Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Weekend that was....

I am obligated to work 2 weekends a year.  The first is Commencement.  It's always Mother's Day.  (Well, except during the 400th anniversary of Jamestown.. and the Queen was visiting)

the other is Graduate Open House.

That was just this passed weekend.

This is something that my office manager usually handles.  Since she's out, and they keep extending her leave (the doctor won't let her back, she's MORE than ready).. I did it.

I spend Friday (with the help of some grad students) setting up tables, getting the coffee and supplies ready to go, making sure that I had plates.

Saturday we set up and took down both breakfast and lunch.  We drove to get the lunch.  All this, with a broken elevator.  Which was actually broken in a very interesting way....

You couldn't go to the 3rd floor while in the elevator.  that button was broken.  But you could call the elevator to the third floor...

So every time we cleaned up from a meal (breakfast was on the 2nd floor and lunch was on the 4th floor), the SE wheeled t he cart into the elevator and pushed a button.  I then ran the stairs, and hit the button to call the elevator to the 3rd floor.

I wish I'd worn my FitBit.  I might have had some great step numbers.

But anyways, that's done.  The next headache is commencement.

I just hope my office manager can come back soon!

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