Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yesterday was rather traumatic!

So, as we all know, I have no human children.  But I do have furkids.

Yesterday was Misty's yearly teeth cleaning.  You know how it goes with dogs: they go in, get knocked out, and the teeth cleaned and all.

Well, this was a bit more involved.

So, at 6:45, I leave my house, this happy puppy in tow.  We get to Banfield at 7am, where I check her in.  I leave and cry in my car.  (Her panicked howling was too much to take.

9:30: I get a call from the Vet.  Misty is SO freaked out that they are afraid they might not be able to knock her out.

11:30:  I call them, to see how she is.  They moved her to a kennel in a quiet corner.

2:30: the vet calls me.  She has 2 broken teeth that fell out, plus a back one that rotted out.  Apparently she was too enthusiastic with a rawhide chewie and broke her teeth.  So the jaw was cleaned up, and her microchip was put in.

4:30: We start a reception for a lecture the department sponsored.  We cleaned it up and at 5:40 I sprinted across campus to get my car.

6pm: try to pick up the Spousal Equivelent, but the traffic was AWFUL.  So I went on to Banfield on my own.

6:45: the 10 minute drive took 45 minutes.  But this was the sight that waited for me:  (It's an old picture, but the happy puppy was the same)  Misty was drugged, tired, but ok!

7:20: we get home, and the Chinese food arrives.

What am I doing today?  Laundry and a nap!

And maybe re-reading Allegiant... because this happened:

I think I might also make a fantasy Christmas List.  Itso storage cubes (to eventually replace my dresser), A new Tervis Tumbler and Water Bottle and the Handbag of Holding are at the top of my list!

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