Monday, March 18, 2013

A perfect storm of Monday fails....

So, at my house we have many, many morning quirks, many of them involving animals.

So here's my morning, Movies in 15 Minutes Style.  (If you've not read this site, do.  It's hilarious!!)

Dog:  *whines to be let out of the bedroom*

Dog: *whines to come back on the bed*

(repeat this for the next half hour)

Me:  Ok, let's go on walkies!
Dog:  *goes crazy!*
Rain:  *sprinkles*
Dog:  Ok... inside now... *refuses to pee.. or walk..*
Me:  *facepalm*
Dog:  *runs inside, falls alseep on the sofa*

(I work out, then turn on last night's Army Wives, review forthcoming)
Time:  *flies*

(I make breakfast and shower)
Cat:  *gets underfoot*  MEOW!!  Don't do it!  It's water!!
Me:  Move!  *trips on cat.  gets into the shower*
Cat:  *watches from outside the shower.*
Shower:  *stops*
Cat: *rubs all over wet legs*
Me:  * eats breakfast*
Dog:  *wakes up*  Can I lick the bowl?

Me:  I'm not that late!
Dog:  *hides in the usual spots*
Cat:  *gets underfoot*
Rain: *pours*
Traffic on the highway:  *comes to a halt*
Me:  *Gets off highway, waits at various lights*
Highway traffic on the overpass:  *speeds by*

Me:  Not too late....
Elevator:  *is broken*

can I go home now?

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