Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You couldn't pay me to be in DC right now

Yesterday Facebook lit up with people changing their icons, and wearing read.  In support of Marriage Equality.

I didn't change my icon.  And I only put on red with someone came over.  Why?  My Facebook isn't going to change policy.  And me sitting around the house, nursing a migraine, wearing red won't change policy either.

I think at this point we all know how I feel about marriage equality.  We all know that I think the biblical argument for banning same-sex marriage is a load of garbage.  And if it's all abut parenting children... why let child-free, infertile and older heterosexual couples marry?

Like I said, the against arguments are crap.  But they are based in religion.  And we all know nothing gets people all hot and bothered like religion.

Also nothing will stop a debate cold in it's tracks like religion.

So, what is a person to do?  My floral bonnet and I aren't going to be marching on Washington any time soon.

I think one serious conversation people need to have is about religion.  The incredibly conservative and vocal minority need to have their voices silenced by the majority.

We need to finally wake up and realize that we aren't a Christian nation.  We never have been.  I've had this rant before.

So I think I'm going to follow the advice from many, many of the world's religions:
Got it from here

And then have a milkshake...

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