Friday, March 22, 2013

Rape.. and consent

I must admit, I'm tired.  I'm really tired of people not getting it.

I'm tired of the media that actually seemed to take the Stubenville rapists's sides.

I'm tired of society thinking this is all okay.

And then I read this.  Go.  read it now.

And it got me thinking.  Someone has to teach the young how to act in polite society.   Clearly the media, and other adult influences aren't working.

Children need to learn the definition of rape.  And the definition of consent.

Rape.  Rape isn't about sex.  It has nothing to do with what was worn, what was said, if there was flirting.  It's about power.  Using sex to gain power over someone.  No one is ever "asking for it."  And I'm sorry "I couldn't help myself" isn't good enough.  It makes all men look stupid.

Is that clear enough?  Rape isn't about sex.

Now consent.  Let me make this clearer:

  • No means no.
  • If you're fooling around, and one party says no, at any point... there is no consent.
  • If the people involved has sex before.. or many time before.. if one person says no... there's no consent.
  • If the person has a reputation for sleeping around... if they say no... there is no consent.
  • If the couple is married, and she says no... there is no consent.
  • If the person is a sex worker... and she says no.. there is no consent.
  • If the woman's buck naked... and she doesn't say yes.. there's no consent.
  • If the person is passed out, and unable to answer... there is no consent.
  • if the person is below the legal age for consent there is no consent.
How can I get any clearer?  if there was "yes" when the discussion of sex came up, then the person didn't consent.  

If there is no consent, then the sexual act was rape.

Simple, right?

Try telling that to the media.

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