Monday, June 25, 2012

Date Night!!

The word came down on Thursday night that the Spousal Equivalent was going to have to work ALL weekend.  This was distressing to me, since we had no less that three movies that I wanted to see!

So I left work early, and we went to Cinema Cafe for dinner AND a movie!  We saw Brave.  I've been waiting for this movie for almost a year (since the first trailer came out!)  The movie was everything that I'd imagined!  I won't spoil it, but needless to say.... I'll be attending the Highland Games this year!

The rest of the weekend involved picking up essentials (and non essentials) at the store, and cleaning.  Everything got done with the exception on the Laundry.

Tonight's plan, walk the dog, work out a bit (to counteract the non-essential ice cream) and sorting said laundry!

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