Monday, December 30, 2013

Win Some... Lose Some...

Today was full of wins and losses

Win:  We don't have to clean the carpet at the old apartment
Loss:  over Christmas vacation, homeless people were living in our apartment, and went through all of our stuff

Win:  Nothing was stolen!
Loss:  Who knew that I had an old social security card in the bottom of a jewelry box

Win:  Credit Fraud Protection is free, and took 5 minutes to set up
Loss:  Misty ate an Oreo

Win:  The party kit for the ABC Family Sneak Peak party pack arrived!
Loss:  The Pretty Little Liars favors are a total loss

(Viewing party, anyone?)

Win:  My Bath and Body Works order came!
Loss: We have more crap in this house!!!

Win:  My Gold Starbucks Card came!!
Loss:  it has my married name on it.  I need a gold sharpie to cover it!

And now, time to take down the tree!

Well that was unexpected!

This was my weight before we left for Texas.

In Texas I didn't exercise.  I ate like a pound of fudge, and smothered, covered, bacon topped, fried and smoked things.  Vegetables? Not a one.  I had cereal for breakfast every day, with whole milk.  I haven't had whole milk in YEARS!

Don't get me wrong.  it was all tasty.  So I figured that I'd gain a few pounds then work harder when I got home.  (I didn't factor getting sick)

This morning. I step on the scale and see this:

I lost a pound.

(The 169.4 goal is my 10% Weight Watchers goal)

Color me surprised!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Lone Star State

Warning! This is going to be a long blog post. It's a collected post from my entire trip to Texas!

~December 20, 2013~
Greeting from the Lone star State! We're spending the week with the Spousal Equivalent's family in Texas.

The trip started with a red eye into Houston. We landed well after 11 (local time) and were picked up by the SE's step sister. We then drove to the outskirts of Houston, out where the roads and narrow and curvy. Out where the pavement ended. Out where the stars were bright.

SE's dad's house reminds me of Camp Talooli. A pond and fishing and the like.

Everyone in his family was so warm and friendly. I felt so welcomed by the family.

~December 20, 2013~
The day after we got there, it was decided that we would borrow a car and drive to SE's mom's place. The drive was just over 4 hours. We drove through wide farm land, with vistas larger than I've ever seen. We drove past ranches. Everything was wide open and green.

Eventually we started traveling up, gaining altitude. The green grass was replaced by brown grass and brushy shrubs. Then we started seeing cactuses. We had eventually reached Texas Hill Country. The topography was exactly what I pictured Texas
would look like.

~December 23, 2013~
We made sure that we got time to see his mom. She's currently undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer. She seems to be doing well, but she gets tired so easily. After only 2 days there, we left to come back to his Dad's place. I don't think she could handle any more of us.

~December 24, 2013~
Christmas Eve morning started too early. I couldn't sleep. I was trying to puzzle out gifts to buy for SE's family (that could be obtained at Wal Mart). The SE was just up. He couldn't sleep.

Later on we found out why. This year the SE got the Flu for Christmas. He slept on and off all day. I hung out with his family. Thankfully his family is the easiest family to hang out with!

Today was also a first. It was the first time that I heard the phrases "dagum" and "fixin' to" used in a sentence.  Unironically! Yup, I'm in Texas!

~December 25, 2013~
All too soon, Christmas was upon us. We actually woke before anyone else in the house, due to the both of us being such morning people. Thankfully the Spousal Equivalent is feeling better. He's still not well, but he's doing much better than last night.

~December 27, 2013~
Our last night in Texas passed with little fanfare. Leftovers were eaten. Movies were watched. The lingering cigarette smoke in the house really was bothering me, so I went to bed at a reasonable hour.

I woke before dawn, after a night of tossing and turning. I didn't feel so hot.

We left before first light for the airport. And the unthinkable happened. The plane was broken. After a delay of almost 4 hours (and the complete missing of our connecting flight), we finally got into the air, headed to Atlanta. Our connection was rebooked, landing at 10pm, instead of 3:30. Which is quite the difference. I'm sick, and in need of my puppy.

The vacation was great, but I just want to be home.

I got choked up as we left this morning. I went into this trip nervously. I didn't know what to expect. And as much as I desperately want to be home, I will miss the adventure that we are on.

Edited to Add:

We spent the last few hours of the trip at a gate at the Atlanta Airport.  Maybe 3 gates down from us was this Asian Gate agent.  He had an accent that wold have been offensive, if the guy wasn't already Asian.  And man, was he funny!  At one point, as people were crowded around the gate, for an already late flight he enthusiastically asked:  "Who is ready to go to Mobile?"  The crowed answered "We are!"  he then added, "Great, can one of you fly the plane?  We need a pilot."

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Can I have some wine with lunch?

Here in the department it's Graduate Application season.

This is me.  For like the last few weeks.

Why?  Because for some reason there is a mountain of trouble associated with the applications this year.

  • I've had a record number of people that claimed that they uploaded materials, when there was no place TO upload them.  
  • I've had multiple people send me copies and scans of transcripts, even after I ask for them to from the registrar, in a sealed envelope.
  • I've had more than a few people not able to find the mailing address, even when it's on the website.  In bold.  With a title.  Centered on the page.
  • Many supplemental materials are late because they were sent to the college's PO box.  Just the PO box.  With no department or name on it.  
  • The post office has been sending out transcripts that DO have the department's name on it to Undergrad Admissions.
  • GRE scores from October never showed up.  Simply never showed up.  I can't do anything about it.  Somehow this is my fault.
  • Somehow not knowing that we require official transcripts and GRE scores.  even after you've applied here before
I spent 5 hours yesterday sending emails detailing what materials were missing.  Which triggered an avalanche of emails back INSISTING that their materials were in.  In some cases, they are transcripts that I suspect are misplaced in other offices.  In others.... seriously... write the correct address!!

Can I have wine now?

Monday, December 16, 2013

It's been one of those days

I decided to go to Target after work. So I get on the highway....

And forgot to get off.

I know. Seriously. I ended up on the same road that the old apartment is on, so I decided to pick some things up. Of course, I forgot the cat litter scoop.

I got home and unloaded the car. After taking everything inside, I let out the dog to get her leashed up for a walk.

I opened the door and who went out? The cat.

Yes. The cat. I shouted. The cat froze. She ran in and was pounced by the dog.

That was a perfect summing up of my day. After a day alone in the office, forgetting to run the errand that I left to run, forgetting to pick up the item I went to the old place to get, and the cat getting out.... I needed wine.

So dinner was spaghetti carbonara with a side of wine.

No dishes, laundry and maybe some unpacking.

Race Day!

Yesterday I did this!!

My day started early.  My alarm went off at 6.  I got up and made breakfast, only eating half of it.  I didn't know what to wear.  How hot the day would get.  How warm I'd feel in the race.

I settled on a pair of yoga pants, my cold weather running top, with the official race shirt over it.  I wore my Jayne hat (which I took off half way through the race).

We got there, and I found my friends.  My Weight Watchers group.

(This picture is actually from the end of the race)

Soon after the race started, it was clear that I needed to keep my own pace, so I ran alone.  The race course started out in the parking lot before going into the park.

We ran into the park on the path between Ireland and New France.  On that hill.  Seriously!  The hill felt almost vertical!

We ran through New France, then into Germany.  We circled the tree that is outside of Das Festhaus before heading to the bridge that leads to San Marco.  There were Marines stationed on the bridge in full uniform.

From San Marco, we ran to Holiday Hills.  Around the tea cups (my favorite ride), then down by Escape to Pompeii.  Then through England, Ireland and back out to the parking lot.  From here, the race route snakes back and forth in the parking lot.  The back and forth was rather advantageous.  I'd run into the faster runners from my group.  They shouted encouraging things to me.  I shouted encouraging things to the runners from my group that were behind me.

Now, when I say run I was overstretching the truth.  I half run and half walked the race.  Until the end.  I saw the finish line.  And I saw my Spousal Equivalent.  And I shouted to him (the quote on the button, which, like the hat is from Firefly):

And I crossed the finish line.


I did it!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Well, we've done it. We're living somewhere else now!

Well, my birthday weekend was quite the weekend.  Saturday started early.  It was cold and wet.  And I had the pets in the car.  You see, the pets were to be the first of our family to move into the new house.

The next few hours were filled with a flurry of incredible helpful friends helping us pack our crap into boxes and bags and haul it to the new place.  Our old apartment looks like a tornado hit it, and is in desperate need of cleaning.

The new house?  It's coming along.  My books are unpacked.  His are getting there.  We still have random boxes of things.  There are still things that we can't find.

But the living room is put together.  The tree is up.

Everything else will happen when it happens.

As for the rest of my birthday weekend?

It didn't go as planned.  Most of the scheduled activities were rained out.  My race was postponed.  Christmas Town was put off for another day.

Come to think of it, I didn't have any cake....

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

There is so much to do!!!!

Yesterday and today, around 4pm, it happened. The panic attack. The muscles in my jaw were so tight and overused that my chin hurt. Mind you, I'm not grinding my teeth, just clenching my jaw.

Why am I stressed? Oh, let's see.

~ Thursday is a big deadline at work. This deadline means a massive amount of work in the next two weeks

~ new choir music! and a backlog of work that needs to get done, with no time to do it

~ we're moving!!!! On Saturday!!!

~ I'm running a race on Sunday. Apparently I'll be running it in an ice storm. A storm that will ruin my birthday plans

I have decided that tonight I'll have cake and I'll take tomorrow as it comes. Maybe I'll take an afternoon off of taking things over to the new house.

But now...cake.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1, and I have too much to do!

It's official.  In 6 days we move.  In 7 days it's my race.

I can see that we have a good amount of items already out of the house and safely at the new place.

But there is so much more to do!

I've already brought over the lion's share of my clothes, all of my books, all of the clothes in my closet, and all of the items that I have stored.

And it doesn't seem like it's made a dent.

So here's my plan for the rest of this week:

Today: pack everything.  Fill every box that we have left here.

Monday-Thursday: Fill the back seat of my car with said boxes every morning and deliver the boxes to the new place every evening on my way home.

I think along the way I'll make even more bags of stuff to donate.  I have WAY too much stuff!

Now, off to pack.
But maybe a nap first.  We went to Christmas Town yesterday and I am tired!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Invasion of the Kittens: Day 2

Well, yesterday was less interesting.  Orion and Meryl only tussled once.  No cat blocked me from my bed.
 Misty was even more shy and skittish around the cats.  (I think she got swiped at).

Yay for things being uninteresting!

I think the only excitement that we had last night was when Misty got into the cat's dishes!  She had some wet cat food for a snack.  *facepalm*  I mist remember to close the baby gate.

Today I'm off of work, so the to-do list is HUGE.

  • clean the kitchen
  • clean the bathroom
  • find my caches of junk and make them go away (or pack into a box)
  • and LAUNDRY
All that, and I need to fit in a work out somewhere.  I think it will be an indoor workout.  It's raining!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and honestly... tomorrow includes cooking and taking things over to the new house.  I'm hoping for three trips!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Invasion of the Kitties: Day One

Our friends went out of town this week, so we're watching their cats.  We've done this before.  No big deal.

Well, yesterday was fun...

it all started at 6am.  The kitties were dropped off.  One of them hid under the bed, while the other hid in her kennel.  Misty decided to try to play.... there was a lot of hissing and growling.  (Who knew cats could growl?)  Misty though this was playing.  Lyra (the cat in the kennel) didn't.

So I went to work, leaving the dog kenneled and the cats to their own devices.  When the Spousal Equivalent came home, our cat met him at the door MOST UPSET!  over the course of the night, we found out why.

A few times, Meryl (our quiet, calm cat) would walk down the hall, or go to her favorite perch.  And Orion (A larger male cat) would be there, hissing and growling and ready to tussle.  And tussle they did.

The kicker was at 10.  I wanted to get into the bedroom.  But Orion was sitting on the latch of the baby gate.  Which was quite an impressive feat in and of itself.

Orion:  *hiss*  *hiss*  *loud growl*  None shall pass!
Me:  Excuse me?  I'm not a Balrog.  Let me in.
Orion: *growls louder*  *hisses some more*  You heard me!
Me:  *gets the squirt bottle*
Orion:  Oh yeah?
Me:  *squirts him, with a light, gentle mist*
Orion:  I've been burned with acid!!!  You'll pay!  *hides under my bed*
Me:  *tries to get into bed*
Orion:  *claws at my ankle*
Me:  Oh no you didn't!!!  *squirts the bead skirt*
Orion:  NNNOOOOO!!!  *goes to hide in the window*

Let's hope today will be less adventurous.

And I hope that Lyra comes out of hiding.  She must think we're mean!  I can Imagine what Orion is telling her!

Monday, November 25, 2013

It's cold enough to freeze your Winnebago!

Somehow, winter is upon us.  There was a 70 degree day last week.  Today, it's 30.

This weekend was spent packing.  I packed books, and clothes out of my dresser.  The Spousal Equivalent and I stopped at the Liquor Store to get boxes to pack his books.

This exchange happened:

SE:  Hey, do you have any boxes that we can have?
Liquor Store Guy:  *Evil grin*  how many do you want?
SE:  How many have you got?
LSG: We can fill your car!  Pull around back!

And we did.  The car was FULL!!

We then brought the boxes home, making our house vaguely look like a game of MineCraft.  But the books are starting to get packed.

I even made a to do list for this week.

This morning, while it was 25 degrees out, I went out to run.  I made a little miscalculation.  I had plenty of cold weather layers on my top.

And yoga pants on the bottom.  Not even full length pants.  My yoga pants stopped about mid-calf.  I came in when I stopped feeling my feet.

Then my friends showed up.  We're cat sitting for a week.  Which in and of itself ins't anything big.

But the dog was NOT PLEASED!!!  There were friends in her house!!!!  and they won't play!!!!  Food bowls were moved.  Gates were put up.  Cats were hissing.  Our cat headed for the hills.

Yes.  Typical Monday

Monday, November 18, 2013

We have some progress!

This weekend marked the first carloads of stuff that traveled to the new place.

Most of our stored stuff is over there.  And most of my books are in boxes now.

Until I ran out of boxes.

But the orders for the moving of the cable, and the returning of our current washer/dryer have gone out.  And this is all starting to feel real!

I have made a schedule of what I want to move and when.

The boxes are being filled and labeled.

It's not long now!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I adored the book.  I've read it three times and have listened to the audio book twice.

And it's going to be a movie!!

I have some things to say:

  • I'm rather pleased with the casting.
  • I already see evidence of changing some plot around.. we'll see how it pans out.
  • That was some weird bait and switch, showing her in her aptitude test, then switching to (presumably) footage of her fear landscape!
  • I pictured Dauntless headquarters as being less... rubble.
  • They are obviously introducing you to Jeanine Matthews WAY earlier than in the book.  Like she's doing Marcus Eaton's job of giving the speech at the Choosing Ceremony
  • The zip line!!
I'm also interested to see how a book written in a rather tight first-person voice will translate to the screen.  I thought that they were pretty successful with The Hunger Games (which had a similar issue).

Is it March yet?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Well that was unpleasant

Sunday morning I took the puppy and went to the park to do my weekly run/walk.

I was doing pretty good until the 5th mile.

See that?  Not bad!

But on Mile 5, my left foot started to hurt.  Something was wrong with my toe.

Somehow some sand got into my sock.  It settled between my big toe and the next toe.  A large patch of skin on my big toe was rubbed off.  I did the next half mile in a fast hobbling step.

Though, despite the injury, I managed to completely kill my step goal.

I also brought home a very sleepy puppy.  She had a great walkie!  But on her little legs, I imagine it was like a marathon!

The bad news part of all of this is that the scale was seen an upswing.

I usually have a weight gain about this time (thanks to my monthly visitor), which is rather frustrating.

Well, off to run again tomorrow

Monday, November 4, 2013

My brain just doesn't work today

So, after signing my lease this weekend I must admit that my mind is wandering.   it's currently this vicious cycle of:

  • listing all the things that have to be done
  • wondering if the current apartment people will charge us outrageous fees
  • hoping that the fact that we were never charged a security deposit will bite us in the butt (I have a feeling that it will)
  • thinking of all things that need to be acquired (3M Command products, new tires for my car, a washer and dryer)
  • wondering where we'll get the money for all of this
  • applying for (and being denied) credit, so I can buy some things....
  • learning that the term "pre-selected" is a bunch of crap and the helpful woman at the bank lied to me.
  • learning that the Best Buy card that I got is a sham... but will let me buy a washer.  and only a washer... and has an annual fee
  • again stressing about the packing and cleaning
  • Afraid that no one will help us move, forcing me to miss my December 8th race
  • going online to look at things I can't buy and will never afford.
At this point I want to hide under my desk.

Is it Christmas already?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

We're Moving!

Now that notice has been given, and leases have been signed I can spill the beans.

We're moving.

Next month.

The day before my big race.

It's terrifying, but also exciting!

We're actually moving to a place that has all of my minimum requirements:  At least two toilets, a fenced back yard and a front door that doesn't open into a hall.  We're actually going from a two bedroom/ one bath apartment to a three bedroom/ bath and a half townhouse.

I'm thrilled!
Now comes the hard part.  Packing.

My plan is to start now.  I want to go through every room, every closet, every shelf.  I want to toss what needs to be tossed and donate what can be donated.

After that's done, and the books are boxed most of the flotsam in this apartment will actually be taken care of.

Now all we need are people to help us move the furniture.  And that is always hard to find.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Not the way I wanted to start the day.....

This morning I woke up to Jarvis's voice telling me that I had email.

Well, I did.

6 emails from my bank that my card had irregular charges on it.

Oh, did it ever!!  11 charges from 5 different places in 5 different states.  None of which I did (mainly because I was asleep at the time).  I called the number on the email and confirmed that yes, I didn't make those purchases.  But I noticed something while I was looking at my account.  The bank had already reversed those charges.

I wasn't out money!

But that did mean that I needed to hit the bank.

By 9:30 I was driving to work with a new debit card, and some cash to hold me over.

And I think I'll obsessively look at all of my accounts now....

There's been a lot on my mind, and I didn't need something like this!  Let's hope the weekend will dry out, because I need to get  run in.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yesterday was rather traumatic!

So, as we all know, I have no human children.  But I do have furkids.

Yesterday was Misty's yearly teeth cleaning.  You know how it goes with dogs: they go in, get knocked out, and the teeth cleaned and all.

Well, this was a bit more involved.

So, at 6:45, I leave my house, this happy puppy in tow.  We get to Banfield at 7am, where I check her in.  I leave and cry in my car.  (Her panicked howling was too much to take.

9:30: I get a call from the Vet.  Misty is SO freaked out that they are afraid they might not be able to knock her out.

11:30:  I call them, to see how she is.  They moved her to a kennel in a quiet corner.

2:30: the vet calls me.  She has 2 broken teeth that fell out, plus a back one that rotted out.  Apparently she was too enthusiastic with a rawhide chewie and broke her teeth.  So the jaw was cleaned up, and her microchip was put in.

4:30: We start a reception for a lecture the department sponsored.  We cleaned it up and at 5:40 I sprinted across campus to get my car.

6pm: try to pick up the Spousal Equivelent, but the traffic was AWFUL.  So I went on to Banfield on my own.

6:45: the 10 minute drive took 45 minutes.  But this was the sight that waited for me:  (It's an old picture, but the happy puppy was the same)  Misty was drugged, tired, but ok!

7:20: we get home, and the Chinese food arrives.

What am I doing today?  Laundry and a nap!

And maybe re-reading Allegiant... because this happened:

I think I might also make a fantasy Christmas List.  Itso storage cubes (to eventually replace my dresser), A new Tervis Tumbler and Water Bottle and the Handbag of Holding are at the top of my list!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yesterday... a day I'd like to forget.

Yesterday was day 1 of my monthly fun time.  Except the time is not so fun.  The hormones seriously screw with me, and bring out some serious anxiety.  (But thankfully it only happens for a day or so out of the month)

I got to work, I was already rather rattled.  In the afternoon, I went to training.

Right away, I knew I shouldn't be there.  I was already agitated.  Then they asked me to pantomime something...  I was done.  I grabbed my stuff and left.

I got back to the office, and the boss called.  It was something that was rather a big deal, and I needed to find the file.  I had issues breathing, and for a moment, my brain was running too fast to be able to read.  I asked for a moment, and explained that impending anxiety attack, and found the file... but it was scary.

So after this fun, I took Misty to the Vet to get some shots, which is always stressful.

After the pain and suffering of the day, I sat down and finished Allegiant.

I won't discuss the book now... I have a friend that is still reading it.  I'll do a review later!

Monday, October 21, 2013


Unfortunately, it's Monday...

And, I must tell you... it's been a strange weekend.

Friday started with a lecture series, and a HUGE reception.  It ended with a phone call, major miscommunication and me feeling absolutely awful about it.

Saturday saw me still sore from being on my feet all day on Friday... so I went out and ran 5 miles.  Well, it was like 25% running and 75% walking... I clocked in at 1:17.  A little better.

So, I was exhausted, and couldn't nap.  Why?  Because my brain kept going over and over the mess that work was on Friday, and how to fix it.

This meant that after getting to a Halloween party, I fell asleep sitting up.  So we went home early.

Sunday, I didn't do anything... except make plans...

Oh!  yes!  I have plans!!  but I can't talk about it...

Today was hectic from the moment that I got in the office, until just a little bit ago.

I need a nap!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I don't have a maternal bone in my body

Well.... when it comes to infants and all...

I have a very good friend that had a baby.  Like, today.  Had a baby.

Which is an amazing and awe inspiring thing!

And the kid is incredibly cute.  Seriously!

And what did I think when I saw some pictures?

I can't imagine why anyone would want to do that.

I know!  It's a terrible thought.  And I felt simply awful for even thinking it!  And I honestly respect parents!  I have nothing against people that want to have babies.  I have many friends that have babies!  And I LOVE their babies!  (And will freely hand the babies back when they cry!)

I just don't think I want to be responsible for someone that small (for more than a few minutes).  I've talked about adoption before, but now I know for sure... I want them older.

I don't know why that makes me feel like an awful human being....

Tuesday Night.. a comedy of errors

From MY perspective:

10pm:  *fell asleep*

1:30am:  *Wake up*  *Freak out that the Spousal Equivelent is on the computer so it MUST be 5:30am!!*  *Realize the time.

5am:  *alarm goes off*

What the Spousal Equivalent experienced:

Me: *I start poking him, while asleep*  What are you doing?
SE: sleeping....
Me: *poking some more, still asleep* What are you doing?
SE: I'm sleeping..
Me: *more poking, yes, still sleeping*  What are you doing??
SE:  SLEEPING!!!  *He gets up to use the bathroom and play computer games.

1:40am:  *SE goes back to bed, resetting his alarm to go off at 5:20am*

Misty:  *sits ON the SE's head*
Meryl:  *sits on the SE's chest*
SE:  Go back to sleep!

Me:  *my alarm goes off*  Honey!  Why aren't you up?
SE: I'm sleeping in until 5:20....

Poor poor man.... Apparently I was subconsciously sabotaging sleep!

The haves and the have nots

At the Weight Watcher meeting on Tuesday, we were discussing exercise and activity.  The subject of the Christmas Town Dash came up, which it does often, since a bunch of us are running.

Then it happened.  The mention that someone's trainer thought that we should join a gym (because apparently I can't exercise on my own or something).  I inquired how much was this reasonably priced gym.  Just under $50.  A month.

That's half my gas or grocery budget.

Then I realized.  To this woman $50 a month isn't a big sum.

To me, it's huge.

(Heck, I've budgeted and budgeted to get the gear I need for this race, and can only afford my shoes.  I'm praying for enough to buy cold weather running pants!)

I run into this talk every day.  Offhanded remarks about travel, and why I don't travel more.  Family assuming that we can afford two plane tickets.  

I read somewhere that wealthy don't realize that they are.. wealthy.  Maybe that's where the disconnect is.  If you've always had the money, you can't fathom how people can't.

So no gym for me.  But I've saved $45 for my new sneakers.

And now may forgo other running gear, since my bras have decided to fall apart.

What, do they think I'm made of money??

Monday, October 14, 2013

It's that time of year again.

I came home to the annual "renew your apartment lease" notice.

I hate this time of year.  it proves to me how incredibly trapped we are.

We moved into this apartment in 2009.  This December will be the 4th time that we'll have renewed this lease.

Do we want to stay around here?  Oh hell no.  I'm dying for living in a place where the toilets work properly, and the front door leads to the outside, not a hall.  But we really can't afford to move.

  • Credit checks.  Ours are frightening.  And I'd hate to find a place that I love, and pay hundreds of dollars just to be denied because of the credit.
  • The pets.  If we stay another year, the have to replace the carpeting, and most likely we won't have to pay for it when we move.
  • First, last, deposit and all.  That's a lot of money.  Money that we don't have anymore.  Though, I think I'm going to squirrel that money away for next year... maybe next year....
We have debt, bills, and only one car.  The Spousal Equivalent and I work on opposite ends of the Peninsula.  We'd have to stay on this end of town to make it work.

Maybe next year.

Maybe I'll win the lottery.


Adventures in Exercising

Well folks, this weekend was supremely crappy.  It started raining on Wednesday and didn't really stop until... just now.  I got lazy, since I really didn't want to run in the rain.  (And since the dog really didn't want to go outside for walkies.)

What I did end up doing was playing with the new Just Dance game that we got.  I like aspects of the sweat mode better (Being able to choose your playlist?  Genius!)

Best new songs:

(This one is just crazy!)

I have a feeling that JD 2014 will become my off-running-day work out!

Now, back to running.  Most of the weekend was a bust in the running department.  But Saturday the boss and I got up and did the 5 mile bike trail at Newport News Park.  We didn't run it, we speed walked it.  At 1:34 it wasn't a bad time for our first try.

I tried to run this morning, but only got to the halfway mark before my legs were screaming at me.  I need new sneakers.  But there's a problem.  they can be EXPENSIVE!  So while I was looking at some moderately expensive running sneakers online:  Like these, and these and these and these and these and these and these.... you get the picture.  All I can afford are these.  Which is kind of sad.

Oh well, onward and upward.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Potty Emergency, part 2

And the saga continues!!

So yesterday morning, after successfully using said potty earlier, I took a shower.

While I was in there, I heard it.  Glug... glug...

So I give the toilet a test flush when I get out.  Thankfully there was nothing in the bowl but water, because it overflowed all over the floor.
So I left work early, and told the office of my issue... again....

They sent over the maintenance guy, that proclaimed that the issue wasn't inside the house.  It was the plumbing underneath.  (I could have told him that!)  So they call for the plumber.. again.

Plumber shows up just as I'm about to head out to choir.  I'm the new music librarian, so I need to be there to hand out the music.  They finish, just before I get back.

I'm left with a dinner that's getting cold, a bathtub full of sewer-water soaked towels and bath mats.  A bathroom floor that also was overflown on.   I somehow managed to clean all of that, eat dinner and wash dishes before Glee was on.

Glee made me cry.  I knew it would.

All I cna say of this week is:

A.) I'm so glad it's Friday


B.) I need a margarita.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Potty Emergency!!

So this was me last night:


Because yet again, our toilet ceased to work.

The water would not go down the hole....

As we all know, this happens to us from time to time.  But last night brought extra fun....

So, early yesterday morning I realized that there was an issue.  I called the office at 9am.

Got home at 5:30, told them again... the water doesn't go down the hole....

7:30: the water is coming back UP the hole.. and into the tub.  I call the emergency line.. And promptly have a panic attack.

8:30: The plumbers come!  Yay!

Fast forward to 6:30am today.  (Now mind you, we've all used the facilities, and I've even scrubbed the bowl.)  The toilet starts to gurgle while I shower.   So I give a test flush....

Clean water comes up and all over the floor.

and I bang my head against the wall....

Add to that, Misty NOT wanting anything to do with the outside.  It's raining out, you know...

Can it be the weekend already?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday..... Domain of the Domestic Goddess

I try to keep Sundays open for catch up.  To do all of those things that I haven't time to do all week.  Today I have managed to:

  • I did day three of the Couch to 5K, then decided to go back to the beginning. 
  • Went grocery shopping, to two stores (I even made a list!  And managed to only buy 1 thing that wasn't on it!)  Unfortunatley, my grocery budget is blown for the week.
  • Put the groceries away
  • wash, dry, fold and mostly put away three loads of laundry
  • getting dinner mostly made (waiting for the Spousal Equivalent to say he's on his way home before I put in the pasta)
  • empty, then refill the dishwasher.
  • Portion out my yogurt (Do you know how much you save by buying the large 32oz. tub and using small reusable containers), only to discover that it was so inexpensive because I got regular yogurt, not
    Greek yogurt.  
  • Caught Misty being cute:  (She was soaking up the freshly dried warm)
  • I even decided what I wanted to do for my birthday this year.  (Run the race, lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise, and an afternoon at Christmas Town.)
Tomorrow starts another work week.  

I only wish I had some wine.....  wine would make this perfect!

This new training regimen is going to be spendy!

After week one of Couch to 5k, I have learned two things.

  1. I need to back up and do that week again.  I don't feel comfortable moving on yet.
  2. I need new sneakers.
Actually, I've found a variety of things that I need.....  depending on the current weather..

For warm weather running I would like one of these.... since I use my iPhone for the work out.

For cold weather, The list get's weirder....  I currently have these WONDERFUL carpi length yoga pants, have have zippered pockets.  You know, for my phone and inhaler.  Can I find those longer?  Nope.    I'd also love one of these, since I like having my mouth covered when it's cold out.

Will I get any of these things?

Probably not....

Except new sneakers.  I think those are the only things that I really need.  Everything else I can make do with.