Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My March Carabox!!

I must tell you, I'm having so much fun with the Carabox Exchange!

This month I bought things for Brittany, and received a box from Heatheer.

The theme of this month is things that start with the letter of our first name.  Well, I have a "D" name on the driver's license, but everyone calls me Meari.  So she used both.

Unfortunately, this broke in transit.

This is a place on my desk, for when I need a sweet treat!

A lovely jar, with candle, for the nightstand!

I might even paint my nails to try this color!

For the SE and I, because we are soul "M"ates

These are already on the pup!


There was a chocolate bar also.. which is in my tummy...

Thanks so much Heatheer!!

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