Monday, November 4, 2013

My brain just doesn't work today

So, after signing my lease this weekend I must admit that my mind is wandering.   it's currently this vicious cycle of:

  • listing all the things that have to be done
  • wondering if the current apartment people will charge us outrageous fees
  • hoping that the fact that we were never charged a security deposit will bite us in the butt (I have a feeling that it will)
  • thinking of all things that need to be acquired (3M Command products, new tires for my car, a washer and dryer)
  • wondering where we'll get the money for all of this
  • applying for (and being denied) credit, so I can buy some things....
  • learning that the term "pre-selected" is a bunch of crap and the helpful woman at the bank lied to me.
  • learning that the Best Buy card that I got is a sham... but will let me buy a washer.  and only a washer... and has an annual fee
  • again stressing about the packing and cleaning
  • Afraid that no one will help us move, forcing me to miss my December 8th race
  • going online to look at things I can't buy and will never afford.
At this point I want to hide under my desk.

Is it Christmas already?

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