Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Monday already?

Seriously, this is me today.  I took off Friday and did some serious cleaning.  I did less cleaning on Saturday.  I did even less on Sunday....

That laundry that needed to be done?  Nope.

I decided to get a ham yesterday  and I made it.. that was the sum total accomplishment of yesterday.

This morning is a big morning in the life of the graduate students in my department.  It's Comprehensive Exam morning.  This means that bleary eyed Graduate Students come and pick up exams from me.  I had to print, stuff envelopes, double check my work and make sure it was all ready before 8am.

I had nightmares ALL NIGHT about it.


(And the first student was in at 7:50)

I took benedryl last night, which has left me feeling stoned this morning...

I clearly need more coffee...

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