Friday, June 22, 2012

Penn State

I've got to tell you... this whole thing leaves me a little sick.

I missed the original story, and came in to this whole thing during the riots.  All I knew is that some people got fired, and the students got pissed and rioted.  I didn't get it.  It's just football!  No one died.  It's just a stupid game!

Then I learned the real reason, and it made me sick.  Students rioted in protest of people being let go because they either covered up, or failed to report child abuse.  Shame!

As the story got more and more detailed, and accuser after accuser came forward (now the guy's own son is accusing him!  damn!) I fully understood why people had to go.  Educators have to report suspected abuse.  It's that simple.  Depending on the organization, you either call the hotline, or report it to your supervisor.  This place was obviously a "report it to your supervisor" place.  Well, when supervisor after supervisor failed to act, and person after person came forward.... Penn State did what they had to do.  They cleaned house.  Any school, any where would do the same thing.

But what disturbs me the most are the riots.  Have a peaceful protest.  Riots just make the college students look like spoiled brats that don't want to lose their football.

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