Monday, June 18, 2012

Dave Matthews Band, VB Amphitheater, 6/17/2012

It's not often that I go to see live music.  But thanks to my lovely cousin, who has been touring with the Dave Matthews Band for, like, forever... I got to do just that.

I've been twice before.  I must say, this time we had the best seats.  Though, I had issues understanding the lyrics.  It might be me (the vertigo signaling some hearing problem), it may be a general concert thing, or it may be a speaker thing (we were sitting on the far right).

I also have to say that I recognized two songs.  I'm a bad fan!!  I need to see if I can find a set list somewhere and see what those songs were!!

We got there and said hello to my cousin, then went to the lounge to get something to drink, and got back in time for the opening act.

The headliner went on about 8:30.  Fantastic opening!

the concert featured a like 5 minute PennyWhistle solo!  Seriously!  It was the best pennywhistle playing in the history of... well.. pennywhistles!!!  There was an awesome fiddling, featuring Boyd Tinsley!  Simply amazing!!

We stayed until around 10. The SE has to work EARLY, so it was time to go home.  I walked by three t-shirt booths on the way out.  I wanted a shirt with one of these on it:

but didn't want to pay $35.  Come to find out, those were 20th anniversary shirts.  Damnit.

We got home, after searching for our car for 20 minutes, and correctly taking the HOV lane.

This morning, I am SO tired!

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