Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rock of Ages

Woke up this morning, to the sewer backing up into the toilet and tub. What does one do when they can't use their bathroom? They go to the movies!

So we went to see Rock of Ages!! It wasn't an Oscar winning movie. But it was fun! This movie was made for people my age. This was the music that I grew up with! I desperately wanted to sing along. (a sing along version of this movie would rock!!)

First off, Tom Cruise. He totally killed the role! Simply amazing! And who knew Russell Brand could sing? And of course, Catherine Zeta-Jones was amazing. But we already knew that.

The movie was great. I see it becoming part of my collection.

We're now back at home. I can't take a shower, or use the toilet until the apartment folks call a plumber. It's hotter than Hades out. I want a pool, a cabana and a margarita!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Insurance

Love it or hate it, the Supreme Court upheld the President's Health Care act.

Me?  I'm rather glad.

From the beginning, this legislation was clunky, and only placed band-aids over the big issues.  We all knew the current health care system in the country is broken.  When I was uninsured, I had to see a doctor (death would have resulted if I didn't).    My 15 minute appointment cost me $200.   That's like $800 on hour for the doctor's time.  Amazing.

In my opinion, there's more good in this legislation than bad.

  • I love that fact that preventative care is covered.  It saves money in the long run.  
  • Covering people with pre-exisitng conditions helps to save lives.  My friend might be around today if he went to a doctor months before he landed in the ICU.. he was uninsured and didn't want to get diagnosed with something before his insurance kicked in.
  • Forcing the health insurance companies to use most of the profits for like.. health?  Wonderful idea.
Most people are upset that they have to now get insurance.  I get that.  It's REALLY expensive.  If your employer doesn't cover you, that's a lot of out of pocket cost.  I completely understand their anger.  Now, I have to re-read this provision.  Hopefully there's some loophole out of it if you're unemployed and not eligible for Medicare (I wasn't).

But I think of it this way:  If you can afford to get insurance (your employer offers it, or you make a lot of money), and don't... say you come down with Leukemia.  It's bad... since you never went to a doctor.  That 5 day stay in ICU will be over $100,000.  Plus the chemo and doctor's visits that you're going to get.  The surgery to put in a port?  Also out of pocket.  If you don't have insurance, or the money to pay for that, the tax payers pay for it.  It's scenarios like this that the law was designed to prevent.

So now if you chose to be uninsured, you are taxed.  Ok.  You pay higher taxes if you're unmarried.  You pay higher taxes if you have no children.  You pay higher taxes if you don't make charitable contributions.  

As someone that makes sure to get her preventative care (oh, that lovely yearly boobie squish), and who has pre-existing conditions (gotta love asthma and high blood pressure), I'm all for this act.

If you're not.. that's your choice. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Can I go back to bed now?

It's been one of those mornings.  I woke up with the roof of my mouth, and back of my throat itching.  (If you've never experienced that, consider yourself lucky.)  I took the dog on a walk, but was too walking-dead-ish to work out further.  I made coffee and finished the rest of the creamer (looks like I'm headed to Wal Mart tonight...), then came to work.

My hair, which was up in a bun, caused me a headache. And I'm alone in the office... again.

This ins't a bad thing, but I get lonely.  Which makes my mind wander.  And it makes me want to eat chocolate cake.

I have to make it to July 4th.  I'm taking some vacation, and getting a 5 day weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bunheads ReCap: Inherit the Wind

It looks like Michelle's been in town for a few days now.  She seems to own Fanny's house, land and the building the studio is in.  Neither of them is taking this well.

This week we met more of the town.  We got a glimpse of why Sasha is such a bitch.  We saw where Boo's physique comes from.  We met Ginny's mother (who is a SLIMY real estate agent!)

We also were introduced to a potential love interest for Michelle, the rich guy that lives on the private road.

We also saw how pervasive the small town mentality is.  I mean, getting arrested for standing at the end of a private road?  Come on!

For the first time we got to hear Michelle's insecurities.  How she really has no home.  We also got to see that this place could truly be her home, especially after stumbling across the little guest house.  (Which I love.  Can I live there?)

The bad part?  The show comes back July 9th. 

I must say, I was drawn to the show because I was a dancer.  I was lost, like Michelle.  I keep watching because of the incredible heart the show has.  And the writing.  Top notch!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Date Night!!

The word came down on Thursday night that the Spousal Equivalent was going to have to work ALL weekend.  This was distressing to me, since we had no less that three movies that I wanted to see!

So I left work early, and we went to Cinema Cafe for dinner AND a movie!  We saw Brave.  I've been waiting for this movie for almost a year (since the first trailer came out!)  The movie was everything that I'd imagined!  I won't spoil it, but needless to say.... I'll be attending the Highland Games this year!

The rest of the weekend involved picking up essentials (and non essentials) at the store, and cleaning.  Everything got done with the exception on the Laundry.

Tonight's plan, walk the dog, work out a bit (to counteract the non-essential ice cream) and sorting said laundry!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Penn State

I've got to tell you... this whole thing leaves me a little sick.

I missed the original story, and came in to this whole thing during the riots.  All I knew is that some people got fired, and the students got pissed and rioted.  I didn't get it.  It's just football!  No one died.  It's just a stupid game!

Then I learned the real reason, and it made me sick.  Students rioted in protest of people being let go because they either covered up, or failed to report child abuse.  Shame!

As the story got more and more detailed, and accuser after accuser came forward (now the guy's own son is accusing him!  damn!) I fully understood why people had to go.  Educators have to report suspected abuse.  It's that simple.  Depending on the organization, you either call the hotline, or report it to your supervisor.  This place was obviously a "report it to your supervisor" place.  Well, when supervisor after supervisor failed to act, and person after person came forward.... Penn State did what they had to do.  They cleaned house.  Any school, any where would do the same thing.

But what disturbs me the most are the riots.  Have a peaceful protest.  Riots just make the college students look like spoiled brats that don't want to lose their football.

American Outliers

So my summer viewing this year has had two interesting additions: Amish: Out of Order, and  American Colony:  Meet the Hutterites.

Absolutely fascinating!!!

I love to see into these closed communities and see what they do and learn why they do it!

But in all of these episodes, and I believe the shows are mostly finished airing, I have one question:

Does Michaela join the Amish?

In my mind, that's the far more interesting story.  Following her on her journey.

She should blog about it.  it would be one hell of an interesting blog!!!

Or make it's own interesting reality show!

My Workout partner

Remember the part about creating a habit.  Well, after getting up twice for a nice 5:45am walk, my workout partner quickly made it a habit.

Yes, my small, fuzzy workout partner that simply LOVES her walkies.  And with it being close to 100 degrees, I'd rather get the walk in before the pavement gets hot.

So Misty and I are now going out, to get a brisk 15 minute walk in before the morning gets too hot.  She won't let me sleep in.  When my alarm goes off and I reach to slap the snooze button, she lick me in the face until I get up.

What a good, devoted workout buddy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It takes longer to create a good habit, than it does to create a bad habit.

Between the surgery and the vertigo, I have severely fallen out of my fitness habit. It doesn't help that it's well over 90 out.

What does this mean? It means that I need to get my butt out of bed early. I have a 10-15 minute dog walk route. With some creativity, I can blow that out to 20 minutes.

The other thing I need to do is monitor my blood pressure better. At the very least, I needed to measure it the day that I get weighed.

It all starts tomorrow!

Edited to add: I got a chiropractic adjustment today. It's helped the headache immensely! Tomorrow it's going to be hot, so I HAVE to start early!

Bunheads: A Review!

I saw MONTHS ago that this show was being picked up.  I did a dance of joy.  Why?  Sutton Foster.  I think she's simply amazing.  I want to be her when I grow up.  She's simply amazing.

I've watched the first episode a few times, and I've even seen the second episode twice.  I must say, the show is SO much more than ballet.  It's about Michelle Simms (Foster), former ballerina and Broadway Dancer.  She moved to Vegas to live the good life, then time slipped away.  Before she new it, she was older, and couldn't go back to the dance career that she wanted.  The Hubble walked into her life.  He was a business man that took her out every time he was in Vegas (which seemed to be once a month).  He adored her.  She put up with him.  Michelle hits the bottom, gets drunk and agrees to marry Hubble.  They go to his house, which is inhabited by his mother, an eccentric ballet teacher who loves her knickknacks.  She's hurt that he eloped.  His ex-girlfriend is very hurt that he eloped.  Things happen....

And Hubble dies.  Just like that.

Now Michelle is in this strange place, with people that don't know her, or like her.

I adore how Foster portrays Michelle.  Michelle is just lost.  She covers it with humor, but she's a woman that has lost her path in life.

Anyways, don't take my word for it.  Watch the show.  Trust me.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dave Matthews Band, VB Amphitheater, 6/17/2012

It's not often that I go to see live music.  But thanks to my lovely cousin, who has been touring with the Dave Matthews Band for, like, forever... I got to do just that.

I've been twice before.  I must say, this time we had the best seats.  Though, I had issues understanding the lyrics.  It might be me (the vertigo signaling some hearing problem), it may be a general concert thing, or it may be a speaker thing (we were sitting on the far right).

I also have to say that I recognized two songs.  I'm a bad fan!!  I need to see if I can find a set list somewhere and see what those songs were!!

We got there and said hello to my cousin, then went to the lounge to get something to drink, and got back in time for the opening act.

The headliner went on about 8:30.  Fantastic opening!

the concert featured a like 5 minute PennyWhistle solo!  Seriously!  It was the best pennywhistle playing in the history of... well.. pennywhistles!!!  There was an awesome fiddling, featuring Boyd Tinsley!  Simply amazing!!

We stayed until around 10. The SE has to work EARLY, so it was time to go home.  I walked by three t-shirt booths on the way out.  I wanted a shirt with one of these on it:

but didn't want to pay $35.  Come to find out, those were 20th anniversary shirts.  Damnit.

We got home, after searching for our car for 20 minutes, and correctly taking the HOV lane.

This morning, I am SO tired!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Yesterday, before lunch, I had a brief episode of dizziness. We all have them. The world spins for a few seconds, then it gets better. Well, this time it got worse, and worse.

I stumbled into my Office Manager's office, and asked to be driven to the doctor's office. I was scared. It was awful!

We go to the doctor, he diagnoses an inner ear thing (no infection), and REALLY high blood pressure. He wanted to put me on stronger blood pressure meds, which I was allergic to. A second BP measurement showed that the blood pressure was better (my theory is that the bad dizziness caused a panic attack, which made my blood pressure spike, which made the blood pressure worse).

Thankfully, everything got better overnight. But it was scary.

Now, my mission to to rest, and remain calm.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

*sigh* Wednesday

Today is the moment of truth.  My weigh in day.

The week after surgery, I lost some weight.  Last week I gained it all back.  Plus, my mom was visiting.. which means going out a lot.  Plus, it's that time of the month.

Honestly, I want to eat a chocolate cake and hide under the bed.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

That was quite the weekend.

My mom came.. and went.

It was a packed weekend.  I took her on a tour of campus, including a tour of the Wren Building.  We then went to the new and improved Williamsburg Pottery, which I don't like as much as the old, run down place.  Saturday we went to the Army Transportation Museum.  I was pleasantly surprised by that place.  It's FREE, to boot!  Sunday was church, and my BFF's daughter's first birthday party (which was awkward.  I was the only friend there with no kids).

Today she went back, and I went to the office.  Actually, I've been alone, and weepy at the office for the last few hours.  I want Disney movies, chocolate and my puppy.

I has an extreme case of sad today.

My family is very close.  I seem to forget this, until the day that I leave them again.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sometimes, it just hits you in the gut

Last week, after surgery and not exercising and all, I lost over 2 pounds.  This week, I gained it back.

And it devastated me.  I'd gone back to my morning power walks with the pup (who LOVES them), my food choices weren't the best through, decent, but not he best.  It shouldn't have surprised me.  But it devastated me.

It's been a weird week.  Last week I was so un-hungry.  This week I felt like I was starving.  The office was completely devoid of people this week.  Apparently that makes me want to snack.

I'm rather disgusted with myself about the whole thing.  Now, we could chalk it up to it being the time of the month, body re-adjustments post-surgery, weight in wearing normal clothes or a host of things.

In a few hours my mom will be here.  This means eating out, and my schedule being thrown off.  I think my goal for next week's weigh in will be simply to not gain any.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Because of Camp..

I was up early, taking my daily power walk with the dog.  The sound of the birds, and the drip of water off the buildings reminded me of getting up early to shower when I was a Resident camp counselor at Camp Talooli.

As an elementary school student, I attended a week of camp with a friend.  It was simply awful.  I really didn't have a positive experience.  But when college rolled around, and I needed work, I looked to camps for my summer employment.

It was my friend Nikki that steered me to Talooli.  She and her family had been going there since soon after the early cooled (or so it seemed), so I decided to try it.  Who knew that this moment would lead to the next eleven summers of my life.

I started out as a day camp/resident camp counselor in 1995.  It was the last year of that particular split in schedule.  It was also the first year that electricity came to the cabins.  I think it was one of the last years of cloth tents in the Ayan campsite.  My very first day of staff training I was dumped out of a canoe.  There were only three CIT3's that year, one of which was my friend Chelsey.

I worked resident camp for a few summers, then switched to day camp, feeling too old to stay over.  I saw changed in schedule, the beginning of the tradition of whistles and beads (I still have my whistle!), regular weekly campfire cooking lessons, the end of afternoon choice activities, the beginning of the weekly cookout, complete with MegaDog parade (if you haven't seen it, you should.  It's a spectacular).  I spent two years running the art program, one year as a CIT director and then spent the rest of my tenure at Camp as Boating Director.

When I left there in 2005, the camp was mostly staffed by campers that had grown up there, and graduated the CIT program.  The Ayan tents were now cabins.  There were five activity slots instead of 4.  We had a pirate ship, a music program, and the flag field was moved to the ball field.  It was a different place, but in many ways it was still the same.

I still keep in touch with many of the staff and the campers that grew up and became staff.  It makes me feel amazingly old to see the campers that I had when they were six years old not grown enough to run the camp.  I helped kids that were afraid of the dark conquer a night hike.  I helped kids that were afraid of drowning get in a boat and paddle it (I usually opened with "I'm not getting wet today, so you might as well come boating with me"). I saw kids transform from bratty kids to confident teen leaders.

So when your kids come to you and ask to go to camp, don't think about it.  Say yes.  Your child won't die of homesickness.  They won't down in the lake or be eaten by a bear.  The be changed by their experience. In all the right ways.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dude, it's all in your head!!

I hear this quite often from the Spousal Equivalent.  He means it with love.
I've been largely absent from church, and church-related activity.  Why?  Because something in my own head told me I'm not good enough.  UU's are masters of environmentally friendly living, social justice and the like.  Those are issues that I'm not the master of.  I'm not this perfect, ideal UU, so somehow I got the idea in my head that I didn't belong there.

We all know it's silly.  Heck, I know that it's silly!  There is no measuring stick that I need to measure to attend services.  The fellowship ins't judging me.
Hell, some people have even said that they miss seeing me around!

I think it's time to kick my own but and get back to these activities.

Well... except this week's choir practice... My mom's getting into town that day.....