Sunday, March 24, 2013

Go home Spring, you're drunk!

It's snowing. Rain and large Franken-snowflakes. This is a step up from the rain and sleet that it was doing earlier.

I'm cuddled under the blankets, watching shows in Netflix watching the puppy sleep.

It's been a full weekend. Friday we went out. Saturday the Spousal Equivalent worked while I watched Les Miserables. Saturday night I went to a party for a few hours. It was extremely crowded, some didn't last much passed 11.

Today we went to get my oil changed and go grocery shopping. We were hungry, it was 1. We went through the Taco Bell drive through. I got a Chicken Cantina Bowl.

When I got home, I discovered it didn't have chicken.

This isn't the first time we've gotten fast food and they have forgotten part of my meal.

Now it's snowing, and sticking. I've prepped lunches for the week, and am about to have pizza for dinner.

I wonder if I can get a snow day tomorrow.....

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Jada said...

Andrew says we should take you up on your "lets hang out and have adult time" game night you offered a long time ago. Let us know when would be good for you two!