Thursday, March 28, 2013

My yearly spiritual crisis

It happens every year or so, right around now....

I have a crisis of faith.

Simply put, I feel that I'm not good enough to be a Unitarian Universalist anymore.

It's silly.  And all completely in my head.  But there it is.

Now let me tell you why....

UU's are incredibly involved in social justice.  Many of them are all green and trying to defend the environment.  They want to feed the hungry, and insure voting rights and bring peace, and save the spotted owl and bring back Firefly and all.

And around Earth day (and during pledge season), a lot of that is up front and vocal.

And without meaning to, I feel inadequate.

At times I feel awkward around the Young Adult group (I know.. I know.. I'm old) because I'm not more gung ho about saving the world.

I mean, I do what I can.  I don't use bottled water.  I use those bulbs that use less energy.  I take short showers.  I can't plant a garden to grow my own food... I don't go to farmer's markets (as previously stated).... we don't recycle (because apartments don't recycle).   I won't go march on Washington, or go door to door and sign petitions.

And honestly, most days I just want to accomplish putting the laundry away...  Because that's all I can handle at times.

I think I just need to get over myself....

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