Monday, December 16, 2013

Race Day!

Yesterday I did this!!

My day started early.  My alarm went off at 6.  I got up and made breakfast, only eating half of it.  I didn't know what to wear.  How hot the day would get.  How warm I'd feel in the race.

I settled on a pair of yoga pants, my cold weather running top, with the official race shirt over it.  I wore my Jayne hat (which I took off half way through the race).

We got there, and I found my friends.  My Weight Watchers group.

(This picture is actually from the end of the race)

Soon after the race started, it was clear that I needed to keep my own pace, so I ran alone.  The race course started out in the parking lot before going into the park.

We ran into the park on the path between Ireland and New France.  On that hill.  Seriously!  The hill felt almost vertical!

We ran through New France, then into Germany.  We circled the tree that is outside of Das Festhaus before heading to the bridge that leads to San Marco.  There were Marines stationed on the bridge in full uniform.

From San Marco, we ran to Holiday Hills.  Around the tea cups (my favorite ride), then down by Escape to Pompeii.  Then through England, Ireland and back out to the parking lot.  From here, the race route snakes back and forth in the parking lot.  The back and forth was rather advantageous.  I'd run into the faster runners from my group.  They shouted encouraging things to me.  I shouted encouraging things to the runners from my group that were behind me.

Now, when I say run I was overstretching the truth.  I half run and half walked the race.  Until the end.  I saw the finish line.  And I saw my Spousal Equivalent.  And I shouted to him (the quote on the button, which, like the hat is from Firefly):

And I crossed the finish line.


I did it!!!


Unknown said...

You should be so freaking proud of yourself!!!

Meari said...

I am!!!!

Monica said...

Awe congrats! I'm so proud of you. Sorry this is really late. And your so adorable in the last pic haha.

Meari said...

Thanks Monica!

Redheadedone said...

Yay! You go girl...SO proud of my friend. :)

Meari said...

Thanks red!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that smiling face at the end! Thank you so much for sharing.