Monday, March 4, 2013

Operation Uber Puppy Scrub!

So Saturday night I had this dream.  Yeah... it was weird..

Sunday came, and with it laundry and grocery shopping.  Then it was time to clean the stinky puppy.

Y'all... I seriously cleaned her!

I muzzled her (because I like my fingers), clipped her nails, cleaned her ears, trimmed the ear fur, then washed her butt, and dumped her into the tub for a bath.

She then ran around the apartment and rubbed herself on everything for the next two hours.

A surprise appearance by my monthly friend had me laid out on the sofa all afternoon.  I had a puppy (who had forgiven me by this point), a snuggie and Downton Abbey.  (As an aside, I'm glad I'm not the only one that's unsurprised that O'Brien is leaving.)  Milkshakes happened, dinner didn't really happen.  We saw 4 episodes of Revolution, and then Once Upon a Time.

I went to bed, but I swear I didn't sleep a bit.  Thankfully Kim Jong-un wasn't trying to take over my dream again!  (Those pesky North Koreans!)

Well, I came into work, and discovered that there was a disaster with the HVAC system, that soaked 3 professor's offices.


And the cramps are back....

can I have my snuggie, Downton Abbey and my puppy again?

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