Saturday, March 30, 2013

1st world problems

Yes, we've been having problems with our electricity all day!

We woke at 6am, to the Verizon box beeping. See, it beeps when the power is disconnected. When it would beep every five minutes or so, that's when we realized something was wrong.

The issue? Well, some things had power, some had intermittent power, some had no power.

At 10, after doing some cleaning, I went to the office. They had me call the emergency line. They sent someone over. He said it was an outside-the-apartment issue, and called Dominion power.

Dominion power was supposed to be here at 4, so we turned off the breaker. When no moe showed up by 5:30, we turned the breaker in again. As it stands most if the stuff in the fridge and freezer will has to be tossed out anyways... But I didn't want to lose it all.

And because it was simply overdue, we got 2 of the battery surge protectors. One for the computer room and one for the living room. So not we don't have to worry about the power flicking on and off as much.

I just with the power guys would get here, so I can commence with tossing things in the fridge out! (and washing clothes.... And washing dishes...)

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