well, I have a "D" name on the driver's license, but everyone calls me Meari.  So she used both.

Unfortunately, this broke in transit.

This is a place on my desk, for when I need a sweet treat!

A lovely jar, with candle, for the nightstand!

I might even paint my nails to try this color!

For the SE and I, because we are soul "M"ates

These are already on the pup!


There was a chocolate bar also.. which is in my tummy...

Thanks so much Heatheer!!

You couldn't pay me to be in DC right now

Yesterday Facebook lit up with people changing their icons, and wearing read.  In support of Marriage Equality.

I didn't change my icon.  And I only put on red with someone came over.  Why?  My Facebook isn't going to change policy.  And me sitting around the house, nursing a migraine, wearing red won't change policy either.

I think at this point we all know how I feel about marriage equality.  We all know that I think the biblical argument for banning same-sex marriage is a load of garbage.  And if it's all abut parenting children... why let child-free, infertile and older heterosexual couples marry?

Like I said, the against arguments are crap.  But they are based in religion.  And we all know nothing gets people all hot and bothered like religion.

Also nothing will stop a debate cold in it's tracks like religion.

So, what is a person to do?  My floral bonnet and I aren't going to be marching on Washington any time soon.

I think one serious conversation people need to have is about religion.  The incredibly conservative and vocal minority need to have their voices silenced by the majority.

We need to finally wake up and realize that we aren't a Christian nation.  We never have been.  I've had this rant before.

So I think I'm going to follow the advice from many, many of the world's religions:
Got it from here

And then have a milkshake...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I SO need a house elf!!

So, the Spousal Equivalent kindly shared whatever he had last week with me.  But since he has like a Hulk-strength immune system... I've got it worse...  Sore throat, stuffy nose, a massive headache, a tummy that's off..


So I got my week's to do list, to cross off what I did, and job some things down that I now remember... on the "work to do" list

But nothing on my "home to do" list got accomplished.  And man.. now I'm home... and I can see what desperately needs to be done...

So, I did work-work for about half an hour...  But the dishes desperately need to be done... and I HAVE to put the clothes away...  and I need to clean up the entryway....

If Dobby was here... I could ask him to do it!

What am I saying.. If I had a house elf, I'd probably still be a member of S.P.E.W.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Go home Spring, you're drunk!

It's snowing. Rain and large Franken-snowflakes. This is a step up from the rain and sleet that it was doing earlier.

I'm cuddled under the blankets, watching shows in Netflix watching the puppy sleep.

It's been a full weekend. Friday we went out. Saturday the Spousal Equivalent worked while I watched Les Miserables. Saturday night I went to a party for a few hours. It was extremely crowded, some didn't last much passed 11.

Today we went to get my oil changed and go grocery shopping. We were hungry, it was 1. We went through the Taco Bell drive through. I got a Chicken Cantina Bowl.

When I got home, I discovered it didn't have chicken.

This isn't the first time we've gotten fast food and they have forgotten part of my meal.

Now it's snowing, and sticking. I've prepped lunches for the week, and am about to have pizza for dinner.

I wonder if I can get a snow day tomorrow.....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rape.. and consent

I must admit, I'm tired.  I'm really tired of people not getting it.

I'm tired of the media that actually seemed to take the Stubenville rapists's sides.

I'm tired of society thinking this is all okay.

And then I read this.  Go.  read it now.

And it got me thinking.  Someone has to teach the young how to act in polite society.   Clearly the media, and other adult influences aren't working.

Children need to learn the definition of rape.  And the definition of consent.

Rape.  Rape isn't about sex.  It has nothing to do with what was worn, what was said, if there was flirting.  It's about power.  Using sex to gain power over someone.  No one is ever "asking for it."  And I'm sorry "I couldn't help myself" isn't good enough.  It makes all men look stupid.

Is that clear enough?  Rape isn't about sex.

Now consent.  Let me make this clearer:

  • No means no.
  • If you're fooling around, and one party says no, at any point... there is no consent.
  • If the people involved has sex before.. or many time before.. if one person says no... there's no consent.
  • If the person has a reputation for sleeping around... if they say no... there is no consent.
  • If the couple is married, and she says no... there is no consent.
  • If the person is a sex worker... and she says no.. there is no consent.
  • If the woman's buck naked... and she doesn't say yes.. there's no consent.
  • If the person is passed out, and unable to answer... there is no consent.
  • if the person is below the legal age for consent there is no consent.
How can I get any clearer?  if there was "yes" when the discussion of sex came up, then the person didn't consent.  

If there is no consent, then the sexual act was rape.

Simple, right?

Try telling that to the media.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I seriously can't keep two thoughts in my head at the same time!

I have always had a crappy memory.  Seriously, it's bad.  I often forget what day of the week it is.  What month it is...

Or I'll remember what month it is, and forget the important things IN the month... like birthdays!  I'll remember that it's Thursday... up until the I get home from work.. then remember it's Thursday after choir practice is over.

I've seriously been doing those things all my life.

But now it's worse.  My head is chock full of job-related thoughts.  My monitor is a-wash in post-it notes, to remind me to follow up on things.

And of course, things are getting forgotten.

So I stress about the job I'm doing, then beat myself up about the things I forget...  I'm very tired of coming home every night on the verge of tears from all the stress.  It's just not healthy.

But today, I made great inroads to getting my backlog of work done.  And I hope it will improve my memory!

Smash.... the show that almost was....

I must say, I love this show.  But according to the ratings, I'm the only one.

I must say, the show has gone through some growing pains....

Last year it was the sweet, innocent Karen vs. the bitchy Ivy.  And Ellis against... well.. everyone.  Because he clearly was crazy.  Julia was having an affair.  The show was going places...

This year, Karen got bitchy (but only for a while), Ivy showed some humility.  The show apparently was awful and had to be rewritten. Ivy's show was awful and closed.  Julia's husband left...

Here are the interesting developments:

  • Karen:  She left the diva go to her head, and got Ivy fired.  Then she met the "Hit List" duo and got interested in their project
  • Ivy:  Got a part in a revival of a truly awful musical.  It was made more awful... and it closed.
  • The interesting twist... Karen is Derek's Marilyn.  When Tom took over the show, it was painfully obvious that she wasn't Tom's Marilyn.  So now she's out and Ivy's in.
I don't know if it sounds contrived.  Like a plan to get both the girls their time in the spotlight.  But it seems real.  The artistic direction changed, and Karen wasn't part of that vision.

With that being said... I want to see more of "Hit List"... and maybe get a soundtrack album.....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Weekend that was....

I am obligated to work 2 weekends a year.  The first is Commencement.  It's always Mother's Day.  (Well, except during the 400th anniversary of Jamestown.. and the Queen was visiting)

the other is Graduate Open House.

That was just this passed weekend.

This is something that my office manager usually handles.  Since she's out, and they keep extending her leave (the doctor won't let her back, she's MORE than ready).. I did it.

I spend Friday (with the help of some grad students) setting up tables, getting the coffee and supplies ready to go, making sure that I had plates.

Saturday we set up and took down both breakfast and lunch.  We drove to get the lunch.  All this, with a broken elevator.  Which was actually broken in a very interesting way....

You couldn't go to the 3rd floor while in the elevator.  that button was broken.  But you could call the elevator to the third floor...

So every time we cleaned up from a meal (breakfast was on the 2nd floor and lunch was on the 4th floor), the SE wheeled t he cart into the elevator and pushed a button.  I then ran the stairs, and hit the button to call the elevator to the 3rd floor.

I wish I'd worn my FitBit.  I might have had some great step numbers.

But anyways, that's done.  The next headache is commencement.

I just hope my office manager can come back soon!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A perfect storm of Monday fails....

So, at my house we have many, many morning quirks, many of them involving animals.

So here's my morning, Movies in 15 Minutes Style.  (If you've not read this site, do.  It's hilarious!!)

Dog:  *whines to be let out of the bedroom*

Dog: *whines to come back on the bed*

(repeat this for the next half hour)

Me:  Ok, let's go on walkies!
Dog:  *goes crazy!*
Rain:  *sprinkles*
Dog:  Ok... inside now... *refuses to pee.. or walk..*
Me:  *facepalm*
Dog:  *runs inside, falls alseep on the sofa*

(I work out, then turn on last night's Army Wives, review forthcoming)
Time:  *flies*

(I make breakfast and shower)
Cat:  *gets underfoot*  MEOW!!  Don't do it!  It's water!!
Me:  Move!  *trips on cat.  gets into the shower*
Cat:  *watches from outside the shower.*
Shower:  *stops*
Cat: *rubs all over wet legs*
Me:  * eats breakfast*
Dog:  *wakes up*  Can I lick the bowl?

Me:  I'm not that late!
Dog:  *hides in the usual spots*
Cat:  *gets underfoot*
Rain: *pours*
Traffic on the highway:  *comes to a halt*
Me:  *Gets off highway, waits at various lights*
Highway traffic on the overpass:  *speeds by*

Me:  Not too late....
Elevator:  *is broken*

can I go home now?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sometimes, it's the little things

I opened my work email this morning, to a wonderful message from the parent of my student worker.

The student worker is very, very much like me.  She's emotional, and can get overwhelmed.  She's also a very old soul.  It's a joy to have her working in the office.

Well, yesterday was a rough day.  I sent her on some errands that required walking around campus.  it was sunny, and she thought it might help her mood.  But when she got back, I could tell that she wasn't doing well.  She started to cry, and apologized for it.  I gave her a hug, and told her to never apologize for that.  I cry when Ellen DeGeneres gives away money!

I sent her to get some ice cream.  Or chocolate...

Well, her mother emailed me.  To thank me for understanding and caring about her daughter.

In the chaos that is my job... that was such a nice thing.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's that time of year... again...

And I'm going to do my very best to hide until it passes.

It's pledge season.

That time of year where everyone from church, to non-profits to PBS asks for money.

And I hate it.

Not that I hate donating.  Don't get me wrong!

Let me tell you a story (that I'm sure that I've told before).

I was unemployed and broke and sitting at church, listening to the sermon.

It was about money.  Specifically about how if you don't donate money to the church, you're a bad person.  They may have not been the intent, but that's what I heard.

I was so upset, I nearly walked out and never came back.  How dare they!  I'm living in a friend's basement because I can't afford rent and you say I'm a bad person because I can't pay you more?

It was that day that I grew to hate the pledge season.

Every year it's the same.  They want to meet with me, ask me about the church, then hand me a form.  Polite conversation is had until I can sign the form and leave.  And every year it bothers me more.

Maybe this means I shouldn't belong to a church anymore?  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I hate these kinds of texts

I was sitting at home last night, watching Switched at Birth, when I got a text.  The phone only showed a few lines in the preview, but those were enough to make my heart beat a panicked tattoo.

"Wanted to tell you that I'm in ICU....."

It's from my friend Red.

I've only known her for a year, but honestly, we're Kindred Spirits.  (In the Anne of Green Gables sense).  We're both redheads, we both love musical theater.  We both feel everything so acutely.  When something huge would happen on Glee, I knew that the text coming into my phone would be from her.

And now she's in the ICU.  And from the short text, it seems rather serious.

Though, it MUST be serious to land in the ICU!

The ironic thing is, she's leaving in a few months.  Moving away....

Please God.... I'd rather her move, than for whatever this is to take her.

(Not that I know what's going on... or how grave it is... and we all know I'm the first one to overreact...)

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Monday already?

Seriously, this is me today.  I took off Friday and did some serious cleaning.  I did less cleaning on Saturday.  I did even less on Sunday....

That laundry that needed to be done?  Nope.

I decided to get a ham yesterday  and I made it.. that was the sum total accomplishment of yesterday.

This morning is a big morning in the life of the graduate students in my department.  It's Comprehensive Exam morning.  This means that bleary eyed Graduate Students come and pick up exams from me.  I had to print, stuff envelopes, double check my work and make sure it was all ready before 8am.

I had nightmares ALL NIGHT about it.


(And the first student was in at 7:50)

I took benedryl last night, which has left me feeling stoned this morning...

I clearly need more coffee...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My February Carabox!!

Though it arrived late, Caitlin at Crossroads of the Heart sent me a Cara Box!

She sent me post it notes, which every secretary needs!

Heart cards to write love notes!

Eye shadow and a journal!

Friday, March 8, 2013

King of the Nerds

Today is my Spring Break.  I took today off to let the Spousal Equivalent have the car, and to do some cleaning.  So far I've cleaned the spots (about a 5x5 area) on the bedroom carpet that smell like puppy pee. I'm kinda using a little carpet cleaner borrowed from a friend.  It doesn't spray solution anymore.. so, after trying  and failing, with spray bottles, I just mixed the solution and just about soaked the carpet....

And have been on my hands and knees sucking up the nasty water ever since.

But the carpet smells better!  Next ti topical pet order eliminating febreeze.

And Advil for my back.

And cleaning my kitchen.... and putting away of the laundry... and maybe even doing some!

But the real reason of this post is TBS's King of the Nerds.  Yes, a reality show about nerds.  I LOVED it!  A show where the comic book geeks and astrophysicists can be the heroes!

And then I thought about it.  (And I thought about trying to get on the show).

Am I a nerd?  Well, I'm not overly scientifically inclined.  I'm not a video gamer (Unless you count the dancing games on the Wii).  I used to be a role player, but not anymore.  I love things like Star Wars, Firefly, Star Trek, and most of the science-fiction themed programming on SyFy, but I'm not an expert on them.  I don't read comics, and only rarely watch anime.  I'm an avid watcher of documentaries, and many things on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.  I can kick some serious ass in trivia.  But am I a nerd?  Maybe I'm just a freaky weirdo?

I remember the controversy of gamer girls, and the women cosplaying sexy characters not being "real" fans.  It makes me wonder if there is a standard definition.  Is anyone "nerdy" enough?

Though I might never ever go to ComicCon (I have issues with crowds), or an Anime Convention with the SE, I'm a nerd.  I'm a geek.  And I'm proud of it.

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going put on my Blue Sun shirt and watch the Avengers.

And clean my kitchen...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Holy Crap! It has been a sucky week!

Well, it's Thursday.  And it's the end of my work week.  This week has been challenging in many ways.

First, it was the "time of the month" from hell.  We're talking multiple changes of clothes bad....  We're talking curled up with the painful cramps bad.  I had no energy, but was ravenously hungry.  Add headaches to that.  That was my week.  I felt awful.  Simply awful.

Working out was nearly impossible.  It wasn't until this morning that I could do more than 10 minutes.

What does that mean?  That during my day off tomorrow I'm going to be working out!

This also means that my house is a disaster!  So on my vacation day tomorrow I'm going to be doing some cleaning!  Dishes, vacuuming and laundry!

I also need to take advantage of the good weather and take the dog on a good walk!

It's also CaraBox season!  I got mine late.... and of course it's not here for me to photograph!  Look for that reveal tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Switched at Birth: Uprising

Monday was SaB's all ASL episode.

And it was a lot to take in.  I tend to avoid subtitled anything, because I have to focus on it so carefully.

And I think I've figured it out.  The show is now untimely about the kids that were switched at birth.  It's about acceptance and belonging.  Daphne is adaptable.  She gets along with, and finds a way to belong everywhere.  The Kennish's accept her as their daughter without question.Everyone likes her.  She's talented in a conventional way.  She fits in despite her disability.

Bay is different.  Bay has never fit in with her family.  She sees how much of a better fit Daphne is with her own family.  Regina is a bit reserved with Bay, unlike the Kennish's are with Daphne.  She never fit in at Buckener.  She hoped to fit in at Carlton, but she wasn't deaf enough for the deaf kids.  (Well, she wasn't deaf at all....)  Where as Daphne fits in everywhere, Bay is on a journey to find her place in the world.

During the episode the Carlton students occupy the school, in an homage to Gallaudet's Deaf President Now protest.  Unfortunately, the scale of the Occupy Carlton protest ins't anywhere NEAR the scale of Gallaudet's protest.  So I don't think it will be successful.

But anyway... I can't wait until Monday!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You know... 16 sucked when I lived it the first time

And now my body has decided to live it again.

Warning:  TMI ahead:

So, I'd been on the pill from college until May.  That's a lot of years.

This month, my body decided to voice it's displeasure with me going off the pill and give me the worst cramps I've ever experienced   Seriously, it's bad.

This morning I hauled out the big guns and took the prescription strength Ibuprofen that I was given after my surgery.  The cramps are better, but now I have a headache.

And in all of this.... I gained weight.. but I'm not overly surprised....

Monday, March 4, 2013

Operation Uber Puppy Scrub!

So Saturday night I had this dream.  Yeah... it was weird..

Sunday came, and with it laundry and grocery shopping.  Then it was time to clean the stinky puppy.

Y'all... I seriously cleaned her!

I muzzled her (because I like my fingers), clipped her nails, cleaned her ears, trimmed the ear fur, then washed her butt, and dumped her into the tub for a bath.

She then ran around the apartment and rubbed herself on everything for the next two hours.

A surprise appearance by my monthly friend had me laid out on the sofa all afternoon.  I had a puppy (who had forgiven me by this point), a snuggie and Downton Abbey.  (As an aside, I'm glad I'm not the only one that's unsurprised that O'Brien is leaving.)  Milkshakes happened, dinner didn't really happen.  We saw 4 episodes of Revolution, and then Once Upon a Time.

I went to bed, but I swear I didn't sleep a bit.  Thankfully Kim Jong-un wasn't trying to take over my dream again!  (Those pesky North Koreans!)

Well, I came into work, and discovered that there was a disaster with the HVAC system, that soaked 3 professor's offices.


And the cramps are back....

can I have my snuggie, Downton Abbey and my puppy again?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Dreamed a Dream last night...

And I just HAD to write it down!

I was a high school student again... and I was walking into my school.. when I noticed quite a few olive green Fiats outside..

and Kim Jong-un sitting on a park bench outside the cafeteria doors.  Apparently North Korea had taken over the school.  But the good news was that the US had soldiers trying to extract the hostages.  They kind of looked like the soldiers of the Monroe Republic from Revolution.

What happened next involved lots of hand signals, and liberation, as the students were snuck out of the cafeteria by conveniently placed tunnels.

And Kim Jong-un never knew that we were gone.  We left him there thinking that he had won.

Only if war was that easy!

And only of North Koreans only tried to take over high school cafeterias... with olive green Fiats....

Friday, March 1, 2013

It's Spring Break, and I'm about to break!

Today signals the beginning of Spring Break.  Students are leaving campus, off on adventures.

Me?  I'm here.  It looks like my office manager will be out until the 19th, leaving me to do Open House on my own.  And I must admit, the thought frightens me.  Yes, I've helped to set up Open House before, but I've never been responsible for ordering all the food and the like!

I don't know what it is, hearing that she's going to be out for additional time kind of freaked me out.  I've been doing this job on my own since December, so two additional weeks shouldn't matter.  But it is.

So this means I need to make a plan, because I might freak out.  I'm going to be very alone all week.  This means music and other types of noise to keep me focused.  (I know it sounds backwards, but my mind wanders in silence)  I need to figure out what has to get done every day.

And most of all, I need to not panic.

Like I'm doing now.

And yes, I know I'm freaking out for no reason at all....