Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bunheads ReCap: Inherit the Wind

It looks like Michelle's been in town for a few days now.  She seems to own Fanny's house, land and the building the studio is in.  Neither of them is taking this well.

This week we met more of the town.  We got a glimpse of why Sasha is such a bitch.  We saw where Boo's physique comes from.  We met Ginny's mother (who is a SLIMY real estate agent!)

We also were introduced to a potential love interest for Michelle, the rich guy that lives on the private road.

We also saw how pervasive the small town mentality is.  I mean, getting arrested for standing at the end of a private road?  Come on!

For the first time we got to hear Michelle's insecurities.  How she really has no home.  We also got to see that this place could truly be her home, especially after stumbling across the little guest house.  (Which I love.  Can I live there?)

The bad part?  The show comes back July 9th. 

I must say, I was drawn to the show because I was a dancer.  I was lost, like Michelle.  I keep watching because of the incredible heart the show has.  And the writing.  Top notch!

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